Chapter 6 - 294

6th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 6th Sep 2007

"Growth" interview Hey everybody! This was a bit of a last minute page. ^__^;

"Growth" was chosen for this week's webcomic spotlight at Coloring Dragons. Everything you ever wanted to know about Growth or Enkida is probably answered in the interview, which you can find right here! If you do go check it out, please vote on the article too. Because voting is fun and cool. ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 7th Sep 2007

Second Warning Hey guys. You know I hate giving readers warnings, but this is the second time I have to say this: I don't mind if you want to critique the comic. I don't even mind flames, as long as they're not obscene.

I will not, however tolerate it when readers insult other readers. Please feel free to take aim at the comic, but if you have nothing nice to say about your fellow comic readers, it's better to not say anything at all.

Please don't make me give this warning again folks!

User's Comments:

Reply Fox (Guest), 6th Sep 2007

Aw, who would want to reject her? (Cloud, so on...)

...First? EDIT: Zomg first! ...Eh, why do I want to be first, anyway? o.O Silly childness.

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Sep 2007

Beautiful job on Yuffie in the last panel - I just wanna hug all that self-doubt out of her.

Reply Tempest_Summers, 6th Sep 2007

For some reaosn, I find those lil' transition bars mesmerizing. >.<

That said, love Yuffie's inner dialogue here. :3

Reply andygoth, 6th Sep 2007

Title of comment Nice interview! Thanks for the link; I enjoyed reading it. Now I'll have to start playing Baldur's Gate again. :^) I loved that game but never finished it.

Rejection hurts when it's a blow to your pride, but it hurts much more when it's from someone you genuinely care about. That's why Yuffie is taking it harder than ever before.

Reply spawn_of_vincent (Guest), 6th Sep 2007

WOW! Vincents neck is all kinked outa place. kinda like atton rands
neck(Atton Rand from star wars knights of the old republic the sith lords)

Reply Fox (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

! Gee, his neck does look scary...!

Reply Lieva (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

he took off his cloak?
i was expecting to see another head underthere or somthing tbh :p

Reply metallover (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

all the ass kissing on these comments recentley is giving me a headache >_<

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

Eh...yeah! ...anyhow, I smell a flashback of past rejections a' comin' next! Hyuk!!

Reply andygoth, 7th Sep 2007

Canoe! In a few hours I'm leaving for a week-long canoe trip. I'll be back on the fifteenth or sixteenth. See ya!

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

A Rare Sight Well, isn't this something of a rare sight, Yuffie believing she has overreacted to her honest opinion about Vincents' flaws, I tell you Enkida, you really do well at surprising & linking emotions as well of the characters, with good reasoning mind you.

Way to go, Enkida, I commend you for making this story interesting, & closest to the characters reaction & words as possible.

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 7th Sep 2007

*fingers crossed* Fingers crossed that they hit it off. I'll be reading with enthusiasm :)

Reply Naleh (Guest), 8th Sep 2007

Hmm Yuffie is acting a tad emo... poor gal >.> maybe the vincient will make her fill better. Thank you Dr. Nanaki

Reply Valentine, 8th Sep 2007

Hmm... It might be the fact that I have just got home from drinking a whole bottle of vodka and making a good start on a bottle of tequila, or my inner geek speaking, but I sure as Hell wouldn't turn Yuffie down.

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 9th Sep 2007

Shweeet I missed that shirt. I like it better than the cape. The Crater can't be THAT cold to have as many layers as Vincent has.

o.O Yuffie is spinning a paper does THAT work? Even using it without crinkling. :/ Hm

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