Chapter 6 - 315

4th Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Oct 2007

It wasn't so bad, was it? End of chapter 6 :)

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Reply Enkida, 30th Nov 2007

Colour Hehe, yes, I can still colour my own pages sometimes, too. XD

Reply Enkida, 5th Dec 2007

Q&A - Yes, anyone who wants to can use these comic images in a montage or AMV or whatever. Please just credit and link back to the comic somewhere so that I can attract more readers. ;-)

User's Comments:

Reply Mormoset, 25th Oct 2007

love too you

Reply Devi (Guest), 25th Oct 2007

Great note to end the chapter on.

And 'heh' at Nanaki looking at them with all the superior wisdom of his 53 years - just you wait until you have a female of your species to deal with, buddy! ;p

Reply Acerynn, 25th Oct 2007

End of chapter six? OH NOES. xD It was a great chapter, especially in terms of character development. Vincent looks kinda stoned an' cross-eyed in the last panel... lol

You said that the comic is put on Hiatus until around Decemeber? Ack! It'll be strange checking up on here and seeing no updates, hehe. Can't wait till you come back! ^_______^

Reply Arokh Altron Fithos (Guest), 26th Oct 2007

Not at All Chapter 6 was actually not too bad at all, Can't wait to see these in colour, but take it easy, you do deserve your rest, after really keeping to a deadline without fillers.

Still, I find it very doubtful in the FF series that Yuffie would EVER apologize to Vincent, but..., it is your comic, & I will still want to see what happens next in this story, keep up the substance & style, it is definately something profound.

Reply NinjaKeybladeMaster (Guest), 26th Oct 2007

wee! Chapter 6 was awsome!
I like how Vincent is coming to terms with 'friendship' ect!
Have a nice rest now! =]

Reply Valentine, 26th Oct 2007

Vincent's Smile... Vincent has smiled too much and ruined his mystery. Now I just feel like we know each other too much. We've drifted too close together. Things just aren't the same anymore... I mean, er, later dude. *coughs*

Reply flare346, 26th Oct 2007

I love this story but I have a Question... May I PUHLEASE use you pictures in a AMV/GMV/Montage I am working on. I will give you FULL CREDIT! You can say no I'm just asking.

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 27th Oct 2007

yay! it was great but no more till dec i cant wait

Reply Devi (Guest), 4th Dec 2007

Yay for gorgeous colouring!

Reply andygoth, 4th Dec 2007

( Edit ) ( Delete ) Very nice colors. You definitely have me beat. :^) (Oh, in case you didn't notice, on the previous page I wrote up a narrative explaining how I colored it.)

By the way, I'm still enjoying your Rydia. Good job.

Reply Selun-chen, 5th Dec 2007

Niiiiice Looks absolutely amazing...especially since Vincent's look is very *him* - keeps him in character...would be odd if he smiled.

Reply andygoth, 7th Dec 2007

Goodbye Canada! Tomorrow morning I leave for Texas. Bye Canada! *waves*

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 9th Dec 2007

OMG!!! So amazing...! I love the colors. I really love chapter 6!! =D

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 9th Dec 2007

No, the hiatus wasn't that bad at all. Oh wait, the apology. Yeah, that was bad. I don't even apologize that much. It was drilled into my brain by a psycho soccer coach of mine that you shouldn't apologize in soccer. If you did you would have to run suicides. I don't like suicides, so "I'm sorry" is kind of not in my vocabulary any more...

Reply lol (Guest), 28th Jan 2011

Hey, good work!

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