Chapter 7 - 324

3rd Jan 2008

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Jan 2008

Whew, finally back! I hope everybody had a good New Year's!

Galleries updated, and hopefully regular incentive images will get back on track by next week. Also you might have noticed a bit of tweaking on the site design; rating buttons and tagger are now found at the bottom of the comic, not the top. Also you can email pages to other people now if you want. :)

Be sure to also check out page 80 again, which was recently coloured by Andy Goth. It looks so much better now than before! Thank you, Andy!

In other news, OhNoRobot is having some search engine problems, so be careful if you're searching the archive for something - you might get someone elses' comic search instead. ^^;

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User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 3rd Jan 2008

Borah looks rather bristly... wonder if he can hear what Yuffie and Vincent are talking? (Firecats probably have good hearing...)

Reply KaiKudo, 3rd Jan 2008

yea more update XD

Reply Dark-Chaos, 3rd Jan 2008

I missed this comic. Had to go back a bit but it was well worth it. Great work... I missed Chaos too ^_^

Reply CaroShadow (Guest), 4th Jan 2008

luv your comic ^.^
vinnie's face in the first panel looks great :D

Reply TyranT (Guest), 4th Jan 2008

hey! Hey all, happy belated new years, enkida, i'm super stoked about how the latest chapter is progressing (it's nice to be able to read this again after weeks of being cut off from the internet...)

oh, and Kirlaskia? i think the bubbles are them whispering, so as not to let red hear them. just a hunch, i could be wrong.

Reply Arti (Guest), 4th Jan 2008

I am waiting I am waiting for him to turn around and say something like, "Hello! See my ears? Yeah, big right? Guess what they are good for. Now shut up and keep walking! Of course I can hear you!"

or something like that. :p Since .. I think it was said she was a female.. looks down about the "Be on your guard" comment, then angry at the "Why did they move out -here-?" comment.

Reply Mel (Guest), 4th Jan 2008

oohh i found this again...yay

Reply andygoth, 5th Jan 2008

Purple monkey dishwasher I like how when Yuffie "whispers" her mouth is wide open. Compare that with Vincent who's practically ventriloquating.

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