Chapter 6 - 293

4th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 4th Sep 2007

WOOOOOOOHOOO I just confirmed that I'm going to be able to visit the US for two weeks this October! Two weeks to catch up on everything I've missed out on for the past couple of years! AHH SO EXCITED! :D

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Reply Devi (Guest), 4th Sep 2007

Awwww, Vincent! One can see how his heart is aching with "must not allow myself to love anyone, everyone I love gets hurt" in the (superb!) second panel - good thing indeed that he has Nanaki to talk him out of it. (Like I said in my comment on the previous page, wouldn't we all love to have a friend like him? *luffs on Nanaki*)

Reply Alice_1610, 4th Sep 2007

Pawing Nanaki made me giggle. And oi, Vincent looks SO COOL in the last panel. <333 (and woohoo for the close up in the second panel! As always, your art is awe inspiring.)

Reply Neph (Guest), 4th Sep 2007

Oh dear. Am I the only one suspecting Vincent of being up to no good here? I mean, he's still got the formal speech thing down, but.... Our beloved emo king, sporting a GRIN on his face? And a triumphantly determined snapped fist, a la a certain shinobi? And the eyes cut out? >.<;;

All after a quaint moment of deliberation. Isn't it odd that I'm not considering that Vincent's just been made to see the light by a trusted friend and now he's going to shoot back, better than ever, and go for it with all his might to make things right again?

Someone please tell me I'm wrong....

EDIT: Okay, so now I'm alerted to the fact that he's actually unsnapping his cloak, not doing that cliche "yeah, let's go" fist clench that runs rampant in all manner of cartoons and anime. >.<;; *has seriously got to work on her observation skills* Nonethless, I stand by my above statement... Vincent's up to no good~!

Reply andygoth, 4th Sep 2007

Superpaw! Does Nanaki have some Control materia or something? 'Cuz Vincent changed his mind really fast! Heh. More likely, Vincent has wanted friendship with Yuffie all along, but he would not give himself *permission* to enjoy, accept, or even allow it. He wouldn't even admit his desire to himself. But the adorable one-eyed kitty with the upraised paw melted his heart just enough to let a little love shine through. And that's all it takes!

I appreciate the symbolism of Vincent taking off that hideous bulwark of a collar he wears.

Enkida: Enjoy your time in the US. It's absolutely the greatest, most generous nation on the face of this earth, and it certainly has room in its heart for you to visit for two weeks. Let me be the first to welcome you!

Reply Visitor (Guest), 4th Sep 2007

Last Panel? Is that a "yay" smile, or a "yay, vengeance" smile? O_o

Reply LadyNightshade, 4th Sep 2007

Whoo! Take it off Vincent! *waves money*

Reply TyranT (Guest), 4th Sep 2007

Awesome page as always! i cant' tell if vinnie's looking a little excited or ticked in the last panel. guess i'll find out.

Oh ya, and enjoy your stay in the us of a. Hopefully sometime you can visit canada too. (particularly BC, i freaking love the mountains)

Reply Lieva (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

That snap...

looks like he is undoing his very high collar...
whats under there?

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

cool looks like he's gonna strip for us yayness

Reply Naleh (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

Oh Ya... I agree with LadyNightShade... Take it off Vincient! *get's her pocket book*

Though I can't tell what Vincie is thinking in the last panel...

Reply metallover (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

'snap' I quite enjoy the way you put the sound effects in. They really make it much more enjoyable and realistic. Even if the shoes aren't pointy.

Reply Zhai, 5th Sep 2007

Awwww I love Nanaki^^

Reply Devi (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

RE: andy "Bulwark" is a good word, I think - I always suspected that Vincent (subconsciously) considers that cloak as something to hide in from the world. Which would explain while he (in canon, anyhow) never takes it off even when he's in Costa Del Sol.

As for other subjects...

RE: the shoes - I think it's the *length* of the shoes rather than the pointiness as such that gives them the "clown shoe"-ish look. So personally, I would've preferred to see him drawn with shoes the tips of which are still pointy, but shorter than they are in canon. But of course I realise that you (Enkida) can't change the look of his shoes now - otherwise, there'd be the question of where he got new boots in the middle of the Northern Crater, heh.

RE: Rat-Orpheus - I think Nanaki was worried that if he let him transform fully, there would be no guarantee he'd be able to talk him down from there. (And so would I have been, in his place.)

Reply Enkida, 5th Sep 2007

Q & A Here I am doing Q&A instead of Friday's page. ^^; Anyway: re pointy or round shoes and continuity errors. This comic is full of continuity errors. The buckles on Vincent's cloak would be one of them. When they arrived at the Crater, he had snaps! After a while of thinking about it, though, I realized the snaps were pretty silly (they'd hardly hold his cloak together under duress) and switched back to buckle-straps.

I personally, however, like the combat-army-boot-rounded-toe look on my superheroes, which is why I gave him new, round boots instead of pointy ones. Also I don't like how his canon boots are practically skin-tight stockings that go up to his knees, so I shortened them as well.

The open-close cloak snap thing Vincent does when he feels comfortable or insecure/threatened has been going on since the very first chapter of the comic. It's a behavioural quirk I gave him that I was never able to get across in the fiction, but works well in comic medium. :-)

Reply Valentine, 5th Sep 2007

An Observation Towards the Female Mind... Why do women desire the men that are hard or impossible to get? I mean, when I'm dating I have to beat them off with a stick but as soon as I'm free and single my only company is a lone tumbleweed and even that doesn't stick around.

This begs the many questions. Does Vincent know this and, if so, is he doing it on purpose? Would Vincent still be Vincent if he loses his main personality trait? Would Yuffie still find him attractive now that he is available and would the loss of his mystery make him any less appealing?

The ultimate question, however, would be who Vincent truly is. His main personality is rooted in being mysterious. Take this away and what is left? Like cracking open a geode: Will you find a beautiful, sparkling crystal, or a dull, broken rock?

Reply spawn_of_vincent (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

Yet again another perfect drawing. :)

Reply Fox (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

NoooooooooOOOooooo! I'm scared now! D:

Reply Fox (Guest), 5th Sep 2007

Ey... "Enjoy your time in the US. It's absolutely the greatest, most generous nation on the face of this earth" (-andygoth)

...But what about Canada?! D:

Reply Yo' sis (Guest), 6th Sep 2007

Are you going to have time to come visit me in October? - M

Reply Enkida, 6th Sep 2007

oh yeah, working that in. the only question is whether or not we can work in the trip to canada to visit uncle vic, too, since I think Chris now needs a visa for that. dumbass department of home security border crap...

we haven't got tickets yet though so you will get a big long email bout it when we know the exact dates we're going to be in the US. :)

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

I say... ...I'm fascinated by two things in this page. One is Vincent's comment on how he can't offer the comfort that Yuffie seeks. These words reminded of the scene in The Return of the King film where Aragorn tells Eowyn that he does not have what she seeks, an implication that he's already taken...poor Eowyn.

The second thing fascinating about this page is how Nanaki is pawing at Vincent's cape, for the reason that it reminds me of my late pet cat (miss you) that would always paw on my pants whenever I arrive home.

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