Chapter 6 - 300

21st Sep 2007

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Reply Enkida, 20th Sep 2007

This is not (yet) the 300th page ^^; Friday's page will be up later today. It's done, just not completely watercoloured, but I really need to see my bed for a few hours first. ^^;

In the meanwhile, you could amuse yourself by reading the new chapter of Hunter that was just released. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 21st Sep 2007

Now this is the 300th page Thanks for being patient! Also, the link to "Hunter" is contained in the post above, just click on the word "Hunter" to get to the story. :-)

Reply Enkida, 21st Sep 2007

Hey all! Thanks a lot for the comments, I really appreciate them! Just a short Q&A: Yes, that is Vincent hearing Lucrecia's voice in his head. But no, that's not really Lucrecia speaking to him, that's Vincent being his normal, neurotic, nutty self. Every instance of Lucrecia seen in this comic is one that Vincent has created in his head, because Lucrecia is dead. Period. We don't get to hear her side of the story in this comic! ;-)

User's Comments:

Reply Rachey (Guest), 20th Sep 2007

.....but what a lovely place holder it is :D *skips off to read Hunter*

Reply jarnold312 (Guest), 20th Sep 2007

so anyone got a url for hunter??¿¿??

Reply Midaki (Guest), 20th Sep 2007

No... But Enkida does... in her news post... up there....

Reply huntergamma, 20th Sep 2007

>> *looks at my name then hunter* -_- I am not amused. > > and its 4 not 6. :P

Reply andygoth, 20th Sep 2007

What a gorgeous picture. That's terrific.

By the way, I'm still looking forward to the Rydia incentive I requested. :^)

Pictures from my trip:

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Sep 2007

Gorgeous placeholder indeed!

Reply Pandachu, 21st Sep 2007

Amazing. This is just too awsome. I've just finished reading all . . . 300, pages? they're all stunning and I'm just blown away by your talent. +w+

Reply Rose (Guest), 21st Sep 2007

Wow that pic is just amazing o.o

Reply Sol, 21st Sep 2007

FF4 is being re-made in 3D on the DS (similiar to how FF3 was re-made on the DS), so that's a good chance to play the game.

I've played a bit of FF4, it's pretty cool. It definitely has a lot more story than FF3.

Reply Devi (Guest), 21st Sep 2007

Now for the actual Page 300... Beautiful, beautiful! I especially like jumping Nanaki in the first panel (so dynamic!), Vincent's look in the second panel (so expressive!) and the translucent vision-of-Lucrecia. Oh, and the little grumpy Vincent holding the "300" card. ;)

Reply Naleh (Guest), 21st Sep 2007

Wow 300, and no 300 refrences... GREAT! I love this page, though I think I say that with every page I comment on. Ah well, I just love your work is all... Run Vincent! Run Nanaki!

Reply andygoth, 21st Sep 2007

Naleh Was that a 300 reference? :^)

Reply Guest, 21st Sep 2007

poor Vince! ç___ç
thank you for this great job!!! ^.^

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 21st Sep 2007

I love the second panel. You can just HEAR Vincent thinking: ...crap. Yummy as always.

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 21st Sep 2007

Well to Try Again It seems I have failed to be the first comment on the 300rd page, but I will wait, for the 400th page to come out.

Very well done, once again Enkida, & this is done by hand, which impresses make it worth the look. I have been voting for this webcomic, cause out of all that I have seen the way the stories have turned & twisted, your is the most entertaining, & admitting, become an addiction of anticipation to see what happens next.

I like for comic relief how you make the chibi anger'd Vincent holding the 300 sign, & also the last comment comment at the bottom right beside it, though I doubt for some reason she would actually say something like that

But anyways, Happy 300 Enkida (does Monty Phython rejoice for comic relief), hope you can make it to 400, still cannot wait in anticipation, to see what happens next, & I will keep voting for you, for making the story very good.

Reply TyranT (Guest), 21st Sep 2007

Wow...300 pages so far, and i've loved every one of them. looking forward to 300 more!

Reply Lost (Guest), 22nd Sep 2007

A lil bit off topic but does anyone know the link to the fanfic that Enkida helps write the Zell and Quistis love story?

Reply Enkida, 22nd Sep 2007

FF8 That story is called "How Not To Date Blondes" ("HNtDB" for short) and can be found here:

I'm actually working on the next chapter currently, which is part of the reason the comics are coming a bit late at times. ^__^; Leave a review, tell us what you think if you read it. We love reviews more than Zell loves hotdogs!

Reply Lauranis (Guest), 22nd Sep 2007

XD "We love reviews more than Zell loves hotdogs!"

I dont think its possible to love anything more than he loves hotdogs XP

Love the comic <3

Reply TaneFuzen, 22nd Sep 2007

Congrats on page 300. I love the broody looking Vinnie in the corner, and how it's completly different from the happy Nanaki and Yuffie from page 100 and 200. ^-^

Reply Neph (Guest), 22nd Sep 2007

*tosses around confetti* Yaaaay! Page 300 is here!!! ^O^ And this time it's Vincent who has the honor of ushering in this new... um...

Somehow, "era of greatness" doesn't quite fit....

But anyway, it's totally great. Especially his expression in the second panel. And the misty-glassy effect.

Bad Enkida! You've just given Vincent another thing to angst over! As if the poor boy doesn't have enough on his plate. :P

Reply andygoth, 23rd Sep 2007

FF8 Enkida, you're really making me wish I had played FF8. Any idea how I might get a copy? I understand it comes for PlayStation 1 and MS-Windohs.

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007

Wow, i can feel it,.. love the page number too..

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