Chapter 7 - 322

25th Dec 2007

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Reply Gining (Guest), 25th Dec 2007

Great as always. Love the second panel. Red looks like he's ready to attack without waiting to hear more. And Yuffie's expression looks so hurt and confused. You really showed it well.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 25th Dec 2007

Oh noes!

Reply andygoth, 26th Dec 2007

Conformer I like seeing the Conformer in action. Spinny death!

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 26th Dec 2007

spinning conformer looks rlly cool
great expression on yuffie

Reply Devi (Guest), 26th Dec 2007

Yay for the spinny Conformer, indeed! Also yay for Yuffie's expression! And belated "yay!" for Andy's colouring job on the Chapter 2 title page.

Reply Zhai, 26th Dec 2007

Yay for Yuffie (and her expression is awesome!)

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 26th Dec 2007

Probably more effective than the squirt bottle... *pokes Red's nose*

Wasn't expecing to see Yuffie tear up over this. I agree its good to see Conformer in action here. :D Yaaay

Reply Naleh (Guest), 27th Dec 2007

Woot! YAY!!! OMG! The page is amazing.^_^

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