Chapter 6 - 299

18th Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 18th Sep 2007

Ah, I think I forgot a Q&A on the other page. No, the movers weren't making magic laser beams, they were just flying at her and slamming into the ground. They move pretty fast and they're hard to physically hit (I think that's even canon).

I like this scene transition best of all. Mostly because most fanfiction featuring Yuffie and Vincent have Vincent swooping in to rescue Yuffie at some point in this time. This pretty accurately describes how I think it really should go:


Vincent (clueless): Eh? Is something happening I should know about?

Yuffie: ... stupid men. NANAKI!

Nanaki: ... stupid humans.

* a bit of dialogue on this page was edited. I bet nobody will have noticed but if you did, eh, forget the first version. ^^;

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Reply Enkida, 19th Sep 2007

What's that bag? It's the supply bag. You can see her carrying it sometimes in other pages in the comic. It holds all her precious, precious materia and the spare weapons. Vincent is an ass because he never offers to carry it. :-)

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Reply of-the-sheikas, 18th Sep 2007

Awsome as always!!

Edit: First comment! I've never done that before >.<

Reply Sol, 18th Sep 2007

Hahaha, love the side commentary.

Reply apakoha (Guest), 18th Sep 2007

But... I wanna know what the original dialogue said... ;_;

Anyway, beautiful page. I love how caring/understanding Vincent is as compared to his previous self, then Nanaki is like: "SHUT UP."

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Sep 2007

I like what you did on this page. Indeed, in a predictable fanfic, this would be the point where Vincent would be like, "I'm sensing something's wrong with Yuffie. To the rescue!" Instead, you have Vincent being clueless, Nanaki being the first to pick up that there's something wrong (yay, Nanaki!), and Yuffie running from the Movers on her own before her men (well, man and feline) arrive on the scene. :D Yay!

That's another thing I like - that you have Yuffie run away. How often have we done the "hold down the shoulder buttons and run" thing in the game? Yet in fanfic, you never see our heroes run from battle.

P.S. What's in this bag she's grabbing in the second panel?

Reply andygoth, 18th Sep 2007

2-9-9. 300 is just around the corner! Amazing! I fondly remember 200; you will recall that I couldn't stop myself from saying "wow".

As for today's comic, I how the first two panels convey Yuffie's haste and urgency. The unusual composition (show only her hand, don't show her head) makes me feel like things are moving so fast the cameraman can't keep up. :^)

Right now I'm burning Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream. Yes, all four CDs of it! Check it out at . So far it's quite good (I've listened to less than half of it), except I haven't heard any Yuffie themes yet. I wonder if they're on there... Nanaki is well represented, though.

Update: I'm listening to Nanaki's theme right now, as interpreted and performed by the amazing Shnabubula. If you like piano music, give it a listen.

Reply Midaki (Guest), 19th Sep 2007

SPAR-TANS! You're a webcomic, if an exceptional one. You know what you must do... it is your... _destiny_. The day after tomorrow... we dine... in hell!

Note: You don't really have to. Though I did just get a mental image of Vincent shouting "This is Midgar" and kicking Hojo into a pit. XD

"The almighty power of Sephiroth decends on you... his Meteor will block out the sun!" "Then we will fight in the shade."

EDIT: I made people laugh! Big mistake to tell me that... there's a sign, see? "Don't feed the Midaki." Now I want to write a Final Fantasy/300 fanfic, which would probably be the stupidest thing ever.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 19th Sep 2007

Yknow for all Vincents comments..
He looks worried... :p

Reply Naleh (Guest), 19th Sep 2007

Heh Midaki's comment made me laugh... As did Yuffie's to the monsters. I never used that line when playing the game and having to run away... I think I will now. ^_^ Heh heh

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 19th Sep 2007

something is wrong. Very wrong. YUFFIE IS BEING CHASED BY FLYING YOGOS!! Run away from their yogurty goodness!

Reply Valentine, 20th Sep 2007

Yuffie's Bag... I was wondering how the party carried all of their stuff around since none of them seem to have any noticable pockets...

Mind you, even the largest of bags wouldn't be able to carry all of the junk the party aquires over the course of Final Fantasy VII. I mean, the weapons alone must have weighed a tonne and then there's the random crap that the monsters drop that's so rubbish that you'll never use it and too unvaluable to bother selling...

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