Chapter 6 - 309

11th Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 10th Oct 2007

So... I was thinking of calling this page "Vincent gets a haircut." It sounds slightly better than "Vincent does a Matrix dodge the bullet thingie." ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 13th Oct 2007

Mako Eyes I'd like to thank Timestream for answering that question that I missed about the mako eyes. ^__^ Pretty much what was posted there is how I see it too (which may or may not be canon anymore, what with the Compliation releases). SOLDIERS and other Mako experiments like Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth, would have the same glowy eyes Yuffie does in the comic. Vincent's eyes do not glow because his style of "poisoning" is not quite the same. Though I think having his eyes turned permanently red counts as freakish enough.

Incidentally, I go by original game canon in this story - that Hojo is the one who made Vincent into what he is, and not DoC canon, which implies that Lucrecia did it to him. In original game and this comic, Lucrecia was already dead when Hojo shot Vincent. I always thought that's kinda why Vincent confronted Hojo in the first place. ;-)

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Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

Ping ping ping! Ha ha. Sorry, that reminded me of pinball. XD Great page as always.
I'm still wondering what's the deal with Yuffie's glowy eye trick. I would say Mako poisoning, but Cloud's and Vincent's seem unable to do the same.

Reply Devi (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

"Vincent does a Matrix dodge" Well, we know from AC/Dirge that he *is* capable of Matrix acrobatics, so...

I'm assuming the pentagram is intentional?

Either way, cool page. (And cool move on Yuffie's part - am I mistaken, or did she angle her Oritsuru-throw so that it would bounce off the rocks and hit all Movers in one go?)

I guess with Yuffie shouting, "Duck!" we can conclude that even if she "missed" on purpose, she didn't intend to hit Vincent... either that, or she did intend to hit *Chaos*, and only realised (to her shock) that he had de-transformed once it was too late.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

Lovely page as usual. The action scenes are definitely most interesting...

What's also interesting is how popular this comic has become ;)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

Red's placement in the page makes me think of a cat watching something move rapidly with its eyes.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

Yuffie's Attack That's some really serious trig (or some other complex math thing) that Yuffie had to do there to hit every mover...

...and Vincent's matrix-esque dodge is much appreciated. ^-^

Reply Neph (Guest), 11th Oct 2007

There is no spoon Meh... couldn't resist. :P

How WOULD Vincent look with shorter (but not Turk-short) hair? Oooh, I'd like to see that! Not permanently, of course. ;) Vincent ain't Vincent without his gorgeous, long dark locks!

Go, Yuffie! *waves arms enthusiastically*

Now one of the men- er, male-folk will say something along the lines of, "Wow. I really did not know that you were smart enough to do that." ;P Kidding. But... now I'm thinking about what's gonna happen next! And I have to wait 3 more days! XO Oh, the humanity!!!!

Reply andygoth, 11th Oct 2007

Now that I've seen a paper crane go through ice like it was air, I've seen everything.

To me Yuffie's poise is the most interesting thing of all. A few pages ago, she was trapped in the Movers' hula hoop of doom with Chaos breathing down her neck. And yet she is able pull off an impossible shot like this. Once the Movers started to close in, she basically ignored the (much more serious) threat that Chaos posed, either because she had faith in Vincent or because she knew she couldn't do anything about it anyway. Continuing to fight even after certain death has closed in... amazing!

Reply Naleh (Guest), 12th Oct 2007

Backproblems? not for Vince! It's a good thing Vincent is so limber... *thinks about what she just typed a little too long and drools* ...erm-hem! Uh as I was saying, once again good page, I knew she had some plan. -_- <-smug

Reply Rose (Guest), 12th Oct 2007

*gasp* not Vinnie's hair ;.;

Reply Art of Blade, 12th Oct 2007


Also, I've read the whole thing. Nice comic. ^_^ Yar.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 12th Oct 2007

O.O OMG... I know that battle wont end well...! >.< Nice work as alway!! >w<

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 12th Oct 2007

*tries to do matrix dodge as well and hits head on rock* OWW!! Dang it!
But it seems sort of weird that Yuffie can do those angle calculations in her head to be able to actually hit all the movers in one go, but can't talk to someone without insulting them. Huh. I'm the same way...math geeks unite!

Reply Faye (Guest), 13th Oct 2007

Pinball anyone? Love that third panel!!! And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCENT!!!

Reply Timestream (Guest), 13th Oct 2007

"I'm still wondering what's the deal with Yuffie's glowy eye trick. I would say Mako poisoning, but Cloud's and Vincent's seem unable to do the same."
posted by Niyu-chan (Guest) on 11th Oct 2007

To answer that question, Clouds eyes do glow with the mako poisoning, in FFVII it's known as the "Mako Eyes," Quite simply. Vincent on the other hand is different he isn't quite mako poisoned, just the result of a "failed" experiment turned saviour of the world. Or something like that.

My compliments on the comic by the way, one of the best fan-fics of FFVII I've read.

Reply Valentine, 13th Oct 2007

Cloud's Mako Poisoning...? It was explained earlier in the strip, as well as in the novel, that Yuffie's glowing eyes are the result of Mako Poisoning caused by prolonged exposure to it in the Northern Crater, where she had been levelling up materia for the greater good of Wutai.

Vincent's eyes also glow to some extent in Dirge of Cerberus. This is a kind of Mako Poisoning due to the following reasoning: Vincent is an altered human and his most noticable power is the ability to transform into Chaos, amongst other nasties. This is due to the Protomateria stored within him. Protomateria is a form of Materia which is condensed Mako. Therefore, Vincent's altered appearance and thus his glowing eyes must be caused by a form of Mako Poisoning.

Which brings us to Cloud's eyes, which glow in a very similar way. At first you are to understand that it is due to the process of Mako exposure used in the creation of a SOLDIER, but later you discover that he was never actually in SOLDIER. So when did he gain this Mako Poisoning? He was exposed to the Lifestream for a while during the game but his eyes were glowing prior to this. I can only conclude that his eyes are down to one of two things: The process by which he was created as a Sephiroth clone utilised Mako energies similar to the SOLDIER process; Or the ability possessed by the Jenova Cells to create a being from memories of another also extends to the glow of the eyes. In all honesty, it could easilly be both.

However, with further and perhaps more brutal honesty, I feel I am looking into this way too much... :P

Reply Enkida, 13th Oct 2007

Naw Cloud's a favorite debate topic among game nerds since forever.

Going from original game canon, I would say Cloud's eyes started glowing when he was stuck in the tank with Zack for Hojo to experiment on. Before then, he was a normal old "loser" who couldn't cut it in SOLDIER. Afterwards, he was a zombie for a while, but he came to thinking he was Zack and having the eyes to "prove" it.

So, my guess is that Cloud's glowy eyes came into being after he got stabbed by Sephiroth and repaired by Hojo.

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 14th Oct 2007

Oh thanks! Wow, a lot of people are so friendly. Admittingly, it has been a while since I've played the games, so a lot of parts are fuzzy. Thank you!

Reply Devi (Guest), 14th Oct 2007

On a different note, I like the current incentive image.

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