Chapter 7 - Cover

9th Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Oct 2007

Back in December Sneak preview of Chapter 7's cover. The other cat is Borah, who you'll eventually meet in this chapter.


Borah: Call me "Sue" one more time and I'll make Johnny Cash look tame.

Also notice the 'transcribe this page' buttons are coming back. I had to cut 'em out of chapter 6 because of an unexpected change in page URLs, not because I didn't appreciate the help. I don't actually like wielding iron fisted control over page transcriptions, though. So any of you helpful readers, please feel free to transcribe any of the future pages of the comic if you see the button. :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Casseh Valentine, 28th Oct 2007

Borah! *first post*

<3 Borah's color scheme. ((Although Nanaki will always be my favorite kitty!))

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 28th Oct 2007

Mary. Sue. *gets mauled* OMFG!! MY ARM MY FREAKING ARM!!

Reply Devi (Guest), 28th Oct 2007

If Borah's characterisation will be as good as his looks, I don't think you'll ever have to worry. :)

I like the new incentive image, too.

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 29th Oct 2007

:O Girl?

>> *hopes that its Nanaki's future partner* In a way this Bora looks like how Cloud woudld be if he would look like Nanaki's species.

Reply Timestream (Guest), 29th Oct 2007


>> *hopes that its Nanaki's future partner* In a way this Bora looks like how Cloud woudld be if he would look like Nanaki's species."

posted by Kitty Silver (Guest) on 29th Oct 2007"

I highly doubt it's a girl. There is a goatee-like hair on the chin, so, my guess is it's a guy. Plus he has a sort of male aura.

Reply andygoth, 1st Nov 2007

B-b-b-back in Canada Yup, I'm back in Canada, this time at YOD. It's not the tropical wonderland that YBG is, but I'm sure it'll turn out to be just fine, provided I have warm clothes. I'm certainly grateful that most people speak English here. :^)

Funny thing. Enkida and I exchanged birthday presents this year, since we would be in the same country. Well guess what! The very day I left, my package arrived. I've had to ask my parents to forward it to my hotel. Ha ha, if only I had left a day later or the package had been mailed a day earlier. Reminds me of the Romeo & Juliet subplot about timing, wherein if one of them had taken the sleeping potion a few minutes earlier everything would have worked out right, but instead they wound up killing themselves, each thinking the other had already committed suicide. I don't plan to kill myself over this, of course; instead I will laugh quietly to myself as I idly watch the tattered remnant of my sanity erode to nothingness. Ha ha. Ha haha. :^)

Oh, and thanks for the present! I'm sure it will be great, once it arrives. I really hope you enjoy your present too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Well, happy birthday on the 22nd.

Reply Acerynn, 1st Nov 2007

Funny you should mention both Canada and Romeo&Juliet Andygoth, as I live in the country and am currently studying that book in my English class! Personally, I think it's a rather errr... unrealistic plotline, to say the least. Two teenagers, both under sixteen I believe (can't remember Romeo's age), cannot fall in love. Nuh uh, just doesn't work. Ah well...

The cover looks so very interesting, Enkida! I can hardly wait till you come back in Decmeber!

Reply Neph (Guest), 1st Nov 2007

December.... ;__; It's so far away!!!!! *sobs to herself in a corner*

But I'll weather it out! Borah!! Go Borah! *waves flags* I'll take advantage of the gap to read all your fanfics.

I SO did not think of "The Lion King" when I first laid eyes on him....



Reply Anony (Guest), 3rd Nov 2007

Um... I hate to say it but I _SO_ got odd thoughts at the cats will play solgan.... Maybe Nanaki is ... not a lady's man but only wants the species to survive? Weird... Maybe that's why he likes Vincent and Cloud so much <3

Hehe, then again I love Nanaki and am a guy soo......

Reply Devi (Guest), 4th Nov 2007

I like that Brahne incentive image.

Reply andygoth, 4th Nov 2007

Incentive Queen Brahne, what a surprise. That's one incentive I can't imagine anyone asking for. And yet, it's a pleasant surprise! You do good work, Enkida.

Reply melanie (Guest), 5th Nov 2007

o boy update soon its realy cool

Reply Art of Blade, 6th Nov 2007

"My name is Sue.
How do you do?
Now you're gonna die!"

Reply Zhai, 8th Nov 2007

Yay!Sneak previewgoodness ^^

Reply Devi (Guest), 9th Dec 2007

Yay! The finished version looks so good.

Reply vampirecheetah, 9th Dec 2007

Sometimes you need the original characters. There's only so much you can write with the same characters and still present new and exciting twists. I'll look forword to the new ones :3

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