Chapter 6 - 292

2nd Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Sep 2007

Update Thanks everyone, glad you like. :-)

Ikebana got 3 new pages, and Enkida has the migrane from hell. ^^;

Results of yesterday's poll - while a small, but vocal minority actually would prefer to see Hellmasker (or Galian Beast), the great bulk of you want to see the new DoC Chaos, so DoC Chaos it will be. Thanks for voting!

Ah, and on voting - TWC got reset, so please help bring Growth back up to the 30s! There's a new incentive image this week, too. :-)

Q&A: Re how do I draw Vincent's hair lik e that: Practice, lots of practice. Actually I find it harder to draw Yuffie's flat hair than Vincent's spiky hair at this point.

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User's Comments:

Reply wolfloner, 2nd Sep 2007

so much of this page is full of win. I especially like Vinnie's expressions in the second and fourth panels. And the picture in the frame in the third panel. :3

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 2nd Sep 2007

DAMN, you're getting good at this art thing! I was just reading your entire comic last night (for the trillionth time) and it's amazing how much you've improved. This particular page absolutely incredible!

Reply Devi (Guest), 2nd Sep 2007

This page is beautifully done, indeed.

Wouldn't we all love to have a friend and mediator like Nanaki? ^____^

Reply andygoth, 2nd Sep 2007

I really like the Yuffie watercolor.

Reply Alice_1610, 2nd Sep 2007

Oh boy, what a gorgeous page. 'Specially the last two panels.

WORD TO WHAT NANAKI SAID. <3 Time for Vincent to do what he does best; thinking! (well, among other things, but they don't sound as catchy)

I'm looking forward to Vincent and Yuffie making up! ...hopefully soon?

Reply spawn_of_vincent (Guest), 2nd Sep 2007

How do u draw vincents hair that good? I can only draw the hair flat to hes head, none of it sticks up like it should. keep up the good work!!

Reply Stormy (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

^__^ Took me a while to catch up after my absence, but it was worth it: this doujin has just been getting better and better. I have to say I wouldn't be surprised if it reached a level which couldn't be improved upon. ^__^

As of this page, my favourite panel is definitely the one with the photo. It has such great compositional detail! The rest of the page is quite lovely, too! :D

Reply Neph (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

Go for Nanaki The photo panel... and the last panel. It's like Vincent is trying to see how to connect with Yuffie, or at least see eye-to-eye. Realizing that they aren't that different, perhaps? That he DOESN'T need to risk shattering his precious, fragile shell in order to open up just a little?

We get to see Aerith at last.... Yay. ^__^

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

This is great page!! And I can't wait when I see Chaos!! X3

Reply Valentine, 3rd Sep 2007

Vincent's Reflections... I like the way Vincent is portrayed in a ghost-like way observing Yuffie in his reflection upon Nanaki's wise words. It's almost like he is becoming a guardian angel to his future beloved.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 3rd Sep 2007

Yup, Nanaki is full of wisdom there. I love this whole page yay!

Reply andygoth, 4th Sep 2007

80k Preemptive congratulations on 80,000 hits! As I write this, you have fewer than 500 to go.

Reply metallover (Guest), 4th Sep 2007

the shoes... I love this comic, I love the story, I love the art, but one thing smacks me in the face every time I see it. Vince's shoes. They look... wierd. I mean, they're usually pointy, right? Or are they just too hard to draw?

Reply Enkida, 4th Sep 2007

Q&A Doesn't canon Vincent have pointy shoes? Yes, he does. He did earlier in the comic, too. I hate those pointy clown boots. So when he changed his clothes, he changed into "more normal" brass-toed boots too.

Reply Zhai, 4th Sep 2007

I love this story! First I was a bit afraid the story might change the characters too much, but, boy, was I wrong!! It's a wonderfull story and great art^^

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