Chapter 6 - 274

22nd Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Jul 2007

... I'm redesigning Growth's webpage. Time for a change. Might take a few days to get it out.

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Reply Enkida, 23rd Jul 2007

Q&A Hey guys, thanks for the comments! Klepto - not burn and dodge, that's just a regular old colour applied on top of watercolour in photoshop, no fancy effects. Hair shine is not that hard to do if you don't let yourself be intimidated by it. :-)

And yes, that's what that ringing is supposed to be. :-)

AFStaff - I didn't realize you read this! Let me tell you, if you're excited about Growth redesign, Ikebana redesign is going to give you a nosebleed. XD

User's Comments:

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 22nd Jul 2007

Teh shinynesss...

Reply KnightLight (Guest), 22nd Jul 2007

riiiiiiiing Heh, I remember that sound. A materia cave NEEDS that sound effect.

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 22nd Jul 2007

I love the new incentive! Is it a small spoiler perhaps? What do you -- Oooo....shiny.....

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 22nd Jul 2007

Oooh, shiny... It's a beautiful page... the words of the text, the image and all. Shading on Vincent's hair looks different... did you change something?

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 22nd Jul 2007

Did you shade hair with Photoshop? It looks burned and dodged to me. If not, you have reached a whole new realm of watercolor shading. If so, nice work, especially on Vincent's mane. I hate doing hair shine, but yours always looks so pretty.

And heeey, I think I remember this area of the game. Or at least something similar looking. That "riiiing" SFX you have in the background reminds me of that multitone chime you'd always hear around the Nibelheim Mako fountain area... Was that what you were shooting for?

Nice work as always, and cannot wait for the next page! Your regularity makes me bounce in anticipation.

Reply AFStaff, 23rd Jul 2007

I'm the only one excited about the new layout of course. Will it be another Enkida masterpiece? I hope so!

Reply Rose (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

I just love the color combinations of the materia in this page, so very pretty.

Reply Devi (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Excuse me for gushing, but you did the shimmer of Vincent's hair so beautifully. *pats the shiny*

Reply Katju (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Love your comic! It gets better and better with every page

Love the new looks too, good job

Reply Enkida, 23rd Jul 2007

Redesign 100% complete. FAQ is updated. Read it before asking a question, please! Reader comments are under the comic now. As a consolation prize, readers with SJ accounts have avatars. Report bugs if you find 'em please!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007


Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Whoah snap! The new design of the site looks wonderful! *attacks* The materia falls look spectacular too!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Yay!! Shiny!! =3

Reply Zed Di Dragon, 23rd Jul 2007

Oooh, the site is looking gorgeous. You get my seal of approval.

Reply Phantom-XI, 23rd Jul 2007

~Nice~ Starting with the comic, it looks great as others have said the shading is great and I love it, the poses are nice and Vincents wording has me wondering whats going to happen although I think I know. Moving onto the new site layout, its spiffy and very interesting plus avatars are always awesome so everyone gets a cookie. *tosses cookies in the air*

Reply TaneFuzen, 23rd Jul 2007

I love the new design, it's all pretty and confused me when I came to check the comic, but it's pretty none-the-less.

Reply Ruins (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

The site looks amazing! Very pretty. The only thing I don't like is that the page is no longer side by side with the comments. But meh, I'll get over it. =)

Reply Border Walker (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Awesome! The Site Looks Awesome now! Real Cool!

Reply Steph (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

I adore this new layout! The colors are great!

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007


Reply Sev (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

I had to come and catch up once I'd seen your post. God, I freaking love this story. One of my favourite parts of the comic is how well you draw Nanaki - <3 to Nanaki! And it's so pretty now, it must take you AGES to do.

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 23rd Jul 2007

Phenominal Change & Growth I doubt you will take this comment seriously, but here it shall come.

I have been following your comic for the past year, & have read it twice to the latest page, & I must say, this doujinshi has really flourished, In story, In character personality,& in both substance & style. You have done a tremendous job, in actually being able to intimidate (copy) the characters personality, traits, quirks, & knowledge they possess from the FFVII original game, & made it bloom, in a moral way that can actually be seen from the characters viewpoints, & not the authors' or illustrators'.

Your website & webpage itself is more artistic, beautiful, & kinda sophisticated then when I had first seen it, & to think before I saw your doujinshi, I thought I would never see a moral fan comic that could copycat the game characters veiwpoints so well, Indeed, I am proven wrong, & happy I was.

You keep on doing this comic Enkida, you have done a continuation of a famous story, I couldn't even dream about. If you are going to end it soon, please end it with all the "good guy" characters intact, so it can be as grand finale as you can create it. Still the option is up to you, but please at least consider it.

Can't wait to look at how you see what the "Gi" Tribe appear, but in overall basis, "F***ing Fantastic job & Omega Phenominal work!!!"

Pray to see 6 more chapters in this story, (if that isn't too long for it)

Reply saharasfury, 23rd Jul 2007

This is great! I really like what you have done to the webpage. Very nice! The comic pages have gotten better and better with time. I am looking forward to more. What do you plan on doing after Growth is finished? Will you do Autumn Song as well?

Reply andygoth, 23rd Jul 2007

Redesign comments I think it will take me a few days, maybe a week, to grow to appreciate the new site design. I absolutely don't mind a simple site (see mine, for example), so I found nothing wrong with the old style. Plus I preferred having the comments in a separate pane so that I could scroll through comments whilst having the comic on screen at all times.

Regarding Kirlaskia's comment: I suggest printing the comment title and poster name in white so that they show up better. And/or put a faint line between comments.

Why is there an extra nbsp between "posted by" and the name? Typographical nerd that I am, this really sticks out.

Hmm, I just noticed how nicely the color scheme (particularly the black background) complements my avatar. :^) See, it's starting to grow on me.

Lastly (or maybe not; we'll see), I suggest eliminating the empty strong and spurious br tags for untitled comments.

Reply AFStaff, 23rd Jul 2007

Yeah, I'm a real FF7 Junkie actually =P

I like the new site design, glad to see you brought some of your creative coding magic to your own comic!

You did pretty good with the background image as well, something I notice few people but you have mastered. And the blue border looks really sharp.

Great job.

Reply panda (Guest), 24th Jul 2007

nice design
props man
(i dont know why i say props some time)

Reply Rachey (Guest), 24th Jul 2007

Shiny, Shiny The new layout is amazing. I love the upgrade. YAY BLUE! My favourite.

Oh, and... the comic was well done this time too. As always, so pretty.

Lots of shinyness.

Reply Enkida, 24th Jul 2007

Thank you for the feedback on the new design, I really appreciate it. I made a few adjustments, I hope reader comments separate a little bit more clearly now. :-)

Reply flare346, 24th Jul 2007

WOW! WOW! Awesome page and Awesome layout!

Reply trenton_dawn, 24th Jul 2007

The new layout rocks. That's all there is to say.

Reply Valentine, 24th Jul 2007

A Fresh New Look I've got to hand it to you, Enkida, you've got a natural flare for art and design.

What background have you got either side of the thread? I can see a lot of mythical creatures and astral deities mixed in there, but that's probably a tired mind trying to wrestle back a warped subconscious and failing...

Reply Seta (Guest), 24th Jul 2007

Beautiful Work!!! I really like what you've done to the site, Enkida! :) Also, Growth is coming along very nicely as well. *applaudes* Very well done! :)

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