Chapter 6 - 295

11th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 9th Sep 2007

behind schedule, obviously Hi guys. I've had a very full schedule the past few days and didn't manage to get the page done in time. I hope you will forgive the sketchy, I'll get a finished one up when I can.

New vote incentive this week is Ashe of FF12.

Also, the Oritsuru is made of steel, not paper. It does fold, however. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 11th Sep 2007

Wednesday's page is probably going to be a bit late too, sorry. ^^

The creatures that give mad crazy xp and materia points if you give them elixers are Magic Pots. I don't think we'll be seeing those in this comic though.

Also I will archive the old sketch page in the gallery one of these days, when I have time to update the gallery.


User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 9th Sep 2007

I like her eye in the third panel - very expressive.

I've always assumed that the Oritsuru is a paper origami thing and works through... magic, I guess. *heh*

Reply Lieva (Guest), 10th Sep 2007

Even without colour...very very nice :)

please keep this version up as well :) peeps should see how tallented you are :D

Reply Freelance (Guest), 10th Sep 2007

Yay! Movers! Squat for exp, but bucket-loads of Materia Points. Ah, the protect rings I've morphed them into...

Reply Naleh (Guest), 10th Sep 2007

Oh noes run away! XD

Reply Valentine, 10th Sep 2007

Materia... I can honestly say that I never really put much effort into levelling up materia. I managed to complete the game (including killing all of the Weapons) without doing it, so I didn't see the point...

Anyway, with regards to the comic, I think it's great to see a work-in-progress every now and again. It becomes far too easy just to accept an artists hard work as the norm without even considering the steps taken to reach the end result.

Reply Zhai, 10th Sep 2007

Even if you're behind schedule, I still admire your fast updating! ^^

Reply Andrew (Guest), 10th Sep 2007

mobers But we LOVE them when their sketched!!

Heh, I enjoyed the movers.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 10th Sep 2007

Sketchiness... I almost like this better! Having you post this up before the coloured version gives a sense of really how you make the comic.

Love Yuffie's expression in panal 2. She looks so tired and fed up. Aw, did Vincent wear you out Yuff?

Reply Freelance (Guest), 11th Sep 2007

Hmmm. I wonder... If there're going to be any of those jar creatures to be done in the future. You know; the ones that can only be defeated if you first give them an elixer.

Reply Devi (Guest), 11th Sep 2007

Aaaaaand in colour now... Looks great!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 17th Sep 2007

INCOMING!! Wheee!!! Falling oranges!!! Kiddin'!!

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