Chapter 6 - 273

19th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 17th Jul 2007

Dialogue PoV can colour opinions... Chapter 13 of 'HNtDB' is posted, if you follow that story. Also, Chapters 1-8 have been proofread several times with a fine toothed comb, and a couple of plot holes were sealed up. So if you want re-read this story (or just plain old start), now's a good time. Incidentally, I've been told by people who have never played FF8 before and are completely unfamiliar with the characters that this is still a good comedy. In fact said people have told me they now want to play FF8 as a result, heh. So don't be shy if it's not your fandom. :)

Also, thanks very much for the comic comments and critiques. Unfortunately the comic will not be going back to black and white, however, because I lost all of my screentones in my HD crash last year. Additionally it takes (me) more time to tone than it does to watercolour, so in order to keep MWF updates, colour has to stay.

There's a cute new fanart of chibi Yuffie in the gallery from Maria (or there will be by this weekend.) Thanks for the contribution! Incentive, gift as well as icon galleries have been updated, too. Thank you very much for continuing to support Growth with your votes! :)

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Reply andygoth, 19th Jul 2007

Yuffie looks so happy, Nanaki too.

I wonder what she's thinking about.

And that's the first smile I remember seeing on Vincent's face.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 19th Jul 2007

I like the colors! Shading with tones is hard, and you get more dimension out of colors anyway.

And nice work, as always. Seeing the materia on Nanaki's anklet tickles me immensely.

Reply misuzu, 20th Jul 2007

It's nice to see a happy Vincent every now and then. Yuffie and Nanaki too, but you can see that a helluva lot more often.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

They look so happy together..! ^^

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

I really like the expressions; and I like the depiction of Nanaki and Yuffie as friends. :)

Vincent is so hard on himself (but then, he wouldn't be Vincent if he wasn't) - *of course* he's earned being their friend.

Reply Valentine, 20th Jul 2007

Geography Where abouts in the Northern Crater are they? It wasn't this big in the game, I'm sure of it. Unless they went down into it in a different direction...

Reply wombat (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

well, good art in the whole strip, but in the last panel, vincent's shiny hand is a bit off. I'm sure you are very aware of this, but if that ever happens please erase and redraw before you post it.

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

Re: Geography I think Enkida is going by the premise that the distances are greater than they look like on the world map (or field map, in this case).

Reply Kira (Guest), 21st Jul 2007

RE: Geography I totally got lost in the Northern crater when I first played FF7... Somehow. Anyway, it felt this big to me.

Reply Valentine, 21st Jul 2007

RE: Geography Devi: Yeah, I kind of guessed that seeing as Cloud appears bigger than most of the smaller towns and villages that you come across in the game. I was just saying that there are no other routes in the Northern Crater in the game and the ones that are available aren't that long.

Kira: How do you get lost in the Northern Crater? All the roads kind of lead to the same place. :P

wombat: Your comment is way out of line and makes you sound like a jerk. I'm sure you are very aware of this, but if this ever happens please delete and retype before you post it.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 21st Jul 2007

:o Wow Vincent smiling, great page this is one of my faves now.
Great work.

Reply andygoth, 21st Jul 2007

Grr, the ratings only go up to five! This page deserves more!

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 21st Jul 2007

Vince is a planet-sadist!

Reply Shadow_13, 21st Jul 2007

Valentine - In re: to wombat... You took the words right out of my mouth!!! Only I wasn't going to be quite as politely hysterical or as eloquent as you were!! Well done lad!

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