Chapter 6 - 272

17th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 17th Jul 2007

Stuff Hey everyone. I've been running around between various doctors lately and am fairly pooped, so not much commentary to add to the page.

Q&A: Yuffie's purple eyes are natural in this comic. When they glow sorta pinky-white, that's not natural.

For those who read the fiction, yeah, this story is a little different. One of the big (pun intended) differences is that Yuffie isn't flat-chested like she is in the story. I just didn't want to draw her flat chested when I started out making the comic, no other real reason. She's not big-chested though. She just wears tight clothing. ;)

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Reply Kela (Guest), 17th Jul 2007

You did an especially wonderful job on this strip. Yuffie's face in the first panel is beautiful - it looks very natural both in form and in expression. Wonderful :)

Reply andygoth, 17th Jul 2007

Snore!! Hehehe.

I really like Vincent's three contemplative poses.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 17th Jul 2007

You're pooped?! Uh-oh.

I hope you un-poop yourself soon!

Reply panda (Guest), 17th Jul 2007

cool, i just found this comic and i love it!!!
read all 272 pages in 3 hours.
it so touchy feeling emotional and emo in a good way
i want more!!!

Reply Lieva (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

Never played FF but love the comic. had to comment on Vincents 2nd picture.
He looks very nice :)
Your skills as an artist improve visually with each comic. its a pleasure to witness :) (and he looks plain adorable in the 3rd but thats cuz its small and stuff :) )

Reply panda (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

not to be a critic it kinda looks better when it was black and white
the coloring kinda, well..., below okay, but not bad
its just below okay

Reply Rose (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

I just love that last panel.
And I love the coloring, the black and white was good but the color gives it a sharper edge to the feeling of the images.

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

I gotta second the love for Vincent's look in the second panel. :) He's beautiful when he's contemplative (well, being Vincent, he's beautiful at other times too, but you know what I mean).

Reply andygoth, 18th Jul 2007

Of course a panda would be prejudiced toward black-and-white. :^)

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 18th Jul 2007


Reply TyranT (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

To a certain extent, i have to agree with panda-the black and white pages seemed to have just a little more punch and cleanliness to them....but i'd still give my left arm to be able to draw the color pages that you do (good thing i'm right handed). Keep up the good work!

Reply wombat (Guest), 18th Jul 2007

again, the scars... I've said this before, while in this strip it looks like the light, do try to make the scars lighter.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Hahaha, I love Yuffie sleeping with her mouth open. That's so awesomely natural.

Reply Foxira (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Critique, sorta time!~
The colouring style is interesting and looks good--but it looks a little odd, on the face. The noses... In this case, Vince has a sort of triangley thing with two black dots on it. =/ ...Maybe work on your noses, they've always looked a little off. Also! Sometimes, parts in the face look a little blurred, like you used the blurr tool on them. Not sure if you did. But when that happens, it looks bad.
Looking forward to more pages.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

Perhaps it's the DVD... I've recently watched the DVD version of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy -- now not to dwell on that, I'm just pointing out on how Vincent, Yuffie & Red XIII's journey in the Crater seems similar to Frodo, Sam & Gollum's trek to Mordor.

With a plot like this, would there be a possibilty that any of the three would begin showing signs of dislike towards the other & in turn cause a fight among them? It's just the thought that being with someone in a some place & situation for too long tends to cause a conflict of some sorts. Knowing the abilities of these three, there's bound to be a wave of Limit Breaks...

Reply pathanos, 19th Jul 2007

finally caught up!!!! that was so nice

Reply Valentine, 20th Jul 2007

He he... Vincent has sausage fingers. :P

Reply Guest, 20th May 2008

This Yuffie reminds me of Saya from Blood+, her insanity in battle that is.

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