Chapter 6 - 279

2nd Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th Jul 2007

I'm really happy with this page. Mostly because it makes me crack up laughing, even though I wrote it.

Also: AHA! HAHA! HAHAHA! All pages through Chapter 4 have been transcribed. That leaves one and a half chapters left to do, or about 65 more pages. AHAHAHAHA *author dies of data entry*

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Aug 2007

HAHA! You're just kidding, RIGHT?! You guys want comment search engine? NOOOOOO PLEASE NOOOO I WILL DIE FROM DATA ENTRY! XD

Actually, since the comments are actual text on each page, I suspect a really in-depth google search will pull up comments on the appropriate page, if you really want to go hunting. :-)

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 2nd Aug 2007

Yuffie is in denial "BLONDES BLONDES BLONDES!"

I love it when you make characters complain about appearing in each other's fantasies.

By the way, I am now completely acclimated to the new site design. I pronounce it: good!

Reply Monica (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

Ahaha oh poor Vincent! Rejected for consideration by a guy who's practically taken!

Reply Devi (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

LOL! I love how this page is done. Especially love Vincent's expression in the second panel.

While I don't know whether you intended it, I find it interesting how the top of Vincent's cloak seems to form a red rose in the bottom panel. Heheh, much as she's flailing in denial, Yuffie can't help her true feelings creeping in...

Reply Fox Person (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

*cough* Silly. ...And that cough wasn't meant to cover anything, I cough after laughing, sometimes... ...Moo.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

This is an excellent comic page. I love the first "But I like BLONDES!" page too, but the interaction (oh the popping!) makes me giggle. I absolutely love how Cloud came out in this: nice to put him in his modern digs too, and that blending between Cloud and Vincent in the last panel was masterfully done. I love reading "Growth" because not only does it update with such beautiful regularity, it's also just a joy to read and look at. Keep up the fine work, you have many fans!

Reply NekoDono, 2nd Aug 2007

As usual, beautiful art and just a great job. I'm praying for some serious yuffentine though. Hee hee! You should become a pro comic artist because this is lovely.

Reply Coco (Guest), 2nd Aug 2007

Extra fantastic work! Wow! This whole page to me looks extra gorgeous! Yuffie looks so pretty and mature! And Vincent is also hot, as always.

Reply bread4311, 3rd Aug 2007

one word lol

and now, some more:

Yuffie's Expression is brilliant!!

oh, and fantastic new layout and brilliant new banner!

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 3rd Aug 2007

BS detector asplodes! Yeah, right Yuffie. :P

Reply Rose (Guest), 3rd Aug 2007

*falls over laughing* I LOVE the two middle chibi panels, especially Vinnie popping the fantasy bubble

Reply andygoth, 3rd Aug 2007

Popping the fantasy bubble Thanks, Rose. I was wondering what that big POP was.

Very cute!

Once again with the "...". Heh. Wasn't there a thread some time ago exploring the pronunciation and meaning of "..."? Methinks we need a comment search engine too. :^) Anyway I think it went a little something like this:

Vinnie's mom: "Turn off that Nintendo and do the dishes, now."
Little Vinnie: "..."
Vinnie's mom: "Vincent Valentine, you will not sass back!"

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 3rd Aug 2007


Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 3rd Aug 2007

POP Lol! Vincent popped Yuffies fantasy bubble with he's sharp claw!! Brilliant!! XDDD

Reply Alice (Guest), 3rd Aug 2007

I love Vincent's expression. Poor guy. x3 And the chibi panels are brilliant. Great page!

Reply Valentine, 3rd Aug 2007

Poor Vincent... Rejected for Cloud... Poor guy. Still, playing it cool is something Vincent knows all too well.

Do women really prefer blondes too brunettes? In my experience, it's kind of the other way around...

I wonder if Vincent's *ahem* works after all of that alteration and Mako poisoning...

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 4th Aug 2007 that i look at the picture more clearly...Yuffie is imaging Cloud into Vincent O__o she's thinking of him alot!!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 4th Aug 2007

Hey now...!! Vincent's got qualities, too. Lesse -- piercing red eyes...pale white skin...long & messy black hair ...metal appendage for an arm...tendency to shoot by whim...

Yes, Vincent Valentine truly I'd rather not run into a dark alley. Or for that matter, anywhere else!

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 4th Aug 2007

Heh. Chibi Vincent is so mean, popping Yuffie's mental image... and Vincent looks a bit annoyed at her comment. ^^

Reply michelle (Guest), 4th Aug 2007

my compliments Nicky - I just flipped through a bunch of these pages; sorry, haven't been here in a while. I HEART YOUR CHIBI'S!!! ** so cute **. Also, my humble opinion, upon observing the evolution of the black hair of Vincent, is that you really have developed a great ability to work with the black-plus-blue highlights. It looks amazing in these last several pages. As does the rest of the artwork. :) Take care! love, your sister

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

This page made me laugh, too!


I love Vincent's expression in the second panel. And Chibi Cloud.... and non-chibi-Cloud.

The little morphing sequence thing is done really well, too. The yellow-green-blue-black.... I like rainbow-y stuff like that.

Oh, now. Is he going to buy it?

Reply metallover (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

POP goes the fantasy! Heh heh. Now THAT is an interesting page. Pop. Heh heh.

Reply Kela (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

I have to say that is one of the best pictures of Cloud I've ever seen. Beautiful work - thank you :)

Reply Guest, 21st Sep 2007

thi is my favourite page ever! °O°
I mean... Vincent is SO handsome! *____* I love it!

Reply RedMageInBlack (Guest), 26th Nov 2008

Owned Too Funny When VIncent Pops The Fantasy Bubble, Cloud Thanks Him Profusely lol

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