Chapter 6 - 307

6th Oct 2007

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Author's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 4th Oct 2007

Stop them he did This seems to be Nanaki's casting specialty. Oh well, he's the one with the Contain materia. ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 7th Oct 2007

Oops Apparently I miscounted the date, so you guys get Monday's page one day early. Hehe, oops. ^^;

Quick Q&A, Nanaki's text is "different" because he's casting. Everyone who has cast in the comic has talked "like that" while casting. ... which reminds me that I forgot to put the casting script in this page. Which I now have to fess up to because I accidentally aired this page a day early. D'oh. ^^;

Reply Enkida, 7th Oct 2007

Also: Incentive gallery has been *finally* updated with all the latest incentives. So now you can all go stare Irvine or Ashe if you want. ;-)

Also the missing spell effect has been added in to the page. ^^;

Reply Enkida, 7th Oct 2007

Q&A: Hands over Eyes Yuffie is holding the Oritsuru in front of her face. This is her typical guard pose from the game - she holds her weapon in front of her face. :-)

User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Oct 2007

Cool! (no pun intended) So Nanaki has his own font now too? He sure looks like a force of nature there, surrounded by that beautiful shiny magic-casting effect.

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 6th Oct 2007

I don't know why but I'm reminded of an egg. Hmmmm...

But I certainly do enjoy the contain effects. Good job.

Reply andygoth, 6th Oct 2007

Nanaki's blind eye is glowing yellow. Eerie.

Reply Devi (Guest), 7th Oct 2007

Like I'd ever complain about getting a page early? ;) It looks even better now with the added effect.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 7th Oct 2007

Vincent's back to normal I see. And great job on the first panel! It's awesome.

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 7th Oct 2007

*starry eyes* Oooh, very pretty. I love the gold glowwyness around Red... but since when was Vincent back to normal? o_o

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Oct 2007

Oh no. An early page? Whatever shall we do? :P

The spell casting looks especially nifty. ^___^ Why does Yuffie have her hands over her eyes? Is it all, "Crap, I'm gonna die"?

EDIT: Thank you, Enkida! :) I... need to start playing again. >.<;; *actually possesses it now... snapped up at $30!!*

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 7th Oct 2007

RE: Oh no You know, I thought the same thing when I saw Yuffie. She does look a bit freaked out, doesn't she?

Reply Kira (Guest), 7th Oct 2007

I don't normally bother posting comments, but I really liked this page - AND.... I have a feeling I'm really going to be liking the next one. Perhaps I will be "squee"-ing?

Reply Guest, 7th Oct 2007

Love the page and the earlieness (it's like an early... Halloween present?). And not to be picky, but I thought Chaos squished one of the movers? I counted four of em in the ice.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 8th Oct 2007

Gah! I wish I knew it was up a day early... >.< Ah well Nanaki looks so cool!
That guard position in the game is cute...and I can't help but do a fangirlish giggle at vincient holding her like that... He is holding her this time right?

Reply Enkida, 8th Oct 2007

Q&A #2 There are only 3 movers. The "4th" mover in the lower panel is a closeup of one of the other 3 getting completely frozen. I just didn't put it in its own window as an attempt at variety. Haha, didn't work I guess. o__O;

And yes, Vincent is holding her now, really.

And, because I missed one, Vincent transformed back to normal on the previous page. ^^;

Reply Valentine, 8th Oct 2007

Contain Magic I never really understood why they decided on naming the materia Contain. I suppose Freeze and Break are kind of related to containing, but Tornado (at least, I think there was a wind one...) and Flare don't contain so much as destroy...

Will we see the corny victory pose complete with music once those movers have been defeated? They've kind of earnt it. :P

Reply Devi (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

RE: Will we see the corny victory pose? I hope so - I always loved that little "spaz dance" that's Yuffie's victory pose. :D

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