Chapter 6 - 288

23rd Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Aug 2007

FF7 Smackdown Continues I really love reading the running commentary on the current "battle" between our protagonists. :D

On a completely unrelated note, the 300th page is coming up much faster than I expected it to. Wow, it seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the big 200. o__O;

Here's to the next 300, which will also hopefully come faster than I expected. As an extreme forewarning, I will be taking another month-long break for NaNoWriMo in November. I don't know how much backlog I'll manage to make before then to cover that month, but help me out and keep those motivating comments coming!

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Reply PF (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

Yep... yep you did I love the stare off between them.... I've been reading this comic for a long time (have even timed it to find the new pages ^_^) and I _love_ it, I really do... How you draw hands like that is really beyond me (jealous)

PS, screen name is Paranoid_Fighter ^_^

Reply andygoth, 23rd Aug 2007

This is a motivating comment Yes it is! Enjoy!

Reply saharasfury, 23rd Aug 2007

If looks could kill... They seem to be both pissed at each other. Good job!

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

This is... This does not bond well at all, very beautiful on both, surprising short, I know, but still, not much is to be said about this, it basically speaks for itself

Reply RaziyaRodriguez (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

I love this comic so much, especially since its one of the very few that can actually piss me off when the characters fight lol.
They do seem to be acting a little childish to me... if Yuffie was wearing pigtails, Vincent would have yanked on them by now. At least thats what goes on in mind, but hey, its better than Vince wearing pigtails hehe.

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

Nah. Noooooo.... That was suppose to happen! People always storm off when they're happy! XD

On a totally unrelated note: WOOOOOOT! NaNoWriMo is coming up...soonish. Another year, another 50,000 word story that will never be read by a living soul... Gonna try to change that this year.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 23rd Aug 2007

Good Luck! Wow, I'm glad I didn't read ahead in the fanfic version to see THIS plot twist coming! Dying to find out what happens next... and I'll see you at NaNoWriMo, I'm doing it again this year too. Hope you finish!

Reply NekoDono, 23rd Aug 2007

Wowza! I love the "face off" stare between them. Yuffie looks intense and Vince just looks pissed!
Vincent is acting like a baby storming off like that. He's (physichally) 27 and should start acting like it!
As usual beautiful art. I wish I could colour like that!

Reply Tempest_Summers, 23rd Aug 2007

Enter motivating comment. Awww, the scene is teh burn. I love it. And it makes me glad I didn't spoil it for myself reading the fanfiction.


Congrats on the upcoming 300! Whoo, that's a milestone.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

That bodes well i guess.
Vincent does act emotionless.
Yuffie got to him...

He likes her :D <3

Reply Devi (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

That pretty much defines "Stare of Death", doesn't it?

And then the hurt looks in the second panel... Or hurt look on Yuffie's part, at least - we can't see Vincent's face, though his clenched fist is very expressive. It's all interpretation, of course, but the way he's stalking away seems to say to me, "Damn! I have messed up again, and now I need to storm off and pretend I have no feelings; because everyone I have feelings for gets hurt." You don't know if you want to hug him or slap some sense into him, indeed.

In short, this page is well done!

Reply Enkida, 24th Aug 2007

there is a new <a href="">nescience</a> page up.

also i hurt my wrist ;__; lucky for you guys not my drawing wrist!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

Stare of Death... Nice going there Yuffie...I hope that Nanaki will give some good advice for her so she could sometimes think what she says.. Nice page. ^^

Reply Hikari (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

Yeowch! be fair, Vincent shouldn't have started it with his little bit o' paranoia back there, but daaayyuuumm. That's not right Yuffie! Poor Nanaki having to put up with their emo-fest. XD

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

Motivation! C'mon! Get motivated! >:D Motivation!

Ha ha. Sorry. Had to include a little Azumanga quote there. XD

Anyway, this comment is absolute love if I have to stop for whatever I'm doing just to read it. It's a masterpiece beyond words. I <3 YEW!! *clings*

Anyway, this page is simple, but it fits well. I noticed simple pages add to suspense when it's really needed. That, or it's just me. XD But, yep, Yuffie messed up. Vincent helped with that though, so he can't really complain.

Reply yo sistah (Guest), 24th Aug 2007

call me go read your email and then call me!

Reply Alice_1610, 24th Aug 2007

D: Vincent needs a hug. *pokes Yuffie to encourage her*

But augh, this situation sucks. :(

(Unrelated note-- Yuffie's hair looks really cool on this page. =D)

Reply Onikage, 24th Aug 2007

It's okay, Yuffie... Just give him some time and he'll be back to his normally emo self, as opposed to his pissed off emo self...
Love the colours in the third panel! Makes it look like he's taking his darkness with him...

Reply StrayWolf (Guest), 25th Aug 2007

At times don't you just want to slap her? anyways keep up the great work.

Reply Neph (Guest), 25th Aug 2007

It's tense! >.<;; You can even see lightning crackling in the background!!

But why is one hand clenched, and the other one's relaxed? Given the situation here, the way he's stalking off, it just looks kind of weird....

Reply Luna (Guest), 25th Aug 2007

*poke* Motivation!! Motivation!! Motivation!! It's such an awesome comic! I want more!!

Reply andygoth, 25th Aug 2007

Neph It looks like Vincent can't decide if he wants to punch her, slap her, or grab her by the throat. So he's prepared to do all of the above. :^)

UPDATE: That is a fantastic incentive image! I love it. Don't apologize for it!! Take credit for your outstanding work.

UPDATE 2 "Fist vs Claw": I always figured it was an overgrown brass gauntlet, which would explain why he occasionally moves it to the other hand. It must get very sweaty under there! :^)

Reply Enkida, 26th Aug 2007

Fist vs Claw This Vincent's brass claw is a mechanical appendage. He doesn't have a left arm below the elbow, it was amputated by Hojo. As such I figure he doesn't go around making fists with it very often so as not to damage the mechanics in his palm with his metal talons. ^^;

Reply Mermaid Ninja (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

Vincent probably doesn't want to get attached to anyone. After all, he did lose the love of his life. He probably doesn't want to lose anyone else.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

That's all you can say?!! Oy! Red, do sumthin' other than sigh...then again, I can't blame you. Seeing as how you're What the hell kind of animal is Nanaki, anyways?!

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