Chapter 7 - 321

20th Dec 2007

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Reply Enkida, 20th Dec 2007

Little Tension, Anyone? Christmas is upon us in full swing. But I got this page done on time! ;)

I was fairly careful about Borah's character design, I went through several versions before I settled on this one. I know, "huh?" because it's not really that complicated, when you look at him. Hopefully I'll be able to eventually explain, or at least show through the comic, why he looks like he does.

The first thing I can explain is all that hair on him. Simply put, he's older than Nanaki. I'd say Borah is in his human 30's, whereas Nanaki is in human "teens." So yeah, one day in the distant future, Nanaki will be just as hairy as Borah.

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Reply Akunen, 20th Dec 2007

xD Love the third panel! Quite funny.

The first one is rather nice as well, I like the angle of it. Great page. =]

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 20th Dec 2007

Hmmm... I like Borah. He's design seems very well thought-out, even if simple.
The page is beautiful as always. Vincent seems to be feeling a bit out of place.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 20th Dec 2007

rawr I like Borah too, he looks good. And I like the fact that he's not as decorated as Nanaki (no bracelets/beads/etc).

XD and this reminds me of Lion King... hahaha, which is meant to be a compliment. Lion King is awesome. XP

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 20th Dec 2007


Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 20th Dec 2007

*gets the squirt bottle ready* XD I guess its been fairly easy to figure out I haven't read the fanfic of Growth. Though if its one thing I've learned from fanfic translations to comics is that alot of things change...kind of how the books are always different from the movies. Of course not all are terrible, its all just opinion.

Well this now explains a bit more of Borah and how he and Nanki will get much fluffier. Hm, I though Borah was just younger and hairier. Guess that makes some sense to have comb weapons with all that extra long mane.

:P Borah does come across as a punk kid that went ahead of his group that scopes out the competition rather than being the mediator type. Would he have some sort of status marking on him? Nanaki is covered in tattoos and whatnot but Borah has nothing.

Reply Devi (Guest), 20th Dec 2007

Nah, beyond having talking felines, this doesn't remind me of Lion King. This here is not the stylised Disney style, it's - something else that looks great.

I especially like the first panel. The fluid (though tense) movement of the two firecats comes together with the watercolour-y style to create something truly beautiful.

And the expressive faces in the closeups... I can see how that expressiveness would remind one of Disney (in a good way), but it's still Enkida's own style.

Vincent's reaction is... interesting. If I'm not mistaken, he's picked up a rock to throw (or bash Borah's head with) if needed. Can't see why he would do that, unless he's going for a "I'll defend myself and Nanaki if you push it" gesture that's less provocative than outright drawing a gun on Borah (in fact, he's put away his gun since we last saw him).

Curious how Borah keeps calling Nanaki "traitor"... I have a hunch this is shaping up for us to hear the Gi tribe's side of the story. (If you've read the fic, please don't spoil me!)

It makes sense that Borah is "not as decorated as Nanaki" - it shows their different mentalities. One is a civilised being who co-operates with humans (I've always wondered if Nanaki needs human help to put his bracelets and feathers and such on - would be kinda hard otherwise without opposable thumbs, no?), the other is proud to be a wild beast, for lack of a better way of putting it.

I wonder how the tattoo markings vs. lack thereof come into it. In the game, Nanaki said his markings were "battle scars" aside from the number XIII, which he got from Hojo. So maybe Borah has no markings because he hasn't proven himself in battle yet? Would fit with the impression of him being a "young punk" (if not as young as Nanaki).

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 20th Dec 2007

Circling kitties! Though I can just imagine their displeasure at being called that...

But seriously, great page. I love the sinuous quality of the lines, how nicely you portray motion. And emotion too, of course. Vincent is darkly protective with his Death Penalty still aimed at Borah, and Yuffie is very IC as the peacemaker. I can't want to see how this turns out!


Reply Naleh (Guest), 21st Dec 2007

LAWL Vince isn't helping... XD

Reply Rose (Guest), 21st Dec 2007

ditto what Naleh said XD

Reply naomi (Guest), 21st Dec 2007

the fhigt wow the batel is going so cool

Reply Selun-chen, 21st Dec 2007

me gusta el comic :) and I especially like the break with Yuffie and Vincent - made the page not all too serious.

Reply scalott, 23rd Dec 2007

I'd say finally caught up, but then I'd sound happy to be at the end. Can't wait for the next one, I can't believe I didn't start reading this earlier.

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