Chapter 6 - 277

29th Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th Jul 2007

Pretty in Pink There's a new incentive this week, so be sure to go vote!

A big shout-out to everyone who's been helping transcribe comic pages for the search engine, especially to Devi for all that hard work. 196 pages and counting! :-)

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Reply Enkida, 31st Jul 2007

Q&A For those who couldn't see the comic page - I noticed yesterday that the SJ site was running very slowly. The basic code hasn't changed, but please let me know if anyone else has trouble seeing the image still.

As for background music - that's a no, very sorry. I'm personally no fan of automatic background music on websites, even songs I like. I can make links to FF midis in the gallery if people really want to hear music though.

Reply Enkida, 31st Jul 2007

Fanfic vs. Comic Please don't read the fanfic if you haven't yet. Besides, the ending of this comic is already different from the story!

To those who know both, please don't provide tempting links. I'm sure the determined will find the fanfic if they want, but no need to make it easy!

User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 29th Jul 2007

I hope you don't get tired of me gushing because - I <3 this page so much!

ETA: Just noticed the shout-out - you're welcome! *blush*

Reply NekoDono, 29th Jul 2007

Been waiting for this! I've been fowling this comic from the very start and love every moment. (I get impatient with updates. Heh heh) I've been looking forward to some mention of Aerith, due to my being a fan of her. This page is lovely. Keep up the incredible work.

Reply Rose (Guest), 30th Jul 2007

Oh Vinnie is smiling ^^
Aeris looks pretty and shiny.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 30th Jul 2007

... oh dang. I was hoping for some big scene to evolve out of this materia listening. Something to do with her mako eyes XD

Anyways, great page as usual! I love what you've done with Vincent's hair ^-^

Reply Onikage, 30th Jul 2007

Huh... That was strange... I see the page and before I even begin reading I start hearing Aeris' theme...Weirrrrrdd....but good.

Reply andygoth, 30th Jul 2007

AERIS! That. Is. A. REALLY GOOD AERIS! Fortified with the power of pink, Aeris shall live forever!

I realize I used this comment title before, but I'm not letting that stop me! Bwahaha!

By the way, I just noticed that only the front page links to . So I'm placing a link right here. :^)

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 30th Jul 2007

O.O Vinnie is so cute on this page!! Aerith / Aeris is my goddess!!! >w<

Reply Valentine, 30th Jul 2007

Aeris' Face Amazing artwork on this page, Enkida. You've even captured the odd way Square-Enix seems to cover up Aeris' face after she died... apart from in the film with Aeris and Zack, but they were so far away that doesn't count. :P

Reply tionnedawnstar, 30th Jul 2007

*Dies Laughing* I love that incentive! "Prick" "Chicken" That was great! The page is awesome as well, *huggles Vincent*

Reply Shadow_13, 30th Jul 2007

Page problem Is it just me, or is anyone else not getting the comic page on screen?? It appears to be missing - has been all bloody day! *sigh*

Everything else is here it would seem......

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

Suggestion!! One nice addition to your site would be to add Final Fantasy VII background music. It's just that the comment about hearin' Aeris' theme got me thinkin'...

Reply metallover (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

hmmm... Only recently have I discovered this comic, but ages ago (so long ago I can barely remember) Growth was my favourite fan fic in the FFVII Citadel website. Ahhh... I hoped for so long for something like this to happen. Keep up the freakin' awesome work! Booh ya!

Reply Valentine, 31st Jul 2007

Discovering Growth RE: metallover - I understand what you mean completely. It was exactly the same way that I fell upon this comic.

For those of you who want to read the novel, I will give the link at the end of this post. I would advise that you all read it at some point, as it gives the comic a new depth to it, but it also goes without saying that it contains spoilers.

Here's the link:

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

Beautiful picture of Aeris, beautiful sparkles. That's a really hard angle to do but you've pulled it off so nicely~!

Can't wait to find out more about Yuffie and Aeris's relationship! (not that kind)

Reply Moose (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

oops Unfortunately it Looks like the page is still black for me when looking at the page in the archive... but 276 and 278 display just fine.

Reply Coco (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

I'm blind! I can't see the page! =<
And is the ending of the comic going to be different as in more lovey-dovey? Or less? You're probably going to keep that a secret, aren't you? =P

Reply Eumary, 3rd Aug 2007

Love it. One of the best pages I've seen in this comic. It's beautiful...

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