Chapter 6 - 268

8th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 7th Jul 2007

For Sale Hey everybody! As the donator codes on my comics will be expiring soon, I'm offering my not-so-mad art skills for 'sale' once more. Anyone who'd like a full-colour finished quality commissioned drawing can request one for the low cost of a SmackJeeves donator code ($10 US). You can contact me via email for details if you're interested.

Q&A: Nanaki doesn't get poisoned because he doesn't go to the Crater that often. Vincent doesn't get poisoned because he's already chock full of mako-goodness. I don't really know anything about getting "into" comics - I just started drawing them, and figuring out how to panel is still part of the process, I guess. :-)

New incentive this week, so please go vote! :)

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Reply Leviathan (Guest), 8th Jul 2007

I love the way Yuffie is sleeping in the first panel. xD

Reply Midaki (Guest), 9th Jul 2007

Wow It really is wonderful to be able to see your artistic talent growing so rapidly. I refer, of course, to both prose and drawing technique.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 9th Jul 2007

Nanaki looks so cute when he sleeps! :3

Reply andygoth, 9th Jul 2007

I can't wait to see Vincent's reflection on the sleeping Yuffie. I'm particularly eager to see her obnoxious, wide-open, drooling mouth. :^)

You did a good job making Nanaki look pained and uncomfortable. Yes he's cute in the first panel, but in the last panel his troubled visage makes you feel sympathy more than anything else.

As always, your art is marvelously expressive.

Reply Valentine, 9th Jul 2007

Thoughts of a Warped Mind Vincent looks like he's about to pull Nanaki's tail in the first panel... probably accompanied by the thought, "Ooo... Pretty..."

Perhaps that's the real reason why Nanaki is at unrest.

Just a thought, does Nanaki... er... break wind, so to speak? Yuffie's going to wake up with a lot worse than singed eyebrows if he does.

Maybe that's why Vincent is messing with Nanaki's tail - he's just positioning him for a hilarious prank.

Damn, Vincent, her mouth is wide open and everything... Still, it's not the worst prank to pull on a sleeping friend when their mouth is open...

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 9th Jul 2007

Pull his tail! Pull his tail!

Oh, wait. They are using his tail as a campfire! Brilliant!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 9th Jul 2007

can't wait Can't wait until Vincent starts thinking about Yuffie. Poor Nanaki, he needs huggles.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 9th Jul 2007

aww the bottem Nanaki is SO cuuuuuute ^_^ I could just give him many hugs! oh and sleeping yuffie is funny... heh heh she looks like she snores...

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 9th Jul 2007

Second panel... it is now my wallpaper on my cell phone. :D
I knew that Yuffie had been in there for a while and that Nanaki didn't go that often, but I didn't know that it took so long. Me and my stupidness.
I was just confused. And I haven't started playing the game yet.
And the way that Yuffie is sleeping in the first panel is hilarious.
*Laughes insanely* I would do that. But there is worse if there was no fire involved. since there is... not so much. If you ever sleep at a friend's house, pour hot sauce on their toothbrush. If they have a younger sibling the fault is put on them and it just makes it funnier.

Reply andygoth, 9th Jul 2007

One time my younger brother put superglue in my toothbrush. That was interesting.

Reply Sexy_Reno, 10th Jul 2007

Oh I wish I could afford your art. ><
Will you be selling it after someone buys the one piece? *starts saving up*
Damn you rent and bills and min. wage job! *shakes fist*
And I love Nanaki in the last panel.
As always your work is wonderful.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 10th Jul 2007

Heh, Yuffie sleeps like Naruto. ^___^;;

And Enkida, I so would donate...but *sniffles* I'm broke!


*comes back to life*

*starts saving up*

Reply Akunen, 10th Jul 2007

I'm just waiting for Yuffie to roll over. xD

<3 Nanaki is too cute when he's sleeping in the first panel. But I do feel bad for him.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 11th Jul 2007

A deeper look at Red XIII During battle, Nanaki is as fierce as they come but it's momnents like these when I find him so weak & pathetic -- not to say that it in a negative way. I'm just pointing out how you made Nanaki show show a side of hime with such accuracy & detail. I can even say "the poor dear" & have a tear or two drop...

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