Chapter 6 - 306

4th Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 4th Oct 2007

Tried a new effect for the lightning. I think it worked. This is the first time I've hand-drawn lightning and it actually turned out the way I wanted it to!

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Reply of-the-sheikas, 4th Oct 2007

OOOOH! The lightning does look amazing!
Your hands are reallllly great too!
Vincent's not changing back is he!!!
I wanted more chaos! >.<

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 4th Oct 2007

He looks so psycotic... and Vincent's hair is defying gravity...

Reply andygoth, 4th Oct 2007

Aww... Yes, looks like he's changing back. So much for my Chaos + Ninja Love-Beast furry fantasy. :^)

It's amazing that Vincent's "I WILL PROTECT HER" drive is even able to overcome Chaos. I'm eager to see if Yuffie recognizes this. Actually I'm even more eager to see how this knowledge changes how she treats him.

Reply Devi (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

Amazing indeed! Oh yeah, looks like Valentine called it with his "overcome by Vincent's secret love" theory on the previous page...

That lightning effect turned out great; and I love, love, love those vivid colours in the upper left part of the page - it was like, "Wow, did I do something to my monitor settings?"

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

Dang... Chaos + Ninja Love-Beast furry fantasy... You scare me, Andygoth. Stop reading my mind! XD

Yep. Lightning worked pretty well.

Reply Rose (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

I LOVE Chaos at the top, all evil and psychotic looking <3

Reply Naleh (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

Oooh... THE POWER OF LOVE! *does a cheesy magical girl pose* Sorry... couldn't resist. Although I'll miss Chaos ( I still giggle while typing that name) it's still pretty awesome that Vincient is fighting against it because he wants to protect* Yuffie

*Protect meaning he loves that crazy Kunoichi ^_^0

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

MEGA EEP!!! That has gotta be the scariest Chaos rendition you made -- now let's see who'll win out the internal battle.

Reply metallover (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

Why does Vince look so bummed at the bottom? Nothing brings a couple closer than trying to kill each other!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 5th Oct 2007


Reply Amarou, 5th Oct 2007

If he doesn't hug her from behind I shall cry~

It's a great chance to do it XD

Reply andygoth, 5th Oct 2007

What a great feeling... ... when I vote for Growth, hit reload, and see that my vote has pushed it up a rank. :^)

I used to vote for Growth many times a day from many different computers, but I can't do that anymore since the Web proxy at work now considers TWC to be pornography. Uh oh, by posting this comment I've probably caused it to recategorize Growth too!

Reply Valentine, 5th Oct 2007

The Nature of Chaos... How come Chaos never attacked the player's party when he was summoned? If he's so uncontrollable and dangerous then why did the party not also feel his wrath? As I recall, Vincent only gained the ability to "control" Chaos in Dirge of Cerberus...

Reply Neph (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

Yeah, Vincent!!! Whooooo!!! >o<

Wow, what a contrast. Chaos up there is WAY scary-looking... He's got the golden\red glowy evil eyes, and the scary font and the claws... and then it's all "I WILL protect..." And then he loses to Vincent's will to save Yuffie! *sniffles*

And then it was like an odd mixture of dark and lighter colors... a sign of the duking out going on within?

Reply Midaki (Guest), 5th Oct 2007

I Should Just Shut Up... But I don't like this. I love the art, and I'm not paying for this, so I can't whine, but this is an unfortunately cliche development. "The power of love overcoming all obstacles"... sorry Enkida, I love the comic, I love the art, I love the characters... but I really didn't like this twist.

Lightning looks super cool, by the way.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 6th Oct 2007

"RRG, No"? What the world is that? I'm confused by that, but otherwise, I like the page.

Reply Fox (Guest), 6th Oct 2007

Klebkatt: 'RGG' is like, 'ARRGHH' or another sound like that.

Reply Valentine, 8th Oct 2007

RE: I Should Just Shut Up... Midaki (Guest): The cliché is what gives the strip the slushy "aww" factor that women seem to eat up. I do agree with you in a broad sense in the timing. I would have had Yuffie beaten to within an inch of her life to emphasize the power and ferocity of Chaos and only then would Vincent's will overpower that of Chaos', but only after a long battle of the mind with corny flashbacks of happier times to truly emphasize the greater power of love. Not only would this give the cliché a greater and deeper meaning, but it would also open up a deeper vulnerability and dramatic shame-ridden defence reaction in Vincent for Yuffie to then forgive and overcome.

A love that you don't have to fight for in one way or another is hardly a love at all. Like the soul, love is strengthened by hardship and feeds on kindness.

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007


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