Chapter 6 - 289

26th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 26th Aug 2007

Feeling a little left behind, Yu? There's a new incentive, for those getting bored with the old. ^^; Incentive gallery also updated. Unfortunately still no time to do incentive request fulfillment.

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Reply Enkida, 27th Aug 2007

Patting Sentient Cats Nanaki is the one bumping Yuffie. It's his way of giving her a hug, I'd say. Normally he's bump her under the chin, but considering that he's wearing the Limited Moon, that would be kinda painful. XD

I think Nanaki likes being patted. Canon Nanaki does. He seemed to be really happy letting Shelke pet him at the end of DoC.

User's Comments:

Reply Neph (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

Kitty Hug! Yay for Nanaki. ^____^;; That's all I gotta say.

Reply Devi (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

This page is so beautifully done!

Wise Nanaki... one can see why Bugenhagen said he's "very deep".

Reply Yargo OWA (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

i love this page, nanaki is very well drawn and yuffies expression on teh second box is perfect!

Reply Lizz (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

Panel 2 ftw. I love it.

Reply Coco (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

Oh crap, I'm listening to Within Temptation's Frozen while reading this, and I have to say that I'm getting depressed now.

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

NOoooooooo! NOoooo! Yuffie got the blame! Ignore the fact that Nanaki is right.. Yuffie got the blame! *torches and pitforks galore*

Reply andygoth, 26th Aug 2007

WHUMP That first panel puts me in mind of the piano smash sound effect from the beginning of FF9 when Vivi finds out that his ticket is fake.

Is Yuffie brushing Nanaki in the second panel, or is Nanaki rubbing against Yuffie? I wonder how sentient cats respond to petting... do they like it, or do they find it demeaning? Or do they hate themselves for liking it?? If I ever meet a sentient cat, this will be the first question I ask!

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 26th Aug 2007

...okay, the kitty just confused me there.
I have no idea what he meant. Or maybe I should just go to bed :p

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 27th Aug 2007

Gotta love the mildness of it all. No wonder nobody believes he's technically 16 (or is it now 17?) years old. I sure as hell don't. He's 53 now and damn well acting like it. :D YAAAAAY!

Reply metallover (Guest), 27th Aug 2007

wisenes - nes Nanaki's so smart. He's sooooo cool! Look at those tatoos! Tatooed and wise, I wish my cat was like that.

Reply Devi (Guest), 27th Aug 2007

RE: petting sentient cats Well, Nanaki said in canon (I'm paraphrasing) that when Aeris used to pat him on the nose, he would find it a bit patronising, but he also liked the attention.

ETA: Heh, I posted this before I saw Enkida's response. Either way, I think with people he likes, Nanaki would appreciate pettings and scritchings the way we appreciate getting a hug from a friend.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 27th Aug 2007

Dr. Nanaki He raises very good points...*sigh* Why can't we all just...get along?

Reply Eumary, 27th Aug 2007

This is getting better and better~

And I agree, this page is so well done.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 27th Aug 2007

i think he is basically saying that yuffie knows full well what vincent is like and should completly be able to judge is reaction wether its correct or not as he is only begining to come to terms with how he is.
i think.

Reply NekoDono, 28th Aug 2007

Poor girl. While Nanaki has a point I still think Vincent is mature and smart enough to filter through what she said. He could, if only for a moment, ignore her anger and get the base of her message. Then it may of actually have helped. Oh well! C'est la vie!
Beautiful art so far! The dialog is also just like it was in the story (as far as I can remember XD).

Reply Valentine, 28th Aug 2007

Just Like a Soap Opera... It makes me smile just how involved people get with this comic strip. I doubt the Soap Operas or even Big Brother (for those who don't know what Big Brother is, it's an awful "real-life" gameshow where contestants, usually picked from the cream of the crop in terms of freakishness, live with each other, perform tasks, etc. over a period of almost half a year) get this kind of deep thought and discussion...

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

I understand I understand what he is saying, it is just the way he speaks it that can make it difficult to understand for some.

What he is saying is true, & honestly, I can imagine him saying something that wise & strong in the game of FFVII, if a situation were to ever occur like that in the game, (But who am I kidding about soap opera like that seen in FFVII, character wise as well)

Anyways, very well done on the reactions, lines, & volcabulary of words you use on this story for the character themshelves, Enkida, I couldn't have done better myself.

Just keep on going, you are doing a very nice result on this.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

It's poetry session with Red XIII!! Did he come up with that all by his lonesome? Or was it from some fortune cookie?

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