Chapter 7 - 326

8th Jan 2008

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Reply Enkida, 7th Jan 2008

More cameos! Gosh, you guys really don't like Borah, eh? At least he doesn't like you humans either. ;)

Yes, that's Sephiroth and Rufus. Please remember that in this comic (which is certainly no longer canon), Sephiroth is Vincent and Lucrecia's son and Rufus is dead.

The planet being irrevocably set on the path to destruction because of human interference - namely through mako siphoning as an energy source - is actually depressingly canon in the original game. Oh, well. ^^;

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Reply Enkida, 9th Jan 2008

Vincent a zombie?! No, he's alive and can die of violence in this comic (unless he transforms and does that neat HP recovery trick). He can't die of old age since he doesn't age anymore, though.

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Reply Midaki (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

Ooo... Vince is looking surprisingly human in expression and manner... and quite inhuman in skintone and eyecolor here. A nice contrast. As a side note... Rufus's head looks a touch big... still, the art is of a quality many fathoms higher than mine, so I'd best not dwell on criticism long.

And that's certainly an interesting perspective that Borah is coming from... though fundimentally flawed from my greedy human perspective. I look forward to hearing the party's counterpoints. Heh... counterpoint... "Jane, you ignorant slut." SNL's finest hour.

Reply Potsi (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

I like Borah if that means anything. Nanaki trumps him no questions asked, but Borah looks good if that means anything.

Reply Devi (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

Rufus looks like Seifer But then, he looks much like Seifer in the game. (Or rather, Seifer looks like Rufus, since FFVII was first.)

That's a *gorgeous* depiction of Sephiroth up top.

Vincent reeks of death, huh? Does that mean he *is* undead in Growth-verse? (Beautiful vulnerable look coming from him as Borah tells him that, too.)

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 8th Jan 2008

He's still a whiner And selfishness can fix it, you mangy feline. It tends to do that.

Reply skystears, 9th Jan 2008

This page looks amazing and I especially likehow you drew Sephiroth On this page

Reply Coco (Guest), 9th Jan 2008

Eee... Vinnie so koot.
But did you see advent children? 'cause rufus was actually pretty kyoot too. he had such prettyful hair.... ^_^

Reply Gining (Guest), 10th Jan 2008

Another amazing page. I lived the swirls of clouds on the planet. It really does look like Earth. And Sephiroth is amazing too. I have seen many an artist struggle to draw him nearly as well.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 10th Jan 2008

XD Not so much cannon anymore. Although I was surprised when Rufus came back.

It's a very nice page. Sephiroth looks awesome, and Vincent as just as glorious as you usually draw him. ^^

And Borah....reminds me of someone I know XD

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