Chapter 6 - 284

14th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 14th Aug 2007

Trivia Nescience got another new page, and Chapter 1 is finally complete. Updates on that comic will hopefully adjust to a semi-regular schedule now, I just wanted to finish Chapter 1 rather than leave it hanging.

Here's your random trivia of the day. Yuffie is wearing a Wizard Bracelet, while Vincent and Nanaki wear Mystiles. Nanaki wears his Mystile over his front right bracer, while Vincent wears his underneath his right glove.

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User's Comments:

Reply Sirius (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

Evil Nanaki?! Truly, an image that will haunt my dreams. A very angry Nanaki.

Reply saharasfury, 14th Aug 2007

Yeah, i like the angry Nanaki!

Reply AdamZero (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

I daresay I must disagree with Yuffie's statement in the second panel. Because she looks so silly. *smokes a bubble pipe*

Reply Devi (Guest), 14th Aug 2007

"He started it!" Big, big 'LOL' at "mature" Yuffie. :D

I love this page.

Reply andygoth, 14th Aug 2007

If Yuffie values her life she should listen to what the nice kitty is saying.

I like the tiny iris Nanaki has. Scary.

Enkida, thank you for answering my unasked question. I thought that was the Mystile on Nanaki's foreleg, but I didn't ask because I think I've been spamming the comments enough lately.

Reply TaneFuzen, 14th Aug 2007

And I thought that Vincent was scary when angry...Yuffie is adorable, no matter how old or mature she may become, that child will still come out here and there. ^-^

Reply NekoDono, 14th Aug 2007

Fantastic work! Art like a pro. I remember when I read the original story it said that puberty passed Yuffie up. It doesn't seem so in this comic! She really does look like an adult to me! You really illustrated her well. (Also, Nanaki looks great when he gets POed. Hee hee!)

Reply bread4311, 15th Aug 2007


scary nanaki

Reply Alice (Guest), 15th Aug 2007

Gotta love the second panel. But Nanaki in the last one scares me. D:

(Is it just me, or is the flame of Nanaki's tail really big when he's chibi? O_O)

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Lighten up, Red!! Nanaki seems to be in a mood to deliver a Limited Moon on someone...pray it doesn't come to that!

Reply Valentine, 17th Aug 2007

Reasonable I think that Vincent's request was quite reasonable. You can't throw a strop when you get turned down...

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007

LMAO !!! Oh yeah, i cant believe i was missing this

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