Chapter 6 - 290

28th Aug 2007

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Reply Enkida, 26th Aug 2007

chaotic interlude well, I'd say he's mad

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Reply Enkida, 29th Aug 2007

new weekly incentives will be coming back, I think, and other news Hey everybody. I have some good news for all of you. I have not been really busy the past few days for nothing, in other words.

1) new incentives will be coming back every week, but not requests for a while, I fear. this is because I started a little fanart community with a few friends to force ourselves to learn to use tablets. as a result every week there will be a new piece of FF fanart featured as the incentive. next week will be edge from ff4. If any of you artists are interested to participate in the weekly fanart challenge group, drop me an email.

2) HNtDB chapter 14 (or is it 15 already?!) will be posted soon. In fact the only reason it is not posted yet is that it is being beta'd. So hang in there. :-)

3) Memento Vivere will be updated soon. The only reason it is not posted yet is that it is being beta'd. So hang in there. ;P

now back to your regularly scheduled comic. enjoy!

User's Comments:

Reply bread4311, 28th Aug 2007

And here comes the Rage

Reply Monica (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

o_0 if emo-like hatred were a disease, vincent would be so infected he'd be in quarantine....

Don't spread the pain vincent! stay good!

Reply Akunen, 28th Aug 2007

xD I'm quite convinced he's pretty angry.

Well done. His face expresses his current anger really well. :3

Reply Alice_1610, 28th Aug 2007

*whimper* Vincent scares me when he's like this.

Well, hopefully he'll calm down before he gets to Yuffie. Or hopefully Nanki will help Tuffie if he jumps her...

(Cool page -- Greatly done expressions on Vincent)

Reply saharasfury, 28th Aug 2007

Damn He looks pissed as hell! Good job!

Reply hyacai, 28th Aug 2007

Uh oh Yuffie's in trouble. Of course it's not the first time. Good thing Red's there with them.

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

HAPPY! He looks so happy! Almost like a cute, cuddly bunny rabbit, like the one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I'm afraid to go to sleep...

Reply Kapu, 28th Aug 2007

Oh dear... Oh no vincent on rampage! look out yuffie ; ;! hes commming to hurt you D: Hopefully Nanaki is there to settle the problem *shivers* he looks scary :(

Anyways... i really like this one i like how you drew his facial expression its awsome and well done :3 really really really good i just love this comic :D

Reply Devi (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

"Chaosing out" Vincent is very scary in a very gorgeous way.

Reply Neph (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

GRR! Wow. Truly scary stuff. I can't look him in the eyes, and yet when I do I can't look awaaaayyyy!! >.<;;;

...Okay, a bit of an exaggeration. The blood splatters surrounding the words.... and the gradual change in text as Chaos emerges further... Great. And somehow, his running hits something too, but I can't put my finger on it...

"With my claws"? That sounds rather... scarily foreboding. As Vincent doesn't possess claws, only one claw-like hand...

Those eyes! I've got chills...!

Reply Chaosfox (Guest), 28th Aug 2007

Here we go again... And here comes Chaos...
I wonder if Vince was this emo before Hojo and Lucrecia got to him.

Reply TaneFuzen, 28th Aug 2007

o.O oh my gawd, uber scary looking....I was tired for a moment, now I'm wide awake >.<

Reply andygoth, 28th Aug 2007

Don't tease the child! Vincent is such a sensitive boy... :^)

Heh, just kidding. Something Yuffie said slipped past his first layer of defense (bleak emo-apathy). Now let's see if his anger can deflect it, or if it'll eventually make its way to his heart. I want to know how this turns out!!

Nice background.

Reply Midaki (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Was wondering when he was gonna limit break on us. Ooooh... Chaos has been cooped up for too long, and for him to be set loose in the Crater... run, Yuffie, run!

Reply Lieva (Guest), 29th Aug 2007


But err..not this angry since lucrecia ^^
he DOES like her ^^

Reply Jonah (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Vincent go Chaos! Wow! Serious anger management issue there! ^_^

Well, at the very least, it'll add a little bit of tension. I'm looking forward to where this will go now! :)

Reply Guest, 29th Aug 2007

note the splatters behind the bit about pain...

Reply Erin (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

WOW......half of me is saying that he's gonna get there and she'll already be so depressed looking he'll stop or Red will get to him first.
I'm hoping for Red, somehow that isn't the look of someone who's gonna stop cause someone else feels bad.

Reply Shayul (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Eh Honestly, if it came down to a cat and a female ninja vs a manifestation of all that is evil and malicious in Vincent's spirit...

I'd have to say Chaos wins. *shrug*

Reply Jobe (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Don't make Vincent angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry...

Reply Sirius123 (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Uh-Oh... You know that when somebody's eyes start glowing, they are ANGRY.... Don't do anything you would regret, Vincent...

Beautiful page. I love Vincent's changing into Chaos. And his expression! I'm starting to get angry, for some reason...

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Hmmm... I love the comic and all, and the whole think is wonderfully drawn, I just have to say that the way Yuffie somehow became the 'enemy' in this argument has ruined it for me. I can't find the point where this actually became Yuffie's fault >_<

Reply bob (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Yes! Berserker rage time!! I like the transformation he's going through...looks very 'Dirge of Cerberus'. Can't wait 'til Friday for the final form. =D

Reply Wolfa, 29th Aug 2007

*cowers in a corner* ha he thought of anger manegement *laughs nervously*

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Run! Run, Yuffie! Poor old Vinnie needs to stay in a therapy corner for a while...

And don't come out. '-'

Reply Azrael (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

OH YEAH! Vincent looks raving mad, and stop with calling him emo would you, thats reserved for the posers and lifeless losers that call themselves. Vincent a fucking Beast! XD

Reply flare346, 29th Aug 2007

Poor Yuffie Half of it IS Vinnie's fault! Yuffie should leave

Reply Naleh (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

MEEP! Vincient smash! Vincient slice! Vincient go Chaos! ...Rawr...

Reply Kitsune Inari (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Hellmasker! Forget Chaos, I wanna see Hellmasker! Wow, Mr. Valentine really looks like he's going to kill somebody

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

More than mad, I speak Enkida, I would say mad is an understatement, it really looks, as if to me, he is at anger's highest level, almost to the point of being "Royaly Pissed".

& knowing Vincent from the game, making him just angry itself will not suffice peacefully.

Still, well done on the expressions, & basically the whole comic, I am always interested to see what happens next

Reply andygoth, 29th Aug 2007

Mako-drenched monster love! Vincent transforms into Chaos, goes looking for Yuffie, and finds that she has also transformed into some bizarre ninja love-beast. And their kids will look like Yuffie's mom in page 259. It will be awesome! :^)

Reply Enkida, 29th Aug 2007

*dies laughing*


Reply Strawberrylemonade, 29th Aug 2007

Gasp! Thsi is bad. Really bad. Run away, Yuffie! Run Awaaaayyy!!!

On a more positive note: Gasp! If he wasn't that mad since Lucrietta, then that means he does like her as someone up there pointed out (I am lazy and am therefore to lazy to check ^^).

Reply Mermaid Ninja (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Hit The Deck! Chaos better not have rape in mind.

Reply Damarik Laizare (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Oh Snap! Yeah...if this gets any worse...we're going to see some serious Eemlosion (emo splosion xD) as he goes all crazy demon dude. Inner demons my ass...this guy has more issues than Playboy. But I'd also like to see how the others deal with his anger issues.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 29th Aug 2007

Excellent wrinkles of fury on Vincent. I love watching your art progress!

Reply andygoth, 29th Aug 2007

"Error: invalid rating"??? Why can't I vote?

By the way, even though it's only a day old, this page is now tied for first place as the most commented page in the entire comic. Amazing!

Reply RowanWatersprite, 30th Aug 2007

He looks a tad angry...

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 30th Aug 2007

Feel the wrath of emo lol... Vincent... wants tear Yuffies face in parts..? *shivers* I think Vincent should calm down..! This page gave me creeps, very nice page! ^^

Reply Maria (Guest), 30th Aug 2007

...... What the........? I....,what.....? Wow.

Reply Valentine, 30th Aug 2007

Anger Management... Does Vincent drink Stella, by any chance?

This post brought to you by Stella Artois, the officical sponsors of wife-beating and domestic abuse.

Reply metallover (Guest), 2nd Sep 2007

shoes Just thought I'd point out that in the games, Vince's shoes were pointy elf-like shoes. I like the pointy ones more, they have more character.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

Can I make a suggestion, Mr. soon-to-be-Chaos? Ya know, stealing her materias would prove to be the ultimate heartbreaker, so...

Reply Valentine, 3rd Sep 2007

RE: shoes metallover (Guest): Enkida acknowledged that fact way back somewhere at the beginning of this strip. She just preferred the rounded ones. Who knows, perhaps, in the space of time between Final Fantasy VII and Growth, Vincent got bored of his pointed shoes and used the money he earnt blasting away Toxic Frogs to buy his hobnail boots...

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007


Reply scalott, 23rd Dec 2007

I keep loving this comic more and more with every page.

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