Chapter 5 - 265

1st Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 31st May 2007

Dig This is what Vincent is talking about, for those who don't remember.

For everyone who's posted questions or discussion on the pages in the last two weeks, I've set up a couple of threads in the forum to answer them without spamming the comic pages.

Look here if you asked a question and want to know my answer (or are just curious). :)

Incentives, bugfixes and gallery updates should be back on track by next week. Thanks for continuing to vote while I was gone! :)

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Reply andygoth, 1st Jul 2007

Eyes! In panel one, it's pretty funny to see Yuffie's huge, bright eyes juxtaposed with Vincent's face in deep shadow.

Reply AdamZero (Guest), 1st Jul 2007 Vince saying, Don't put your life on the line like that... or is he chastising her... or... I CAN'T READ DEEPLY! that last phrase throws me off, for real. its like... 'don't make things harder for yourself just to get a prize'
BTW apparently the Ribbon is the ULTIMATE accessory in FF12

Reply andygoth, 1st Jul 2007

As we discussed in the last page or two, Yuffie risked everybody's life to get a ribbon from the tonberry. She already has "waaaay too many," in her own words.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

"I Don't Care Where You Get Your Ribbons From." Wow, pannel four gave me chills...and I never get chills. Vincent's eyes looked like they bore straight through her. And what's with the purple under their eyes? Dark circles?

Reply Coco (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

Wow, Vinnie's hair looks extra beautiful on this page, especially in panel 2.

Reply Midaki (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

Yikes I'm just impressed that Yuffie isn't still scared. If I went face-to-face with a Vincent that pissed? Terrified. Beautiful art, by the way.

Reply Neph (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

Vincent does look scary. >.<;; This page is good, considering everything that transpires here has to be conveyed through just heads and facial expressions. ^___^;;

Yuffie looks awesome in the incentive. I love her dress!!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 2nd Jul 2007

*shivers* Vincent looks cool on this page. Fourth pannel gives me chill's. Nice work! ;3

Reply KoShiatar, 2nd Jul 2007 won't let me register my abitual username. I wonder why? I'll try to fix this. In the meantime, know I'm eagerly waiting for chapter 6. But I hope Yuffie will have a more normal expression by then, this one scares me ._.

Reply Valentine, 2nd Jul 2007

Vincent's Issues... I think Vincent is way too emo to throw a punch out of anger. I mean, look at what he did when Hojo took his entire life and everything he loved. Did he march right into Shinra headquarters and land one on the freaky proffessor? Nope, he sulked and moped in a coffin for years. Bet he was listening to My Chemical Romance the whole time too... :P

Getting to the point, I know "that look". It's an attack without attacking done by those with no intention to harm, but with every intention to hurt. I do it all the time.

Secondly, hand-to-hand combat isn't something I'd imagine Vincent being fond of... apart from in his transformed forms, of course. Striking something just isn't Vincent. It didn't suit him in Dirge of Cerberus, and it doesn't suit him now. He was always the cold, lone gunman.

Kind of a waste of his super strength really. If I had super-human powers I'd probably weild a cleaver-blade, not unlike a flat-ended version of Cloud's Buster Sword, and if I had Vincent's emotional issues, by the gods I'd damn well put every ounce of hate behind every blow I made. I mean, how much steam is it possible to let off pulling a trigger?

On another note, when are Yuffie and Vincent going to stop beating about the bush and just do it?

Reply Freelance (Guest), 3rd Jul 2007

Plothole?... ... Or cleverly hidden storyine? vincent seems to know that the tonberries are where her ribbons are coming from even through in 247 he's never seen a master tonberry before. Yet here he seems to know that that's where ribbons come from.

But that's actually not the one that I first came up with, but a tnagent my mind came across here's the real kicker: if, as noted, Yuffie has "wwwwaaaaaaaayyy too many ribbons," then why is she trying to morph and create more of them?

Reply KoShiatar, 3rd Jul 2007

I believe that's because Yuffie is, as you can see in the previous pages, slowly losing her mind because of the mako in the crater. She's not fighting for Materia growth anymore, but just for fight's sake, and she's started disregarding even the most basical rules of carefulness because of that.
Mako poisoning is not only physical, it also mental, as we can see in the game when Cloud falls in the Lifestream.

Reply *Enkida (Guest), 3rd Jul 2007

Hey guys! Yuffie isn't morphing the Tonberry because she needs more ribbons, she's fighting the Tonberry because she wants more ribbons, which is a difference.

Also, you can morph any Tonberry into a ribbon, not just the master ones. Vincent has seen Tonberries before, he's just never seen Holy-mutated Master ones like this type.

Those of you wondering where the heck the "romance" in this "romance" is hiding, will either be pleased, or greatly displeased, by Chapter 6, which will focus mostly on Vincent and Yuffie's relationship. No, I haven't forgotten about Nanaki. ;-)

Reply Valentine, 5th Jul 2007

RE: Chapter 6 Shh, Enkida! Don't give it away. The novel's main pull was the will-they-won't-they thoughts I had running through my mind. Not knowing is the best bit.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 7th Jul 2007

... It's just one of those moments when you're stumped & left pondering what to do next. And this moment left Vincent & Yuffie at a strained circumstance...

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