Chapter 6 - 313

21st Oct 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Oct 2007

Out of Town I'm not actually here for the next two weeks, but feel free to leave commentary anyhow and/or vote anyhow. Remember, vote incentives will continue to update every week. :)

Ah, the next 3 pages will be lineart only, no colour. I didn't have time to get colour down before I left. ^__^; Will probably manage to colour these pages sometime in second or third week of November. :)

Please vote in this poll while I'm away.

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Reply Enkida, 24th Oct 2007

My sincere thanks to Acerynn for volunteering to colour this page. Doesn't it look fantastic? Everyone give her a hand! :-)

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 21st Oct 2007

Great incentive! Thank you. :^)

Reply Devi (Guest), 21st Oct 2007

It's the patented Yuffie cloak-grab! I like this page - even as bare-bones line-art, it's very expressive.

Also like the incentive.

Reply Dan191, 21st Oct 2007

Wow I'm loving this comic with every page. looks good in any format, It took a while for me to adjust from your Black and white style to colored, but either way looks friggin excellent.

I Love Yuffies expression in the second and fifth Panel

Reply Lieva (Guest), 22nd Oct 2007

Vincent is a babe in this comic :)

Reply NinjaKeybladeMaster (Guest), 22nd Oct 2007

Poor vinnie..Yuffie needs to think before she says things [says i, who doesnt think about it until after XD]
I love Yuffies expression in the second panel..
This comic is awsome!

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 22nd Oct 2007

Amazing, as per usual :) I think I've said this before, but I really do like how you've developed your own style on how to draw Yuffie's face; it really suits her, especially considering she's five years older now (was it five? I think so).

Though you're not actually here, I'd like to make a request... or rather inform you of something? ^____^; I've been having a real bad art block lately, and would like to colour the lineart of this page. I swear I won't do anything with it (rip it, claim it as my own, etc.) except send it to you once I'm finished. Just see if I did it justice xD

So.... yeah. -nods- I'll stick to the colours you've already chosen and stuff, but kinda add my own style to it? I onno.

As I just said, great page. Love Yuffie's expression in panel two and six ;)

Reply Mormoset, 22nd Oct 2007

very nice i love this

Reply Midaki (Guest), 24th Oct 2007

Whoa Acerynn? That's friggin' GORGEOUS! Oh god. Did I misspell that? I think I misspelled that. It's early. I got an excuse. Anyway, the colors look _fantastic_!

Reply Devi (Guest), 24th Oct 2007

Great colour job, Acerynn!

Reply TyranT (Guest), 25th Oct 2007

Wowsers! Very cool coloring on this one-do you do any comics of your own acerynn? the artistic quality alone would make it soar.

Reply Acerynn, 30th Oct 2007

Thanks x)

Haha, no I don't have a comic. I may be able to colour, but I can't draw (nor can I stick to/finish one story!), especially when it comes to humans. In that area, Enkida pwns all ^___^

Reply Enkida, 28th Nov 2007

Gearing up to coming back. Yes, Growth will be back in December starting on the 3rd with full-colour pages once more. In the meantime, the galleries have been fully updated with all the old incentives, Selina and Charlotte's beautiful artwork, and 4 or 5 new icons. Some of the icons are animated so be sure you do a full download. :-)

Reply Enkida, 29th Nov 2007

Server upgrade "Growth" will have some downtime this week as the servers are upgraded. Don't worry we'll be back. :)

Reply andygoth, 1st Dec 2007

Beginning of the month Time to VOTE HARD! :^)

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 1st Dec 2007

Change of Look As always, you seem to be able to make this story very anticipating, creative, while holding on to the old traits of the characters, well done indeed.

You seem to placed upon a comic that has a change in styles of drawing, & for now, I do not know how to place judgment upon this, but in the future, I think it shall be concluded soon enough.

Keep it up, the story seems to foreshadowing something quite interesting, & hope you had a good break, you deserved it after trying so hard to keep upon the schedule you created for yourself.

Reply andygoth, 2nd Dec 2007

Rydia! What, you're *apologizing* for having drawn an original Rydia? You did a really great job! Take credit for it. :^)

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