Chapter 6 - 283

12th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Aug 2007

There's a new page of Nescience!

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Reply Enkida, 13th Aug 2007

Q&A Doing a page like this takes me anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. That is why there is no new incentive image this week and the requests are closed - since I started drawing Nescience again, I have to juggle my time management. ^^; Please continue to vote if you like the comic, though, I'll get a new incentive image up there sometime. :-)

User's Comments:

Reply saharasfury (Guest), 12th Aug 2007

damn Yuffie, she looks pissed! Great job!

Reply Devi (Guest), 12th Aug 2007

Yay, Nanaki! You set them right!

I love this page, especially the "TENSION" background in the third panel, and Vincent's face.

Reply andygoth, 12th Aug 2007

TENSION I love the red motif.

Hehehe, Vincent got told!!

Reply NekoDono, 12th Aug 2007

Excellent work, as usual. That was so rude and assuming of Vincent to say! Just like him though. And I'm glad Nanaki is stepping in for Yuffie.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

Hmm abit unfair.
Vincent kinda deserved the treatment. Yuffie isnt being so childish..isnt she?

(otoh vincent looks darn nice in pannel 5 :D)

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

Sweet :D I love this page. Especially the tiny but of armour on Nanaki's leg and the colour theme. The expressions are great ^-^

How long does it usually take you to complete a page, colour and all?

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

^^;; Lol I like the third pannel, I have been in same situation. XDD;;

Reply Alice (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

Aha, Nanaki seems to be the most mature one of the bunch right now.
(Poor guy, being stuck in between them...)
It took me a few tries to figure out what was being said in the background of panel three, but I'm sometimes a bit slow on things like that...

Reply Valentine, 13th Aug 2007

Vincent... Childish...? Vincent just reacted in a the way that works for him and now he's giving Yuffie some space. I'd do the same. In fact, I have done the same in the past. It's not easy being stuck with the person you've just rejected, whatever the reason.

As for Vincent being assuming, I'm sure women fall in love with him all the time - it's not much of a stretch to the imagination to think that he would have noticed "that look" and what it means by now.

I think he was wrong to nip it in the bud so early though. I mean, he could have at least dated her before he concluded that they weren't meant to be.

I do love this strip though. The emotions are captured perfectly and it takes a very skilled artist to convey feelings through an animal.

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

Negative Chain Let us see where this chain of negative actions takes them to, this should interesting how this will be potraid, & only Enkida, knows how that will suffice

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 13th Aug 2007

*Pulls out a hacksaw and tries to cut the tension*

Nope. Vincent really did a number this time. I wonder how this will affect their fighting ability as a team...?

As always, I love the art. I took the time and went back to looked at the older pages and I must say, things certainly have changed. ((For the better. XD))

Reply andygoth, 13th Aug 2007

More TENSION Maybe the tension will inspire yet another limit break in Yuffie. Let's see, by my count she has learned three so far in this comic. In ascending order of deadliness, they are: Bladesaw Splitter, Flying Suplex Hug, and Guilt Trip. What will the fourth one be? "You're Not My Real Dad Anyway"? :^)

Reply JHK (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

... The colourwork is great, especialy vincent's cape.

Reply metallover (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

Tension? This was allways one of my favourite parts of the original story. Glad to see you pulled it off so well. The word 'tension' probably wasn't nescesary, becouse anybody with half a brain could've worked out they're pissed-off at each other. It works, though.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

*sigh* Young love...well...sort of! So they just had a quarrel, it's quite healthy for a relationship...lesse where it goes from here!


The Materia (bracelet) on Red's bangle caught me off gaurd...

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