Chapter 6 - 275

24th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 24th Jul 2007

Big thank-you to all readers! A very big thank you to Andy Goth for ensuring that Growth will remain ad-free for quite a while. I can't begin to express my gratitude for the more than generous donation you made to the comic!

Thanks once again to everyone for all of the positive feedback. I really appreciate each and every comment received, and yes, I do read them all. :)

I estimate that the doujin, including an epilogue, will be complete in about a year and a half. Page 300 is approaching much more quickly than I thought it would!

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Reply Enkida, 25th Jul 2007

Tag this comic text fixed, thanks for catching that! Yuffie didn't have much of a canon relationship with Aeris. Aeris was the only one not mad at her when she stole your materia, though.

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Reply andygoth, 24th Jul 2007

AERIS! What was the relationship between Aeris and Yuffie? For that matter, how did Aeris relate with any of the characters besides Cloud? Someone please refresh my memory.

I'm really digging the colors used in this page. As for the new web design, I'm gradually overcoming the shock of change and will soon be able to appreciate its merits. I think I will like it, but it's just so DIFFERENT!! Give me another few days...

And Enkida, I'm glad I could contribute to the comic.

Strawberrylemonade: I'm working on a reply to your message, but I'm very busy up here in Canada, so it might take another day.

Enkida again: I just happened to notice a problem in the new site color scheme. Hover your mouse over the red INFO? button at the top of the page and you will see a bunch of unreadable text.

Reply trenton_dawn, 24th Jul 2007

Well, andygoth, the text up there isn't unreadable, just difficult :P

Also, I love the sparkliness ^^ Sparkliness is life XD

Reply saharasfury, 24th Jul 2007

How cute! This is wonderful! yuffie reminds me so much of a child here because of the epressions she makes ith her face. Very well done!

Reply Reknamarken, 24th Jul 2007

The new layout is top-notch.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 24th Jul 2007

WOW!!! The new site design is AMAZING!!! like mr andygoth said, it'll take some getting used to, but it looks fantastic. Good work, keep going!

btw, andygoth, it's nice to see some fellow canadians on here. Go Canada!

Reply wolfloner, 24th Jul 2007

I like the new layout, it's very pretty. Rather calming, and seems to mesh well with the setting of the last few pages.

Thank for you bringing us this wonderful comic and story. <3 Keep up the wonderful work, you're in inspiration.


Reply andygoth, 24th Jul 2007

TyranT: I am from Texas, not Canada. ("Howdy, eh?") But it is really, really nice here. I'm staying in Chicoutimi and working in Bagotville, and the weather is *PERFECT* this time of year. Let me say it again. The - weather - is - PERFECT!! Everyone's friendly, the scenery is magnificent, and the food's great. I had baked lasagna just a few minutes ago. "Go Canada" indeed. :^)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 24th Jul 2007

She has stirrups on her bodysuit? Makes sense, but... Huh. Didn't expect to see that for some reason.


Reply Tempest_Summers, 25th Jul 2007

<3 The new layout is amazing. I like it a lot better than the old one, and as usual, beautiful coloring.

Reply doom Bubbles, 25th Jul 2007

i love the new layout.

Reply [-Shuichi-] (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

ahh sugoi! The new layout is awsome!!
I love this page, i never knew that Yuffie has nightmares..her being so happy all the time..=]

Reply Devi (Guest), 25th Jul 2007


RE: andygoth - If Yuffie's in your party for the part when Aeris dies, she'll lose it and cry in Cloud's arms. Draw your own conclusions.

Reply flare346, 25th Jul 2007

Dude! Aeris! wait.. Aerith... wait... KAH! I CONFUSED!

Reply Lizz (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

Hey there,

I'm a long time reader of the comic. I love it, whether it's black and white or color.

I do hate the fact that I'm posting because I think I see an error. In panel #1 and #4, Yuffie's right shoulder scar is present, but not in #2 where it would be the most visible.

I so want to do some fan art it's not even funny. I need to find some time.

- Lizz

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

To Andygoth If you had Yuffie in your party in Aeris' death, she's shown sobbing after muttering a prayer to her body. It suggests that they were close.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

This page make's me want to play FF7 again for long time!!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

Lamenting Memories With the game aside, I'm definitely sure that Aeris & Yuffie must've got along before she was killed (Hello, Sepiroth!) -- I bet she, Tifa & Yuffie must've had their own girls trip so as to show Cloud & the guys that they can handle themselves just fine. It's just a shame that the trio friendship didn't last long. Nonetheless, Aeris made her mark in Yuffie's life as another older sister type to whom she could look up to, though Tifa shared in that duty, Aeris was more of an overly angelic influence. This even balanced out with Tifa's middle-blend of qualities with Yuffie's bratty & scheming ways. Overall, those three were a combo of femme fatalic proportions. So it can't be helped for Yuffie to have nightmares about the loss of Aeris -- heck, I'd be like that, as well, if a person like Aeris was taken away just like that...

Reply Valentine, 25th Jul 2007

Yuffie and Aeris Yuffie was a bonus character, so none of her script was particularly heavy in terms of plot.

This is probably why she and Aeris never really had any deep and meaningful conversations.

They did, however, struggle together, and there is a deep human bond that forms in survival situations, particularly between men, but in women too. This is probably the bond Yuffie's feeling now.

As for Yuffie's outburst when Aeris is slain, it could have been sheer grief, or it could have been attention seeking and a sick way to get into Cloud's arms. With her character, I wouldn't put it past her.

I don't like to create "off-screen" stuff to fill in parts of the plot that aren't explained or to explain a fan-fiction. It's filling the gaps of our knowledge with make-believe stuff that lead to the invention of God, and look where that's gotten us... I figure that if something isn't there, it's best to assume it doesn't exist than to make something up, because anything built on a lie will all come crashing down eventually.

Reply Eloc Freidon (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

Manga Can't wait for the printed version of this. I would so buy the comic in complete form. Very enjoyable. The new layout also sits well with the part of the series that they are in.

Reply Enkida, 26th Jul 2007

Printed version, Transcriptions I'm sorry, Eloc Freidon, but for a myriad of purposes, the most important being the legal, "please don't sue me, Square-Enix" one, there will never be a print version of "Growth" for sale. You are more than welcome to download the zip files from the archive and print them out, but I can't justify making and selling a print comic with characters which I did not create and have no copyrights too. Very sorry!

Some of you might have noticed the transcription button on this comic. If you want to help make the "Growth" archives searchable by comic dialogue, please click on that little button and check it out. :-)

Reply Maria (Guest), 26th Jul 2007

Wow Wow! Nice page! Like the new look. I also like Yuffie's face in the third panel. She looks cute ;). Go Growth!!!!!!

Reply Elias (Guest), 26th Jul 2007

Love the new layout. And I wonder what happened in Yuffie's nightmare.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 28th Jul 2007

Screw my ideas, then... Forget all the stuff I just commented, since it'd be better off for EVERYTHING to be canon.

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