Chapter 7 - 332

23rd Jan 2008

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Reply Enkida, 23rd Jan 2008

Aaarg I drew directly on my computer this page because I didn't have time to watercolour. And won't have time. Have a little unexpected trip back to the border tomorrow and then a get together the day after. EDIT: this may just possibly be the fasted colouring job I've ever done... sorry for the rush. ^__^;

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Reply Enkida, 26th Jan 2008

Came down with the flu Sorry, I'll post when I'm better. :-(

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 23rd Jan 2008

This page looks fine despite your misgivings.

Reply Devi (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

Rush job or not, this page looks good.

Reply Rachey (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

oooo pretry, pretty background!
<33 this page! Rush job or not still 1000x better than anything I could ever hope to do. ;)

Reply Jin (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

cool! you should paint like this more often! Looks cool! Either way, your artwork┬┤s great

Reply Roen (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

meh It looks nice and smoother, but this coloring looks like it's lacking something...

Reply Kitsune Inari (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

I must agree, this is indeed pretty good.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

It looks nice and smoother, but this coloring looks like it's lacking something...
It's lacking the depth, personality and emotion that the hand coloured pages have. What Enkida's done in the other pages is unque and different from almost every other comic, therefore almost putting herself into it. Still, I like the background in the digital art ^_____^ Looks prettier, softer and more magical that way. Characters definitely suit watercolours though...

Reply Naya, 23rd Jan 2008

I agree with Acerynn, on all counts. The page lacks the realistic feel the watercolors gave, but the background is beautiful in every possible sense of the word. :3

Oh and Andygoth, that is the coolest balloon animal I have EVER seen XD

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 23rd Jan 2008

Bring back the watercolors!!! We love them. It is Growth's signature look. The background is pretty, but the characters don't have that real feel to them.

That being said, I really like the way this is developing so far. I would love to see how Borah deals with this diametrically opposed view of the battle and the aftermath.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 24th Jan 2008

Watercolor I love your watercolor art, but I certainly understand. I look forward to when you do have time again, but no worries.
Now for the story itself, I like this elder lady. She seems sincere...
PS Tonberry Balloon animal is full of win! XD

Reply ARD (Guest), 24th Jan 2008

mmmm... pretty colours... The charecters look flat and lifeless, but the background and tail flames look really nice... crystally.

But without the watercolours it lacks that 'personality' that I have come to enjoy & apretiate.

your epic tale is gripping, keep up the good work.

Reply Kela (Guest), 26th Jan 2008

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I love the way this plot is going.

Reply andygoth, 26th Jan 2008

Get well soon! 'cuz we want more comics!! :^)

Reply Selun-chen, 27th Jan 2008

I like the first panel very well - we just leads me to the conclusion that you're good with both watercolour and computer colour, so go you.

Reply Devi (Guest), 27th Jan 2008

Feel better!

Reply mr playedff7 (Guest), 28th Jan 2008

comment i think this colouring is cool too

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