Chapter 6 - 298

16th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 16th Sep 2007

still pressed for time: enjoy the page :)

thanks for the tip on punching, I am so very not a real life fighter ^^; will endeavour to make sure that mistake doesn't happen again. oh, and welcome back Andy. ;P

also: for everyone running NORTON INTERNET SECURITY or ANTIVIRUS - defrag your C: drive (on a Windows machine) regularly (like once a week) - we had the unpleasant discovery that Norton saves its various logfiles EVERYWHERE on your C: drive and without regular manual cleaning, can actually cause your OS problems with running if your HD is too small. (5 gig partition is already 'too small.') Deleting Norton does NOT delete the problem logfiles, either, so you really have to clean and defrag manually.

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User's Comments:

Reply Chibi-Sorrow, 16th Sep 2007

-jaw drop- Amazing Art work as always. I love the multi-different positions of Yuffie!

Reply TaneFuzen, 16th Sep 2007

Awesome page

and that would explain the lack of memory on the family dad'll 'love' to hear this...not >.<

Reply Akunen, 16th Sep 2007

Love the page. She looks determined through her pain in the first panel, and I love how you drew the rest of it. Looks great.

=P Glad I got rid of Norton. I wondered why my computer was messing up back then.

Reply andygoth, 16th Sep 2007

All caught up Yay, comics for me to read! Thank you for the "welcome back".

Are the Movers flying into her at high speed, or are they firing energy beams? Whatever they're doing, it looks painful. And disorienting! That's probably the point, though.

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Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Sep 2007

"She looks determined through her pain in the first panel" - she does, doesn't she?

Part of me still thinks she shouldn't be struggling this much - I remember being able to dispatch of Movers with a single Slash-All. But then, if she was killing everything in her path as easily as a Level 99 Yuffie normally would (gameplay-wise), this story would be boring, no?

That's the difference between storytelling and gameplay - in a story, you want to see the heroes struggle. Though of course, it's a balance - it wouldn't be realistic for a post-game Yuffie to be too weak, either.

Anyway, I like the look of the "PAFF" sound effect (odd thing to pick up on, I know).

Reply Neph (Guest), 16th Sep 2007

Paff-paff! Very disorienting, yes. Where are Vince and Nanaki when you need them...?

But I wanna see Yuffie fight it out on her own! Fight, Yuffie, fight! *waves multicolored flags*

It looks kind of, um, weird when she's rolling around like that, though. Actually, I think it's just the second one from the top in the sequence that really looks odd and out of place. It looks like she should be flying along in the air a la Superman, rather than switching desperately from side to side in an attempt to remain un-pulverized.

Reply Valentine, 17th Sep 2007

Wiggle, Wiggle, Roll, DUCK!!! I quite like this page in the way that the action flows through the frames... or where the frames probably would have been.

Reply Fox Person (Guest), 17th Sep 2007

I'm glad I use spyware and whatever-the-other-one-was, then... ...Or am I? :o

Reply metallover (Guest), 18th Sep 2007

Fight-y scenes Wow, the fight scenes are really impressive. I'm impressed. Is anyone else impressed? (note: this message was NOT sarcasm)

Reply Guest, 18th Sep 2007

amazing!! I'm looking forward to read the rest!

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