Chapter 6 - 296

12th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 11th Sep 2007

another beta page?! I know, sorry sorry ^^; I did manage to get this one inked though. Arg, but I forgot to draw Yuffie's belt! Ehehe, it will be fixed in the colour version. ^^;;;;

There should hopefully be a new chapter of Memento Vivere up by the time this is seen, too. Also if you were wondering, page 295 is now coloured as well.

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Reply Enkida, 12th Sep 2007

Movers Movers are found in the Northern Crater. They usually attack in groups of three, not four. "Delta Attack" is the attack that they create by forming a triangle and then hitting their victim with a sort of super-strong confuse spell (I think, been a while since I played the game). Actually I guess this should be called a "Quadra" attack or something since it's four of them, but oh well. :-)

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Reply Acerynn (Guest), 11th Sep 2007

I definitely like you posting up the uncoloured version first! (Even if it is just to meet your deadline ^__^) I'll check back in a couple days to see the coloured.... hehe.

By the way, I like how you've illustrated this scene =]

EDIT: Nice. The coloured in amazingly colourful.

Reply Devi (Guest), 11th Sep 2007

Don't Movers always come in groups? One would think Yuffie should be more prepared for this, given how often she's been in the Crater... On the other hand, this would allow Vincent to save her from the big, bad Movers, which would leave an opening for them to reconcile, no? ;)

Anyway, I like this page thus far - looking forward to the coloured version.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 12th Sep 2007

Gawd Movers... >.< I remember Movers from FF9, gawd it was anoying when they attacked me with Delta attack and boom! I was dead... >.< But I have never met them in FF7, so thanks from the warning, now I know to be prepared. Nice page. ^^

Reply Tempest_Summers, 12th Sep 2007

:3 The coloring on this one is so beyond hawt.


Reply Valentine, 12th Sep 2007

Status Effects... I hated status effects in the game. Still, at least the Movers only effect the one character, unlike Bad Breath attack of the damned Marlboros.

It always amused me that there's a cigarette brand with the same name as those stinky-breath sprout monsters.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 12th Sep 2007

Damn sucks to be the only player now...Poor Yuffie, this just isn't her day.

Reply Devi (Guest), 12th Sep 2007

I like the pseudo-psychedelic (if that's the right word) effect of the colouring/backgrounds. Just looking at it makes you as dizzy as Yuffie must feel (yes, that's meant as a compliment).

Reply Andrew (Guest), 12th Sep 2007

The movers never attacked me in FF7. I REALLY like the colors in this one.

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 12th Sep 2007

Triangles for Delta Hey Enkida, if you're worried about the whole triangle/square thing, just put a line going from the upper-left mover, through Yuffie, and to the lower-right mover. Just a thought. That way, you'd have two triangles instead of a square.

Reply TaneFuzen, 13th Sep 2007

movers...I know I didn't face them becausee I never made it to NC but I can't remember my brother facing them >.< The page looks very good, I love the confusing-like background to add to the all effect

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 13th Sep 2007

I actually actively sought out Movers in FF7. They were by far the best enemies in the game to train materia, giving insane amounts of AP. Shame they were so rare though :P

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 17th Sep 2007

More of 'em?! You'd think one was a nuisance, but with four? Now that is a nightmare...although that would be just a Tuesday afternoon for Cid!

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