Chapter 6 - 278

31st Jul 2007

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Reply Enkida, 31st Jul 2007

Nescience got a redesign due to some changes I had to note. There aren't any new pages for that yet, though I did get an itching to continue the story after redesigning the site. But my first priority will remain with this comic, at least until its completion. *heavy sigh*

Speaking of new things, mark your calendars. Ikebana will be returning on August 20th with a completely new site design and a completely redrawn Chapter 1!

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Reply Enkida, 1st Aug 2007

Wow... I guess TWC reset their voting today. So please go vote and help bring 'Growth' out of the 400s, heh! ;-)

User's Comments:

Reply wolfloner, 31st Jul 2007

don't ya' know, Vincent, that Yuffie has super-ninja abilities. :3

Reply Devi (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

Embarrassed Chibi Yuffie is so adorable!

Reply Zed Di Dragon, 31st Jul 2007

Good thing she can beat up monsters, because she'd be awful at poker.


Reply saharasfury, 31st Jul 2007

I really like the look on Yuffies face as she is turning around. LOL great job!

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

awwww cute yuffie >3<

Reply Monica (Guest), 31st Jul 2007

Sarcasm... ...brightens my day. It made me smile to see Vincent's last line, and i love the "innocent" Yuffie. Those two things and the 3rd panel are so cool!

Reply andygoth, 31st Jul 2007

Sneaky ninja girl Innocent Yuffie = COUNT YOUR MATERIA!

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

... Horrah. Finally, Vincent and Yuffisms ^-^ (If that made sense lol)

Reply The Laughing Man (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

HA! XD Niice! The 5th strip is so stupid haha...And i think i got first post!! XD

Reply Guest, 1st Aug 2007

Not innocent Yuffie There is no such thing as an innocent Yuffie. Anyway, I love how Vincent goes from peaceful napping to annoyed in the first three panels. Kind of reminds me of a cat I used to have.

Reply Heather (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

Big fan aww i love this page, sorry u dont know me i just randomly read through this is amazing btw ^^ im gunna keep reading to see how it turns out ^^

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

Lol, the 5th and last panel made me laugh!! XD

Reply Alice (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

I love the last line; it totally makes the comic. =D (random commenter...)

Reply Valentine, 1st Aug 2007

Emotions The emotions are fantastic in this comic. Very well done. I think this page is the best you've ever done in terms of exaggerated expressions, and the best conductor of the characters thoughts, too.

RE: Guest - I know exactly what you mean. Mine is currently stood directly between my keyboard and my monitor. She's not doing anything. Just standing. She just likes winding me up...

Reply Lieva (Guest), 1st Aug 2007

:) Your artwork is getting amazingly good :) Love how artists change over the days :) pleasure to watch :)
And bah Vincent! yknow YOU like her too!!! :p

Reply Maria (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

Cutie I love Yuffie's face in the fifth panel. That 'I'm absolutely innocent, what could you be talking about?' look. :D Great job. Great job at Vinnie humor as well.

Reply Wolfa, 2nd Aug 2007

He has a lot to learn about people doesn't he?
I learnt something important tonight, don't read a whole comic in one go when its this long, I'm knackered but it was worth it...

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

I LOVE the layout for this page. The expressions, too.... They're great. Especially Yuffie whistling "innocently"... plus her just-doesn't-cut-it excuse. ^o^ The site design.... made me go "Whoa!! What happened?!" at first.... but I'm getting used to it. :D REALLY different, but also kind of cool. ^__^

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