Chapter 7 - 319

16th Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 16th Dec 2007

Lots of stuff! First of all, hi to everyone and thanks for reading this comic even after that month-long break.

Andy Goth did another spectacular colouring job, making the first page of this comic actually look good! Go check it out here. Thanks a lot, Andy!

In random news, my sister is naming her daughter in part after me. I am so completely excited about this I just had to share!

Finally, be sure to check out singer Vienna Teng. I was just given her album "Dreaming Through the Noise" and it's *ravingly* fantastic, so here is my rave.

I hope the rest of you have been having a good December so far, too!

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Reply Enkida, 17th Dec 2007

NB: I am totally amused by the fact that I seem to have managed to create a bishounen fire-creature. You'll find out what gender Borah is by the next page, I promise.

Reply Enkida, 18th Dec 2007

Today's page will be a bit late (drawn but not coloured yet) because I had quite a bit of work to do for both Secret Santa and my Archery Club's websites. *iz ded*

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 16th Dec 2007

This page looks shattered. I approve. New character, cool!

I like the Vincent in panel 2. He's all business. I wouldn't want to mess with him. Yuffie's pretty serious too. But Nanaki seems to be... a little bit off guard. :^)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 16th Dec 2007

Ho ho! A female! I know what's going through Nanaki's head right now: "So that's what they look like!" XD Or something similar. Nice response from Borah there, I can't wait to see how this relationship turns out. Wheee!

Reply Casseh Valentine, 16th Dec 2007

*squee* Hey, doesn't Nanaki (in that last panel) look suspiciously like Kenshin Himura off of Ruroni Kenshin? ^___^;;
Anywho, it is good to have you back, Enkida! I did NaNoWriMo too!
And Andygoth, awesome coloring on the first page! *glomp*

Reply Devi (Guest), 16th Dec 2007

I *love* how you did the faces. Love. Especially Vincent's "Don't f**k with my homeboy!" [home-feline?] look. And Yuffie's as well. Rock on!

Also, yay for Andy's colouring!

Reply Potsi (Guest), 16th Dec 2007

Borah does not look like a female to me. Anyways, Great page as always!

Reply AerithHeartilly (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

Sweetness! Hah-Hah! Finally! I bet a bunch of really really good stuff is about to happen! (not that it wasn't good before of course) Is it just me or is there green in Vincent and Yuffie's hair?
Keep it up, love the shattered panels!
PS- I think Borah is a guy, he has a little goatee...=)

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

I know I've been told before that Borah must be a guy. As for the goatee I remember seeing pictures of unicorns and it seemed the female ones always had that tuft under the chin when the males didn't. Hopefully we get to see the rest of Borah's pack so that we can compare/contrast between females and males soon.

:O Oh and BEAUTIFUL coloring on first page cover Andy.

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

luv the faces
wow yuffie being serious ??? O.O

Reply Neph (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

Enter the.... cat-thing Yeah, it's Borah!! :D

But... is Borah endowed with mainly Y or X chromosomes? O__o;;

Yeah, I know that sounds weird and geeky. :P

I love the layout of this page! They're all "Whoa!" And then they're ready to go! Except Nanaki because Borah was basically all, "Hey, I knew your dad." Borah just seems to be making a dramatically cool entrance from behind Nanaki's panel. :)

And congrats on your little niece. :D You must be psyched indeed.

Reply naomi (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

the strang lion who is that loin

Reply Naleh (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

Borah! Whoa, enter the blond kitty! Anywho, I think Borah is a guy...mainly because he sounds like a guy.

Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 17th Dec 2007

Borah's male (unless there was a sudden change from fanfic to comic that I didn't get the memo on).

The only negative thing I have to say about this page is the lack of background behind Vincent, Yuffie, Red, and Borah's panels. It feels empty, and simple cave and/or mako scenery in the back would have made this page, I think.

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Dec 2007

Heh, I guess people were confused about Borah's gender because he doesn't have visible boyparts. But then, neither has Nanaki. Maybe firecat genitals are retractable? (And I better stop before you think I've spent too much thought on this.)

Reply Guest, 18th Dec 2007

Hmmm...I thought it was a girl from the way it held herself, but then again all cats are like that...and the goatee is sort of suggesting that it's a guy too...

Reply Coco (Guest), 21st Dec 2007

I love the eyes on Vince and yuffie.

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