Chapter 6 - 285

16th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 16th Aug 2007

You guys know why author comments are getting shorter? Because Chapter 2 of Nescience has started. :)

Personally I like to think Nanaki's tail burns brightly depending on the amount of annoyance / anger he's containing. His entire body has already erupted into flames once in this comic just for getting angry. I also don't think fire hurts him, at least, not his own fire, because that would be sort of like being burned by your own body heat.

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Reply saharasfury, 16th Aug 2007

I reall like angry and fustrated Yuffie :)

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 16th Aug 2007

Don't muss his perfect hair!

Reply TyranT (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Sound of Vincent:
Way to crash and burn, buddy! Seriously, though...what's his problem? Just because a psychopathic doctor knocked up his girlfriend, shot him, violated his body, and locked him in a coffin isn't a reason to shoot yuffie down like that. Oh well

Getting back to the comic, though, i' have to say that i'm really liking the artistic direction this is taking, particularly the last panel seems to be damn near perfect. Great job enkida!

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Ouch! Ouch, just ouch! Vincent definitely went overboard with that last remark.

*steps away from impending Yuffigedon*

Reply Coco (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Uh oh. I think Yuffie's gonna explode now. Oo I like how Vinnie looks in the last panel. He's being pretty blunt in voicing his assumptions that Yuffie's feeling somethin for him. Tho he is right. ;P

Reply Kuba (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Poor Nanaki...when will HE find love?

Reply andygoth, 16th Aug 2007

Somebody give Yuffie a tranquilizer!

What are those things flying around her head in panel two?

Reply NekoDono, 16th Aug 2007

What a jerk! He really is a conceitted little priss some times! Oh woe! When will I get my Yuffentine? Still, nice art as usual.

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Nanaki is *so* adorable when he facepaws! (Anyone remember him doing it when Cloud was posing for Rufus in Junon? *lol*)

Yuffie's snark is great, too - "He's afraid I might touch him with a ten-foot pole and muss his perfect hair!" *snickers* :D

Wouldn't Nanaki's "romantic magnet seems to have its poles switched" assessment apply just as much (if not more) to Vincent? I mean, after thirty years, he still pined over a woman who chose Hojo over him (of course, DoC showed certain things that explained why she did it, but this story is original game based only, so...), and now that there's a girl as cute as Yuffie wanting him (denial nonewithstanding), he doesn't want her (or so he says). Vincent, I love you dearly, but you're an idiot with women. :p

Speaking of which, I don't think I'll want to be in his shoes when Yuffie reacts to what he said in the last panel...

Reply Erin (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Uh oh Ooooooooo, Vincent that was the WRONG choice of words! I can't wait to see how Yuffie's gonna blow her top off over this one.

Reply B.C. (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

*shiver* Did Hojo experiment with reptiles? Because Vincent is cold-blooded. XD.....ok bad joke.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

When did Nanaki burst into flames???

Reply Alice (Guest), 16th Aug 2007

Augh, I kinda want to smack Vincent. Or shake him by the shoulders. Nahhh, smacking sounds better.

I'm still loving the "most mature one there" Nanaki. x3

(Good luck with Nescience, by the way!)

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

He's acting like Dream.

Reply Enkida, 17th Aug 2007

Q&A When did Nanaki burst into flame before? When he turned <a href="">Yuffie's hot spring bath into a steam bath</a>.

What are those things flying behind Yuffie's head? Crater insects. Not everything there is out for blood. Well, though maybe they are mosquitos...

Re: Vincent - yeah, he can be a real emotard a lot of times, especially in the actual canon. Personally I think canon Vincent really isn't very mature at all, no matter how he talks or what he looks like.

Reply Onikage, 17th Aug 2007

Vinnie, you tactless idiot. I mean c'mon! Sure, you're about as subtle as a brick upside the head, but that was needlessly blunt.
Although, now that I think about it, methinks he doth protest too much...
Maybe he's lashing out so hard because he's afraid of being hurt again?

Reply Naleh (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

gah! Damn Vincent, not only blunt but as Yuffie stated Icy... Ouch.

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Maybe Yuffie's next limit break will be 'skull splitter'... or maybe not...

Reply Rose (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

*snickers* I guess I'm the only one who agrees with Vincent, Yuffie is acting like a childish brat about this.. he was only trying to spare both of their feelings in the long term afterall.

Reply Enkida, 17th Aug 2007

Re: Rose (and others) Hee hee, that last comment made me happy, so I thought I'd reply to it. I really like that people can take different things out of the dialogue and choose to side with any of the characters in this "argument." That makes me feel good. I've never really meant for any character to be right or wrong in this comic, no matter whose PoV you're viewing the story from. All three have different strengths and weaknesses, and friendships aside, sometimes they really just don't mix.

Reply crazyhands (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Yuffie! Just use your Long Hair attack for massive damage!

Reply flare346, 17th Aug 2007

I GOT AN IDEA! Yuffie should cut ALL of Vincent's hair off! LOL! That would funny to see!

Reply Tsuvatai (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Before Hey, great page. Longtime reader/first time poster here. I Think this is Vincent's natural response to any type of affection towards him. I remember a few pages back where he basically said he did the same thing to numerous girls back when he was still a turk(im assuming since he hasnt really been in any situation in recent years with girls XD). Well, I just felt that I'd get my two cents in. That nagging voice in my head wouldnt leave me alone... Anyway, lovin the work! Later

Reply Chiepah (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Yuffie wouldnt know... what to do with a guy that acctually liked her, you remember how to get her to join your party? it involes goading her and ignoring her. I say if Vincent wants her, hes on the right track.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Im wondering how Nanaki will respond to this. Yuffie seems more sad than angry in the 3rd pannel.
And vincent..he still looks nice in pannel 5 :D
(no noes Nanaki looking at vince..must be love!)

Reply Valentine, 17th Aug 2007

Harsh Words... Funilly enough, I got into trouble with my friends for not sugar-coating what I had to say to them...

I see exactly how Vincent can say that without guilt. It's the truth and, though it can make you unpopular, it makes everyone stronger people.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Only one word: Ouch! DX

Reply Azrael (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

i think if anyone touched Vincents hair... no matter who it was, they'd get a quick greeting with the three barrels of his gun :D

Reply Maria (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

MAD...... Grrrr........., I am SO mad at Vincent right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply andygoth, 17th Aug 2007

Strawberrylemonade The spelling of your username is now fixed. I hope this doesn't prevent you from logging in. If you have trouble, contact the Smack Jeeves admin. Or even if you don't have trouble, contact him anyway and tell him thanks.

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 17th Aug 2007

Dawww, group therapy!

Reply Kapu, 18th Aug 2007

Omgs Love Haha you know he totally likes her but he doesnt want to admit it, hes looking way to much into his past and not looking to his furture and you never know him and yuffie might make the persfect couple tehehehe like always great comic and teh cutie Nanaki :D i like the first picture hes adorable :)

Reply M - S y x X (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

Of Cuddleiness & Relationships You are doin' this on purpose aren't ya? Makin' Red so cute & adoreable that I would be forced to buy a Red XIII plushie of my own...

As for Vincent case, it's just the fact that if he would ever involve Yuffie, one so pure (eh?) & innocent (what!?) into his life, there may be consequences to follow since Vincent seems to think that his life is full of misery & doom. Yup, just another Thursday evening for Vinnie Val!

Reply Erin (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

MAKE UP MIND At yet in the very last chapter, he was pissed at Cid for "manhandeling" Yuffie. Makes me think that he was jelous, so what the hell is up with this????? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, VALENTINE!!!!!

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