Chapter 6 - 311

16th Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Oct 2007

Hiatus, fillers needed. This was a fun page to draw. >:)

Valentine, I do actually read every comment, so feel free to expound as much as you want. ;)

As per yesterday's news post, the comic will be going on hiatus until December or so once Chapter 6 is finished, due to travel and other events.

Any artists out there are more than welcome to email me fillers for the month of November. :)

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Reply Enkida, 17th Oct 2007

Thanks & Q&A Glad you guys like this page so much!

The outlines are thicker in the third panel. I do this whenever I need to separate foreground and background strongly. But I went over the inside lines with a bit of black, too. I used to do it all the time, but this technique makes mincemeat out of my inking pens. So it's not (going to be) a regular thing.

Vincent is not crying, that's casting glow in his eyes. Vincent cannot cry even if he wanted to. Hojo messed with his eyes. ;)

User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

He didn't *have* to catch you, but it's oh-so swoonworthy to behold!

Are Vincent's eyes filling with tears at the sight of hurt Yuffie, or is it just the reflection of the magic-shine? Either way, I love his expression there.

Reply Kira (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

I knew it. I totally called it a few pages ago - I knew this situation was leading up to a "squee" moment.

Reply Ashenine (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

Sigh, I adore this page. It's quite one of the best moments (along with the materia fountains) It's squeestatic and gentle all the same.

And with that I can't imagine going through December without any more Nanaki, Yuffie OR Vincenty goodness!

Nonetheless I hope your holiday goes well.

Expect some major filler ;3

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

December without Growth? Oh, what sad news indeed. =__=
Excellent page as always! It's so adorable!

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

Noooo! Not a hiatus!

I'd do some fillers, but I'm doing Nano too and the drawing of Vincent and Yuffie I did after reading this the first time are just the size of a 3 by 3 square...not to mention I'm just about to get off a hiatus for my own story.

Reply Fox (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

Hiatus? =/
I should do a doodle o' Naniki...

Reply Mormoset, 16th Oct 2007

faved but you already knew that ni? anyway i love it ^^

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 16th Oct 2007

hmmm... Did your outlines get thicker? o_o it looks like they did...

Reply TyranT (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

pure awesome i'm gonna have to agree with SOS (SOS? lol)-the outlines on the pic of Vinnie and Yuffie (third panel)seems to have a very thick outline. Personally, i like this look, it adds a bit of contrast and "punch" to an already excellent page. Any plans to continue this? cause i really dig this look.

Other than that, the last few pages have been magnificent, it's been fun to watch your progression as an artist and storyteller. Here's hoping that Ch. 6 ends with a bang and the hiatus passes quickly. Have an awesome time back in the west!

Reply andygoth, 17th Oct 2007

I love the last two panels. It's so great to see Vincent eye-smiling and Yuffie blushing. At each other. :^) I totally feel their emotions right through the page, and my eyes are now moist, no joke.

Reply Rose (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

Whoo! Nice catch there Vinnie <3

Reply Onikage, 17th Oct 2007

Your lips may say no... But the eyes say yes, yes, yes!
Very nice work, very nice indeed.

Reply Zhai, 17th Oct 2007

Awww that's so sweet X3

Reply Chnmmr (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

One word for this... *Swoon*

Reply Alice_1610, 17th Oct 2007

....I'm torn between going "swa-oon" or "(snicker) It looks like a pose from a dance"... Eh, either way, it makes the Yuffie/Vincent fan in me go "gleeee x3"

Reply Valentine, 17th Oct 2007

Vincent's Smile... Vincent smiling just doesn't look right. Doesn't suit him either. I feel it kind of ruins his cold and mysterious nature to the point that he's now just someone dressed as Vincent...

Now that he's smiled and the mystery and unaccessible nature have gone I doubt Yuffie's going to be interested. I know the fickle female mind having suffered it myself many a time: If you're single no one wants to know but when you're taken you're more desirable than a tub of Cookies and Cream flavoured Häagen-Dazs ice cream...

Incidently, I'm feeling more depressed and moody than usual and now I'm hungry to boot. Time to crack out the ice cream and put some sad music on... Good job I don't gain weight...

Reply Casseh Valentine, 17th Oct 2007

*squee* Man, I knew that all this was going to turn into a fantastical squee-tastic moment! It's kinda funny how they were all mad at eachother a moment ago. ^___^;;

Also, I agree with Valentine somewhat. I'm not accustomed to a 'smiling' Vincent, but it is one of those rare moments when it seems to suit him.

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

Awwwww This scene is so cute. I'm just wondering how a regen would feel. It seems kinda painful to me, getting everything stitched back together.

I might be willing to do a filler but it would be way too much like a SGD and if anyone reads Megatokyo, we all know how scary that can be! ^^

Reply Naleh (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

YES! *arm pump* Great catch Vincent and nice line... damn sexy claw-man...guy...
I bet regen would tickle or something... like maybe it nulls the skin where it's about to put stuff together and...ya...

Reply Devi (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

RE: Komi Y Tsuku Scary or not, I'd love to see what you can do.

Reply Kela (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

Another stunning page :)

I love the look in Vincent's eyes, in that close-up. And the text you use for the magic is spot-on.

But mostly it's the addition of another "black outlined" pose that turns this from great to fantastic. I'd seriously love to see that style of artwork throughout, perhaps in another project, as it might just work beautifully...

[EDIT] I just read your comment, so maybe thats' not a realistic idea.. but if you ever sell commercially and can afford the extra pens? Black outlines really make an impact, I've found.

Great job anyway ;)

Reply Devi (Guest), 17th Oct 2007

RE: Black outlines, and smiling Vincent Personally, I like the thick outlines best used sparingly for effect (just as they are now).

As for Vincent's smile, those who feel differently about it are entitled to their opinion, but I don't think that this lovely, understated smile is out of character for him, especially given that, as Casseh said, it's a rare moment.

From my understanding, Yuffie isn't just attracted to Vincent because he's cold and mysterious, she's attracted to him because he's *Vincent*; and his being able to smile and actually care about her isn't going to change that, because it doesn't make him any less himself.

Reply madcap23, 18th Oct 2007

hehe very smooth vinnie ^_^

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