Chapter 7 - 318

13th Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Dec 2007

Red's demons Nanaki is finally getting another chapter for himself, for those of you who were going through cat-withdrawl. ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 17th Nov 2007

How cool. I really like the expression on Nanaki's face.

Reply Incognito Innominate (Guest), 17th Nov 2007

Nice, great faces.
By the way what is that on vin's face. is it just cave dirt?

Reply longtime lurker (Guest), 18th Nov 2007

I _love_ Nanaki's expression. Also, Diablos = <3

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Nov 2007

Yay for the filler! Nanaki looks great there.

Also, yay for the Auron incentive! ^_^

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 19th Nov 2007

great faces
wtf yuffie is scared

Reply andygoth, 19th Nov 2007

Happy birthday to me! I turn 24 today, the twentieth of November. Yay! :^)

Being away from home on my birthday kinda sucks, but that's the way it's gotta be. I tell you this: when I get home, there will be CAKE!

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Nov 2007

Happy Birthday!

Reply andygoth, 22nd Nov 2007

Happy birthday to Enkida! And now it's Enkida's birthday too. My present: I colored page #314. See for the full announcement, including download links.

Reply Devi (Guest), 24th Nov 2007

Happy (belated) Birthday, Enkida!

Yay for the coloured page - I especially like how you did the background/ground.

Reply Asis (Guest), 28th Nov 2007

Woah! Hey, happy birthday to everyone!

Reply Devi (Guest), 13th Dec 2007

Omigosh, I just love Nanaki's expressions!

Reply metallover (Guest), 13th Dec 2007

i'll probably be like a week late saying this, considering time zones and stuff, but happy birthday andygoth and enkida! Yay! (by the way, yes, you are getting old)

Reply potsi (Guest), 13th Dec 2007

I was wrong!!! These are the best pictures of Nanaki I have seen from you. This is my favorite page!!!

Reply trenton_dawn, 13th Dec 2007

I always thought Red XIII resembled a dog or a wolf more than a feline.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 14th Dec 2007

I really like how you've changed the colours of the caves/faces. The blue adds a sense of unease and a foreshadowing as to what's coming! Amazing page as usual :)

Reply Lieva (Guest), 14th Dec 2007

Awww :)

Damn im glad this comic is back :D

Reply Zhai, 14th Dec 2007

Happy B-day to you two^^

Reply Naleh (Guest), 14th Dec 2007

Happy Birthdays!!! Happy Birthday you two, also I wanna pet the big kitty! D:

Reply andygoth, 15th Dec 2007

:^) Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.

Reply Neph (Guest), 15th Dec 2007

<|=) Happy Birthdays all around to all respective parties! :D

The above is, if you couldn't tell, a very bad representation of a person wearing a birthday party hat. :P

I LOVE this page. The expressions are done so wonderfully, they really convey their emotions well. They make them seem more ALIVE and stuff, if you know what I mean. Your art just keeps getting better, Enkida. :)

The last panel is very sweet. It really conveys the depth of their friendship and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and elicits many sappy little "Awww!"s.

Reply andygoth, 16th Dec 2007

More colors Go have a look at the Chapter 1 cover. :^)

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