Chapter 6 - 286

19th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Aug 2007

Kabloowie Well, now you guys know what happens when Yuffie gets mad.

Nescience got a new page, and Ikebana has been relaunched with redrawn chapters and a new site design.

Also, those of you who are waiting impatiently for fiction, HNtDB will be updated relatively soon.

If it sounds like I'm kinda busy, I am. XD Thanks to everyone who has kept on voting despite the lack of new incentives. ^^; I apologize for the temporary hiatus.

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Reply Enkida, 21st Aug 2007

Site slowdown If you noticed slow loading times the past few days, it was the result of database corruption on the server. I think it's fixed now, though. :)

User's Comments:

Reply Monica (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

O_O scary... she's gonna make an efficient mom someday, able to put the terror of jenova into her kids...

Reply Fox Person (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

D: Ebil! ...Well, angry, not ebil. First post?!

POST: Aw, second post. Oh well.

Reply andygoth, 19th Aug 2007

I don't think Yuffie's eyes have ever glowed so brightly. She's really having a meltdown. Which confirms that she cares about/for Vincent and is angry with herself for her feelings and angry with Vincent for making her such a confused girl. All her words are really for her own benefit; she's trying to convince herself that the problem is Vincent when in fact it's really just her.

Vincent is still the Vincent she has known for years. Yuffie is the one who is changing, and it frightens her.

It frightens me too. The beast inside Yuffie makes Chaos look like Lurch from The Addams Family.

By the way, I really like the layout of this page. It's slicy. :^)

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 19th Aug 2007

Wow. She's scary when she's angry. But the Emotionally constipated bit was pretty funny.

Reply saharasfury, 19th Aug 2007

Damn Damn Yuffie is really pissed! Great job!

Reply Akunen, 19th Aug 2007

._. My, remind me not to get on her bad side. xD

Do love the page. You showed Yuffie's anger very well. :D

Reply Lieva (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Everything she said was true but like most truths said when angry - she is soo gonna regret that..
Still..maybe it will make Vincent think..

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

I can't wait to see Vincent's rejoinder, if there is one. Red's reaction makes me think she's stepping over some major lines, and the glowing eyes--very nicely done. Most people just make the irises glow, but you got the whole sclera lighting up! Attention to detail is very goooood...

That being said, I eagerly await your updates as always. They are comforting in their regularity.

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Thermonuclear Yuffiesplosion!

Don't really have anything to add that other commenters haven't already stated eloquently. Like Lieva said, there's truth in what Yuffie said (erm, yelled), but whether hitting Vincent in the face with the unpleasant truths in this way will help is another question.

Also, take note that she admitted her feelings! In the classic "blurted out in anger" way, but still.

Bottom line, I like this page; and now I can't wait for Vincent's reaction.

Reply Erin (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Hoooo boy Now my next question is this: Is Vincent gonna blow up in his serious I'm-a-monster-in-my-own-eyes-and-you-better-remember-why way?
But the whole this is so....great. I'm in love with it and can't wait for the next update!

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

When it rains it pours. All we need is vincent exploding with his 'Im a monster emo emo emo' rant then we're all set for world war 3!!

That or vincent is crying right now.. THAT would be a twist.

Reply -Ninja-Keyblade-Master- (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

[naz valentine ect XD]

I feel sorry for Yuffie..That must really hurt man..I'd be pretty p!ss3d off too if i were her. Vincent doesnt allways make things go..smoothly..does he? XD
I love Yuffie's eyes though.

Reply Rose (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Yuffie's scarying me *hides behind Vinnie*

Reply Azrael (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

i wonder if Vincent will even get upset... its not really his style,

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Holy--!! O_O Yuffie is scaring the hell out of me.!! Vinnie better be careful...becouse I think Yuffie is gonna kick his ass...I realy wonder who would win if Vincent and Yuffie would fight... ^^;;

Reply Alice (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Yuffie, Yuffie, Yuffie! *cheers, then pauses* Poor girl, but she's so kickass on this page. Plus the layout of it is great.

But hey, hasn't she ever heard that the best defense is a good offense? Vincent just didn't do it right. .___.

I'm also looking forward to Vincent's reaction. <3

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Contradiction In a way, Yuffie is changing, for better or for worse, I do not know.

She does have a clear point about Vincent, since it is sometimes the same problem with me, we both take things too seriously, to the point of breaking others who do care about him.

I cannot tell how he is going to react, he has taken his flaw a lot worse than me, but it will go out in 3 ways, I wonder which one Enkida will choose, whichever one it is, please try to do it the way the real vincents' character would, & not just the fans, my own, or your own way as well.

That is all I ask, & still doing a phenominal job, with this... side story of yours, keep on going, I am exceedingly interested in this.

One thing is for sure, you really do catch Yuffies' personality & reactions from the game very well, along with Nanakis' & Cids', Keep it up, it is better than most that I have seen.

Reply Kapu, 20th Aug 2007

Wow.. wow yuffie on the rampage o.o;; maybe vincent will have second thoughts about giving it another try this really does show that she really liked him, such emotion behind her words looking like she is going to break into tears, poor yuffie and you see that Nanaki him self is getting concerned i wonder what Vincent is thinking i hope he really thinks about what he told to her well thats my thought anyways..

Well anyways another fantastic comic ^_^ lots of emotion and love.. drama <.< hehe keep up the good work hehe nu great work :D

Reply Naleh (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

Yikes! @_@ Yuffie's scary when she's UBER pissed... I kinda wished my eyes glowed when I become that angry. >.>

Reply Nyx (Guest), 20th Aug 2007

This is an awesome comic and your artwork is always improving (and it's already stellar). I love the colors you use, as well as your attention to detail. Vincent's clenched fist in the third panel is genius. ;D

Reply NekoDono, 20th Aug 2007

I love how her eyes glow when she's furious. It shows just how intense her anger is towards him. Plus I applaud her bravery in facing off against him. He really is "all or nothing". It really takes someone like Yuffie, who is outspoken and bold, to present a harsh truth to a man like him. He needs it put out in black and white or else he'll ignore it. Yuffie is layin' it on thick and THAT is the sort of thing that will leave an impact on him!

Nanaki looks like he is struggling with what to do with Yuffie. Maybe he agrees with her but doesn't like the way she is telling it to Vincent? Or perhaps her immense power might strike some fear in him? What ever the reason, he looks genuinely distraught. I feel sympathy.

Vincent needs to take Yuffie's words and sort them out. He needs to set aside her anger and look for the real message in it. That she wanted to be friends and get to know him but he wouldn't allow it. But if he just takes it as it is then he may disregard it as the rantings of an angry child.

As usual, fabulous work! Everytime I get online I check for updates I love it so! Please keep it up!

Reply artea (Guest), 21st Aug 2007

Remind me not to get on Yuffie's bad side Dude! I've never seen Yuffie that angry before. Love the eyes. I wonder if she actually was able to intimidate him. I can't wait to see the next page.

Reply Valentine, 21st Aug 2007

Misunderstood Poor Vincent. Yuffie doesn't understand him at all. Mind you, as similar as our characters are, I don't think I'd understand him either. He's way too cool for my feeble mind.

Reply Cador_2004 (Guest), 21st Aug 2007

I have a baaad feeling about this... Anyone else think that Yuffie will turn into something along the lines of one of Vincent's limit breaks? >.>

Reply andygoth, 21st Aug 2007

Cador_2004 Look for my comment about Chaos and Lurch. :^)

Reply M - S y x X (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

* p o p * Took the words right outta my mouth...

Reply Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic, 7th Jul 2010

So I just started reading this, and I see it was put up in 2007, which was quite some time ago. But I just have to say, I love this comic, and Vincent Valentine Vacation Resort should exist in real life. ^_^

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