Chapter 6 - 308

9th Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 8th Oct 2007

Urk So much photoshop on this page... it took me about an hour longer than usual. But it is fun doing ice!

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User's Comments:

Reply Chibi-Sorrow, 9th Oct 2007

Ohhh. Vincent is looking all 'What the hell?!'. I love it! I think my favorite panel would have to be the first one.

Very nice job!

Reply Devi (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

What's wrong with Yuffie, indeed? My guess is that she's possibly still off-balance (emotionally and/or physically) from the whole situation?

Either that, or her glowy-eyed battle fury has an effect similar to that of Fury status (i.e. making her miss more often).

And that ice sure looks great!

Reply Asis (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

I don't think so Yuffie missed on purpose, of that I'm certain.
The reason escapes me though. We'll see on friday.

Reply Midaki (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

Agreed No way she missed. She's not aiming for what Vincent thinks she's aiming for.

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

Yuffie's Miss Oh no! Since her shuriken work like boomerangs, they always come back to her... She missed the Mover on purpose, and is going to duck instead of catch when Oritsuru returns, and it's going to hit Vincent because she doesn't realize he's de-transformed from Chaos!! Aaaghhh! least, that's my theory...

Reply andygoth, 9th Oct 2007

I've said it before several times, but I'll say it again: Yuffie needs a tranquilizer.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 9th Oct 2007

Been gone for a while... I just feel silly commenting during action sequences. There's not really much to speculate or gabble on since all you can do is wait for the sequence to play out.

But yeah, Yuffie has some move of massive PWNAGE up her sleeve that is beyond Vincent's comprehension. She has to. Right? Riiiight. XD

Reply Naleh (Guest), 10th Oct 2007

I'm with many people here... she 'missed' on purpose, since the movers arn't what she's aiming for. Oooh can't wait for friday now!

Reply doom Bubbles, 10th Oct 2007

i don't think she has noticed that vincent is no longer chaos.
i bet that miss was on purpose.

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 10th Oct 2007

Oh noooo! I think ServantofSHEVAL (Guest) is right. I read the page and thought much the same as he/her. Vincent is going to loose it again >_<

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 10th Oct 2007

teehee I'm a 'her'. ^-^ and as awful as it is that Vincent's probably about to get a facefull of deadly metal origami, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him go all Chaosey again. ^-^

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