Chapter 6 - 271

15th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Jul 2007

Galleries updated Lots of updates in the gallery. The incentive gallery has been updated, and there's a new one this week.

The gift gallery has been updated with one or two things I made for some other people, and the other gallery has been updated with a spinoff of *next* week's incentive image, which was to draw Vincent and Yuffie with a young daughter. Here's a sketch of what I'd picture their supposed kids to look like as grownups. Cheesy, I know. I think crossing Yu and Vin would make for one hot-looking daughter, personally. I imagine the son would be quite quiet and thoughtful, while the daughter would be just as loud and brash as Yuffie.

Aw, crap. I hope I don't feel another story coming on here. Anyone else want to write it for me?! XD

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Reply Shadow_13, 15th Jul 2007

Holy Chocobos!! That incentive sneak peek is FRIKKIN AWESOME!!! *Swoons*

I LOVE the picture of their kids!! *swoons more* ..... *and more!!*

Reply Neph (Guest), 15th Jul 2007

The contrast is very clear, indeed.... Yep, I'm scared too, now. But Yuffie didn't have mako eyes before, right? >.<;;; Gaah, I'm sorry to be the nth person to bring that up.

I love the incentive and the sneak peek! That's a great look at their kids, too.... I wouldn't be surprised if they looked like that at all. ^__^;; Aww, I think Vincent would be a great (if kind of awkward) dad. But wait until puberty hits and it's time for "the talk".... *evil snigger*

Reply andygoth, 15th Jul 2007

Yuffie is beside herself!

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 15th Jul 2007

hey, i like the more aggressive yuffie :D kill first ask later

Reply Guest, 16th Jul 2007

go smoke another one A trained fighter with no reguard for personal safty? heh

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

Heh, I don't think Vincent and Yuffie should have kids other than by adoption - who knows what Hojo's experiments did to his genes? Though I do agree that any daughter of theirs would be smokin'. :D

I like your depiction of "split personality Yuffie" - scary indeed.

Reply Azrael (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

where is that incentive located? i cant seem to find it

Reply andygoth, 16th Jul 2007

Azrael To see the incentive, "Vote at TWC." It's at the bottom of the comments pane.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

...I like more the anoying and cheerfull Yuffie more than aggresive and psycho Yuffie.. Psycho Yuffie give's me the creeps... ^^;; *shivers* Heheh, but they both look cool in this page. :3

Reply AniMes18 (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

lol i read your story on fanfiction and it was really great! but there is one thing i noticed in this comic that is different in the story...maybe its just me but yuffie does not seem to have too many problems in the "developement" department ya know? lol just an observation...but the art is amazing anyway! i love the young yuffie! and older yuffie looks totally kick @$$! great job!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

Nice contrast page! I really like cheerful young Yuffie in her traditional wear; of course, older Yuffie with that flat look on her face is also very good. Damn, I really have to get more done on SIW.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 16th Jul 2007

Oooh Yuffie's son is goodlooking... on the comic note the taller yuffie looks scary while the shorter yuffie looks like how I always picture her. ^_^

Reply Anime Goddess, 17th Jul 2007

As always... Great work. I love your art and your story. And if you're serious about that last part needing someone to write it I love to.

Also if you be willing would you like to draw one of my Final Fantasy fanfics: FF7, FF8, or FF10-2 my version fanfic I have. I have a few not alot since it hasn't been my biggest inspiration. But don't worry I love final fantasy.

This is all I wanted to say. Oh yah thanks for making such an awesome webcomic and I hope you enjoy your summer.

Reply Valentine, 17th Jul 2007

Two Faces of Beauty Both images of Yuffie are stunningly beautiful.

I've always found women with strong personalities attractive, and you can only have one extreme personality-trait (unless you have multiple personalities) before they start to pull against each other, dragging a person into a less exciting middle-ground.

I think I prefer the fierce, paler Yuffie because strong women are awesome. ;)

Reply Charles Xavier (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Cute! Those are some adorable kids, especially the daughter!

Interesting comment, Devi. I'd wonder how Vincent's genes could affect their children. I wonder what sort of creature their daughter might morph into?

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Oi! Vinnie!! What did I just tell ya!? Use that celly you're always carryin' around & call the looney bin -- Yuffie's gotten...derangedly...and overly...*choke*...bigger?

* pop *

Screw the nut house -- call FHM, they just got themselves a hot new model!!

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