Chapter 6 - 314

2nd Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Oct 2007

not sure if it's clear her, but in the 4th panel that "Okay? Okay!" is Yuffie steamrolling her own answer over whatever Vincent's reply might have actually been. Hence that look on his face. :)

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Reply Enkida, 24th Oct 2007

Internets from the U S! Slow connection though. Please take a look at 313 again, Acerynn did a fantastic job of colouring that page. Kinda puts me to shame, heh heh. Go look!

Also there's a new chapter of MV up, and a few new chapters of Drunk coming up. 9 hours on a plane gives you lots of time to write... :)

Reply Enkida, 30th Nov 2007

Color! Many thanks (and a late happy birthday) to Andy Goth for colouring this page beautifully!

User's Comments:

Reply Mousey, 23rd Oct 2007

Aww, poor embarrassed Yuffie. XD
That second panel is cute, by the way. <3

Reply Alice_1610, 23rd Oct 2007

Heee, I love Vincent's expression in the last panel.

And the second panel is adorable. <3

Reply Casseh Valentine, 23rd Oct 2007

ZOMG Vince's face in the last pannel! *squee* And she bonked heads with him! *giggles*

Reply Devi (Guest), 23rd Oct 2007

Whether or not Yuffie "acted like a bigger [jerk] just now," for her to not only forgive Vincent for his previous act of passive-aggressiveness, but apologise herself took the bigger person. She's grown up big time. (I'm so proud of her... *sniffles*)

Vincent's facial expressions are gold; and the "completely embarrassed DASH!" is so cute.

Reply ServantofSHEVAL (Guest), 23rd Oct 2007

good for Vincent ...Vincent looks really smug in that last panel. XD

Reply Naleh (Guest), 24th Oct 2007

RUN YUFFIE! RUN! Ahh poor embarressed probably red as a tomato Yuffie... I love Vincent's little smile in the last panel... *le fangirl sigh*

Reply Hikari (Guest), 24th Oct 2007

Awww! Why does Vincent's last comment remind me of a little crushing schoolgirl? XD They're so cute though!

Reply NinjaKeybladeMaster (Guest), 24th Oct 2007

aww! They have really nice expressions on this page! lol
I think they look pretty good without color aswell =]

Reply andygoth, 22nd Nov 2007

Color'd! Happy birthday, Enkida!! As a surprise birthday present, I have colored this page. Of course everyone is welcome to enjoy!

For now I host the colored version on my Web site:

(XCF is the native format for GIMP, and BZ2 is a compression scheme. I did all this with GIMP and a stick mouse.)

Please go easy on me; it's been years since I did this kind of coloring. And I know the hair is awful--- you don't need to tell me... unless perhaps you have a suggestion for how to make better hair without using a tablet or scanner. I'd like to know! The shading is very subtle, so if you have a decrepit monitor you may need to fiddle with its adjustment knobs until the facial features become visible. Yes, they're there; just keep looking. :^)

Reply Naleh (Guest), 3rd Dec 2007

heh heh Embaressed Yuffie...yay regular updates should be starting soon again I think! Right? RIGHT! ^^0

Reply Neph (Guest), 3rd Dec 2007

Thanks! Thank you, Andy Goth! I think you did a great job coloring this page!! :D You also helped stave off a little bit of my withdrawal symptoms. Good work, man. :)

Reply andygoth, 3rd Dec 2007

You're welcome! I enjoyed doing this page, even if it did take me nearly a week to color. :^)

If anyone is interested, I can explain my technique.

Reply Enkida (Guest), 4th Dec 2007

I am interested! I like comparing other peoples' CG styles, sometimes I learn something new. :-)

Reply andygoth, 4th Dec 2007

TEK-NEEK Alright, here's how I did it. :^) If you like, you can follow along with The GIMP; in my above announcement, I give a download link for the XCF--- GIMP's native format, layers and masks and all.

At first I planned to use the same technique I used for , a picture I did for friends on my 18th birthday (I just celebrated my 24th). This involved lots of "quickmasking" and gradients (and quickmasks that were gradients and multiplicative combinations of gradients), plus imagination (before I could do anything, I had to "see" what the result would be, how the dress would fold and how the light would shine on it).

But this failed since faces don't fold like silk. :^) Still armed with masking and imagination, I went forward. I created separate skin, hair, and clothing layers; to deal with panel #2, I found I had to split the hair layer into Yuffie-hair and Vinnie-hair layers. I also had layers for background, floor, "correcting" the drawing (a few lines were missing), changing the BONK, DASH!, etc. to white, and putting my name in the corner.

I splotched color on these layers without worrying about saying within the lines; I got my palette from pages colored by Enkida. Next I carefully established layer masks to keep the visible colors within the lines. I used successively finer brushes to get these masks near pixel-perfect, and sometimes I used the "show mask" and "disable mask" feature to further fine-tune my results.

Next up, I shaded by using large, soft brushes with very slight color variations. I tried to use a soft touch too; see how understated everything is.

For eyes, chins, and other places where I need a sharp contrast within a single layer, I used the quickmask (shift-Q, or the button in the lower-left corner) to create a selection. In GIMP, selections act like masks; all drawing is automatically constrained within them.

The hair was really tricky, and it didn't come out very well. I started by splotching on hair colors and using the smear and convolve (blur) tools with large brushes. I then did a GIMPressionist with a custom "hair" setting derived from "furry". This gave texture. Last I used smear with a fine brush to vainly try to make the hair flow in the right direction. All this is very tough with a stick mouse!

Lastly, I did the background. I picked out cave colors from Enkida's work and made a gradient with them. Next I took a large brush and gave it a *huge* amount of jitter, and I just dragged the mouse at random to put soft color splashes everywhere. To finish, I used GIMPressionist again with a different setting. Wait, one more thing: I used the spread tool with a distance of "1" to make it a tiny bit gritty.

I did more-or-less the same thing for the floor except that I used a perspective tool. I then combined the floor with the background using a layer mask. The layer mask was a gradient warped using a displacement map. The displacement map came from a temporary "solid noise" layer.

And that's it! At least, that's all I can remember...

I hope this has been helpful, or at least entertaining. I'll be glad to answer your questions.

It's time for me to go to work... goodbye!!

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