Chapter 6 - 305

2nd Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Oct 2007

Don't ignore the wildlife It's never a good idea to fight a war on two fronts. Oh well - we certainly don't love Yuffie for her strategamarizing...

I had a lot of fun doing poses that you actually see very little of. Yuffie has an aerial fighting style based on speed and agility. Her "damage" relies on turning momentum back onto her opponents. If Yuffie were to try and catch Chaos' fist, he'd put a hole right through her hand. As a side note, Vincent is not very strong, either. He'd probably lose to Cloud in an arm-wrestling competition. Of course that has nothing to do with how freakishly strong Chaos is. Nanaki is physically the toughest and strongest of the group.

Obviously I've put a lot of unnecessary thought into this, hee hee.

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User's Comments:

Reply Apakoha (Guest), 2nd Oct 2007

I love the last panel! Chaos' outrage, Yuffie's thinking... It's great! Keep it up!

Woo! First comment!

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 2nd Oct 2007

Distracted? XD Love the page. Movements are interesting.

Reply trenton_dawn, 2nd Oct 2007

I love the motion blur in the first panel.

Reply andygoth, 2nd Oct 2007

Nice, a hula hoop made for two.

Reply moopster (Guest), 2nd Oct 2007

^_^ i like how you've given Chaos a diffrent font than the regular text. it adds some good luvin spice to the comic.

Reply Erin (Guest), 3rd Oct 2007

I love how Yuffie worded that as "eating" another attack. The flow of movement was beautiful, and I half wonder who is going to destroy the remaining movers first: Chaos or Yuffie?

Reply Rose (Guest), 3rd Oct 2007

I agree with moopster, I love how Chaos has a different font, it fits him perfectly. <3

Reply Naleh (Guest), 3rd Oct 2007

forgotten enemies Wow I forgot about the movers too... I kinda thought Chaos killed them already... ether Yuffie has some great strategy in mind or crazy. I wonder how this will play out, and if Nanaki will get into the mix. ^_^

Reply Devi (Guest), 3rd Oct 2007

Wow, great page!

The first panel in particular looks amazing, with that motion blur and all - if I didn't know otherwise, I could swear that panel was from a professionally published comic.

Second panel (with the Movers and sound effect behind them) looks great too; and Nanaki (in the third panel) is beautifully expressive as ever.

I agree the font chosen for Chaos fits him beautifully.

Regarding the Movers still being there... certainly Chaos could have killed them easily. Either he left them alive on purpose so that they would distract Yuffie, or he simply considers them beneath his notice while there's more interesting prey (namely, Yuffie) to play with. It all comes down to how much strategic thinking you ascribe to Chaos. (Or I could be way off, but we'll see, no?)

Reply Devilchu (Guest), 3rd Oct 2007

Cool! This comic is sooo cool! You've really improved a lot over the pages as well.

I've been so into the comic that I had trouble keeping my mind on the essay I was supposed to be writing..^__^;

Anyways..keep up the amazing work! :D

Reply Saki, 4th Oct 2007

SHIT. I just started reading this yesterday. How could I have read all of it already?

Anyway, I'm loving it so far, and I'll look forward to more.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 4th Oct 2007

You put me up to it >.< Why you, now because of previous page where Chaos almost emergers and this one, I now want to read a Chaos!Vincent/Yuffie story.

Damn you.



Reply Enkida, 4th Oct 2007

Chaos x Yuffie where Vincent is the only one not interested... XD You know I've wanted to write a story like that for a while, but never found the time or the right excuse to do it.

Hah, maybe it'll happen. If enough people vote or if the sky opens and starts raining free time or something like that. XD

Reply Valentine, 4th Oct 2007

Chaos Verses Yuffie... Well, I'm finally back from my trip down south... not that anyone cares, I'd imagine. :P

I stirred up a bit of controversy regarding my Overkill post a couple of pages back. I still maintain that Chaos is overkill provided it's the Dirge of Cerberus incarnation as opposed to the somewhat weakened original regardless of why he decided to pop up. Also, my point about Chaos not being a big deal is more about the sudden gain in power that Chaos recieved. I mean, in the original Chaos wasn't particularly devastating unless you were just an anonamous beastie in a random encounter, and Vincent wasn't that fussed about him, showing only slight discomfort in his dry comment, yet in Dirge of Cerberus he become this all-powerful deity that kicks the ass of the most bad-assed weapon of them all (alledgedly). I know you all have your insights as to why the sudden gain in power or why the Death Gigas and Hellmasker were left out, or why X, Y and Z were changed, but in the end they are just that: Insights. My bug is not that they changed it, but that they never explained why. I mean, one piece of script would cover it, maybe not enough, but it's better than nothing by far.

I made no criticism towards Enkida about Chaos' incarnation in this comic or its involvement in the plot in any way, shape or form. The novel this is based on was written by Enkida way before the spin-offs were created so I have read and interpreted it as such. It's deeply imaginative, in character and the artwork is beautiful.

Anyway, back on this page... I can really get behind the symbolism in this page. We must all confront demons to get that which we truly desire and Yuffie has to do that quite literally. I wonder if it'll be a true-love-conquers-all type ending where Chaos is about to finish Yuffie but is dramatically overcome by Vincent's secret love for her... *girly... No, wait, I mean, a tough and manly sigh...*

RE: Chaos x Yuffie where Vincent is the only one not interested... XD - Enkida, you should write a romantic comedy involving Vincent and Yuffie. Their personality clashes would provide a lot of corny, yet lovable, situations and dialogue. :)

Reply zharen, 4th Oct 2007

The blurring in the first panel is really well done, and Chaos looks wicked =). I love Yuffies' expression in the last panel.

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