Chapter 7 - 330

17th Jan 2008

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Reply Enkida, 17th Jan 2008

You guys might have forgotten this already, but Vincent has also noticed that strange things were afoot. Unfortunately neither realized *what* was happening - nor did they ever converse with each other about it. Also, Nanaki is wrong about Vincent's pre-Hojo physique - otherwise he might have guessed sooner. Ah, all these assumptions my characters make. If only they would talk to each other, eh?

The gallery has been updated. There's a page detail of Vincent and Daidaishar of Hurrocks Fardel made a fantastic piece featuring Nanaki and Borah! Go look! *dies of squee!*

Also Andy Goth has been putting overtime into making a *working* comic search engine for Growth, thank you Andy. That will be posted soon as we beat out the details. :)

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Reply andygoth, 17th Jan 2008

Glowy! Let's see... glowing tail-fire, glowing Vinnie+Yuffie, four glowing eyeballs. All that adds up to AWESOME! :^)

So, where did Chaos-Vincent's scar come from?

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 17th Jan 2008

ooooohhh... Wow, cool! This is getting really intense again, I just might have to go sneak another peak at the fanfiction. <<;;; let's hope not. The pictures on this page are gorgeous... poor everybody and all their confusion. XD

Reply Neph (Guest), 17th Jan 2008

Oh deeeaaar Scary thought! Too scary! But at least Nanaki is wrong.... That would have been really freaky. But we still don't know exactly what is afoot with all this, do we?

Can't wait for more. ^____^

Reply Naleh (Guest), 17th Jan 2008

Yay it's fixed! I wasn't able to see the last update until today. Sooo...Neato to both pages ^_^

Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Jan 2008

Wowwwwww! You make my Chaos fangirl heart go THUMP-THUMP-THUMP. Great page indeed.

Reply Enkida, 18th Jan 2008

No comfort here! Haha, Nanaki isn't wrong about his MONSTROUS conclusions. He's only wrong in assuming Vincent was tall, skinny and red-eyed before he died. ;-)

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 18th Jan 2008

Grimoire Don't forget about Vincent's father Grimoire Valentine. Vincent gets his eyes, height, hair and style of clothing off his father. Lucrecia brought Chaos to the Shinra Labs and Grimoire died protecting her from it when it tried to break free. Vincent never blamed her. Lucrecia used Chaos and the Protomateria to save Vincent's life thus adding Chaos to Vincent. I'd like to see a reference to that in your story. For proof play Dirge of Cerberus on PS2.

Reply Enkida, 18th Jan 2008

I wrote this story before DoC came out. You can see it in the first chapter, when I drew Chaos in all his hairless, horned, original game glory. ;-) I'm sorry to say, but this story is not canon, and double especially not DoC canon. ^__^;

Reply Neph (Guest), 18th Jan 2008

Oh crap Thanks, Enkida. Now I don't know whether to be excited or filled with dread. O__O;;


Reply Devi (Guest), 18th Jan 2008

I'm kind of a mixture of excited and filled with dread, myself. It's not that I *want* Yuffie to become a monster, exactly, but from a shipper perspective, it's also fascinating to think that she's becoming more like Vincent in that regard.

Reply cloudcrazy (Guest), 18th Jan 2008

amazing!!!! i love this comic! it is so freaking amazing! i am a huge fan of yuffie and vincent and the story is really really good! plus the art is spactacular! good job!

Reply Coco (Guest), 18th Jan 2008

What is the time period? So does this comic take place before or after advent children?

Reply andygoth, 19th Jan 2008

Coco: Neither. Growth was written before Advent Children, so the two stories diverge significantly. It's like the alternate timelime stuff from Back to the Future. :^)

Reply Guest, 19th Jan 2008

It takes place 5 years after the game ending, as if Advent Children and DoC had never happened.

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 19th Jan 2008

Period I can picture Vincent and Yuffie in the Delorean. Haha.

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