Chapter 6 - 281

7th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 7th Aug 2007

WHEEEEEW All 280 pages of the comic have been transcribed. In layperson's terms that means that the entire comic archive is now searchable. So if you wanted to find that picture where "chibi yuffie and chibi nanaki talk" you can now enter it into the search engine and actually find that page! Thank you very much to everyone who helped with the page transcription, particularly Devi and Andy for all the hard work. I, and everyone else who uses the search engine, appreciate it!

The archives are now sorted to 10 comics / page, thanks to Falconer for the very nice javascript!

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User's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 7th Aug 2007

ARG After sorting my gallery, I realized that my beloved fanart of Rude sitting under the cherry blossom tree is missing!

I'ma hunt him down with my club and put him back immediately. If anyone notices that some of their fanart didn't survive the transfer to the new gallery, please, PLEASE tell me about it!

Reply Devi (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

Wow! Your depiction of Yuffie's emotions is Awesome with a capital 'A'.

Reply andygoth, 7th Aug 2007

Yup, Yuffie's in love. First denial, now assertion of control and superiority over the object of her affections.

Reply Aya (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

Wow! Her eyes are awesome when she's mad!

Reply Alice (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

Wow, Yuffie scares me in the fourth panel. Again, you're the master of expressions. Aha, Vincent's *glare* in the fifth panel is amusing. =D

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 7th Aug 2007

Waaaait a minute.... Hate to break it to Yuffie, but the saying is: it makes an ass out of you AND me. :p

Reply Rose (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

evil glowing eyes XD

Reply ma-hael (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

day jar vu this sort of coversaytion happand not long ago to me
(red 13 needs to say valentine stop being a dork and yuffie stop lieing to your self)

Reply KoShiatar, 8th Aug 2007

Fanart Well, actually my fanart did not survive the transfer... é_è
Anyway, having read the fanfiction long ago (long before you recommended not to read it!) I can see the plot is still pretty much the same so far. I'm curious to see when they will actually start to diverge and if that will affect the Yuffie/Vincent relationship, the Nanaki/Gi relationship or both or other unexpecter elements of the story.

Reply TaneFuzen, 8th Aug 2007

I love how Yuffie's eyes in pannel four when she's pissed are about the same as when she's engulfed into a battle.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

^^;; Nice page, and I noticed that Yuffie's mood changed quicker than I can change my socks. XD

Reply Neph (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

You just gave yourself away, Yuffie... defensive, aggressive, distancing... Oh, and the glowy Mako eyes.

Well, now that this hurdle has been jumped- or should I say, slammed into and mangled horribly- what next? And what happens the next morning when Nanaki notices something "different" between them?

Reply Lieva (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

Yuffie gone huffy :)

Sooo happy she did that. Vincent does need a slap of reality :p

Reply apakoha (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

Yuffie's freaking awesome! I love the eyes - I never would've gotten that from the fic (which, I apologize, I have read). I think this Yuffie is actually more beautiful, in the adult way, than she's portrayed regularly. I dunno, maybe it's just the 'type' of beauty I like more.

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 8th Aug 2007

You know, she was assuming stuff also. Vincent never stated that he was the person being fallen in love with. All he stated was don't fall in love.

Yeah, I get the imlications and all but I'm just being nit-picky.

Reply Jonah (Guest), 9th Aug 2007

Wow. I LOVE Yuffie's eyes in the upper right panel! So intense!

Fantastic work. :) Am looking forward to the next one! :)

Reply huntergamma, 9th Aug 2007


*Cough* Yuffie and Vincents date *cough*

Reply Enkida, 9th Aug 2007

Re: Yuffie and Vincent's date That was comedy GOLD! Thanks for the link! XD

Reply andygoth, 9th Aug 2007

huntergamma: Holy carp that is awesome! Thanks. What a great way to start my morning.

Reply Valentine, 11th Aug 2007

Women... Hell hath no fury...

In my experience, how angry a woman is, in an argument with a man, depends entirely on how right the man is.

Reply Coco (Guest), 12th Aug 2007

Hee hee Vincent's face makes me smile. It just goes, "Grr..." heeheehee.

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