Chapter 7 - 325

6th Jan 2008

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Reply Enkida, 6th Jan 2008

When I first sketched out this page, I didn't think I was actually going to manage to fit all of them in there. XD

Also: In the spirit of the US primaries, I'll tell you all that I'm a member of the Green Party. On paper, not just conceptually. Now you're fully armed against any further political subliminal messaging I might put out in this comic. ;)

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Reply Soulmage, 6th Jan 2008

Yaaay! Group shot!

I know I don't comment on this comic as much as I'd like, but the next time I do a readthrough of the archives (I've only read the comic twice so far.) again I'll make more of my comments and constructive criticism, K? ^_^

Happy New Year to ya!


Reply Ruins (Guest), 6th Jan 2008

Simba, Remember Who You Are Heh, sorry, with him up in the clouds like that, I just had a flashback to Mufasa in Lion King. ^_^

Anyway, the group shot is absoluely lovely. Aerith is my favorite there. She looks as beautiful as Tifa does fierce. =]

Reply Neph (Guest), 6th Jan 2008

Group shot! Hooray!!!! This page looks great, with all them in there together like that! =D

It provides a blaring contrast, with Borah's glaring eyes and his scathing words against humankind, and then we have all of our heroes, all human (well, some by indirect means) and the good guys. Not, however, according to Borah. Interesting, I can't wait to see where this is headed. :)

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Jan 2008

Hah, I knew he could hear them! Great group pic indeed. (Tifa, in specific, is gorgeous there.)

Also great/intriguing to hear Borah's perspective on things.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 6th Jan 2008

wow, an expression I don't see put to Tifa much, and Aerith/s looks great there. But Yuffie, her heads a little big, litraly. It's meant to be big on the inside ^_^

Reply Damarik Laizare (Guest), 6th Jan 2008

Cloud...xD Cloud: Beware, or I'll strike you down with my butter knife of doom!

XD Great group shot you got going here, and I do enjoy the perspective. It just does look like Cloud's holding a butter knife to me. But hey, it works!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 7th Jan 2008

That is a really great group picture. I love the way you drew Barret! He's such an underused and underdrawn character, it's nice to see him if only for a little. Can't wait how this will turn out! Borah is becoming irresistibly interesting!

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 7th Jan 2008

He's a whiner He really is. I find it amusing that so many people (well, not really a person in this case, more of an intelligent cat) keep talking of humans and they're innovations as if they're something separate from nature. They're not. Makes me wonder why it's such a dominant thought though.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 7th Jan 2008

Woot! group shot! You know... Caitsith's moogle-plushie-thing looks like it's about to do a double thumbs up. Heh heh... *imagining it now*

Reply Midaki (Guest), 7th Jan 2008

Ikurosu (Japanese) A verb, literally meaning "shoot to kill". Example: "What a whiner. Vincent, ikorosu!

Reply Enkida, 7th Jan 2008

That's going to be my new word of the day. XD

Reply doom Bubbles, 7th Jan 2008

this page is great! a really good group shot.

Reply Coco (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

Cloud is the best-looking one in the whole shot. And I don't mean to end this comment negatively but... Yuffie is the worst-looking I'm sorry to say.

Reply Gining (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

I love the group shot. It makes me wish I had this picture to put on my desktop. Hmm, actually, can I? It reminds me of a FF wallpaper. It's great!

Reply *Enkida not logged in (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

Ah, wait a few days, I'll try to put a cropped, slightly larger version of this page in the gallery, then you can do whatever you like with it.

Reply Zhai, 19th Jan 2008

YAY! i love tifa^^

Reply Rodrigo (Guest), 15th Mar 2009

Great drawing! I'm impressed!

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