Chapter 6 - 310

14th Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Oct 2007

Victory Dance Cue the music! I was actually planning to show her victory posing before the commentary started, but it's nice that it happened to coincide with reader wishes, hee hee. :)

Also as per usual there's a new FF incentive this week, this time it's Ellone in colour.

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Reply Enkida, 15th Oct 2007

Rather Important News Update For those of you who don't read the front page news, it's getting time to give some advance warning.

I'll be taking a 2-week trip to the US starting next week, and that will lead directly into NaNoWriMo November. Ahh, and the Christmas presents in December... not to mention that I will be participating in my own singular late 24-hour comic day...

The long and short of it is, I'm going to try very hard to finish Chapter 6 before I go, but then there will be a short pause until either December or January before Chapter 7 begins. During this time I will continue to update vote incentive images (yes, even while I'm gone).

Any artists out there are more than welcome to email me fillers if you still want weekly updates. :)

User's Comments:

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 14th Oct 2007

Yay, they win! =D Too bad Yuffie's legs didn't fair so well.


Reply Devi (Guest), 14th Oct 2007


I really like this page. Really really. ^_^

I'm worried about the Yuffielegs too - but hey, all the more opportunity for Vincent to fuss over her, no?

Reply Lizz (Guest), 14th Oct 2007

I've been totally loving Growth for some time now! Keep up the great work.

I'm sorry that I have a nitpick though... but at least it's just that, a nitpick: you can see the motion lines from the background of the first panel through the hair on the final figure of Yuffie.

I LOVE her little twirl. It's awesome!

Reply Neph (Guest), 14th Oct 2007

Dance Dance! Time for the end of battle head-count.... 1-2-3.... Yay, everyone's still alive!! *claps wildly*

It's weird to see Yuffie being all light-hearted, happy, and non-glowy-eyed. But also refreshing in a way. ^___^ The bolder lines around her when she's doing the little victory dance are kind of cool. They make her stand out more.



Reply Strawberrylemonade, 14th Oct 2007

here comes the pain...

Reply Casseh Valentine, 14th Oct 2007

<3 <3 the bolder lines around Yuffster. But oh noes! Her legs! Hopefully Vincent will fuss and fanservice will insue. *prays*

Reply andygoth, 15th Oct 2007

Gutterbrain Heh, it looks like Yuffie is fondling her boob. :^) A huh huh huh huh.

Reply Lieva (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

As she collapses to the ground and Vincent catches her..

Reply Naleh (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

Boo-boos on her legs Ouch that has to really sting. At least Vincent is there to catch her. *fangirlish smirk*

Reply Kela (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

Love the big 'Yuffie Pose' on the right-hand side. The lines around it look fantastic and the whole thing is really crisp and in proportion. Wonderful job :)

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

owchies Owie poor Yuffie, Vincent had better take care of her, or i will be forced to hurt him.
Anywho i am lovin the Yuffie at the bottom right, when she's black outlined she looks amazing. Sorry i haven't posted in a while, but don't worry i've still been reading.
I'm a faithful watcher!!!

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

cute! Great page and the outlined Yuffie is so cute and happy! Hope Vincent doesnt ruin it >_<

Reply Valentine, 15th Oct 2007

RE: Gutterbrain Oddly enough, I was thinking exactly the same thing andygoth. The best thing is that it doesn't count as homosexuality because it's with herself from a previous frame! Or should it be the worst thing...? Oh, the complexities encountered by the modern male brain...

Not going to bother putting the effort into a detailed, informed and/or reasoned post as no one bothers to read them anyway so I'll just end with a "good work" gold star and a thumbs up to Enkida. :)

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 15th Oct 2007

RE: Valentine The modern male brain is perverted.

Reply andygoth, 15th Oct 2007

Strawberrylemonade: I suspect gender has nothing to do with it--- we're *all* perverted. :^) Oh, sorry I haven't gotten around to replying to your last mail; lately I've been overemployed.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 15th Oct 2007

andygoth: True, we're all perverted to some degree, but the only extreme perverts I know (not by choice BTW) have all been guys.

And I know how you feel, although my overemployment was running around after 6 yearolds for 3 hours in the heat on my day off. ^/_\^

Reply Jonah (Guest), 15th Oct 2007

...Huh?! Waiiittt.... where the HECK did Yuffie get those wounds on her legs??


...I just backtracked the comic all the way up to the point when Yuffie DOESN'T have any cuts. That was the argument with Vincent.

...Oh dear...

...Erm... I think Yuffie might be a cutter. The Movers have nothing to 'cut' with (except maybe their speed), and Vincent (or Chaos) never touched her.

I think we're about to go into another soul-searching period here...

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

Ha! early welcome back to America Sweeet I love how this page came out with vicotry pose and all. She looks much happier than she has before.

Hm though about you not updating for a while...what about the FFVIII fanfic you've been writing, is it not going to be updated until january?

Reply Enkida, 16th Oct 2007

NaNo, updates, Q&A Yeah, I'm very busy at the moment, the next chapter of HNtDB is about 1/4 written but neither of us have time to work on it right now, and both of us authors are doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Also Re: Cuts on Yuffie's legs - yes, they were made by the movers when they attacked her. They started bleeding all over the place because Yuffie used her legs a lot while fighting with Chaos rather than patching them up. :)

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