Chapter 7 - 334

6th Feb 2008

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Reply Enkida, 6th Feb 2008

Ah, page looks so ugly before I put the background in. XD I will get around to colouring this later. :)

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Reply Enkida, 8th Feb 2008

Sorry :-( The background on this page was painted in by my husband, since I didn't have a lot of time, so a big thank-you to him for that. :)

There should be a new chapter of MV coming as soon as the beta-ing is done.

Apologies for the late page!

User's Comments:

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Feb 2008

Ohhhh, intriguing! Looking forward to the coloured version.

Reply andygoth, 6th Feb 2008

Great Warrior ... is one of the tunes in the FF7 MIDI collection I put together for the gallery. :^)

Reply Rachey (Guest), 6th Feb 2008

does not this page does not look ugly without a background. Looking forwards to the coloured version though ^__^

Reply CIWY, 6th Feb 2008 Nice style. d(^_^)

Reply Soulmage, 6th Feb 2008

The page doesn't look ugly, but it does suddenly remind me how spoiled we've been getting on the colored pages. ^_^;

Reply Midaki (Should Register Already) (Guest), 7th Feb 2008

It's Good To See That there are still those of the Nattak with some sense. I withhold judgement on this Elder, but at least she is logical and tactful. And on the art... man, it's usually colored by the time I show up. It does look good, but you've spoiled us so, that it feels a little hollow.

Reply andygoth, 8th Feb 2008

Colors = yummy I want to EAT IT WITH MY EYES!

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 8th Feb 2008

Incentive. Wow. Let me just say this: the Edea portrait is frickin' AWESOME. That is all. :)

Reply Sunshine (Guest), 8th Feb 2008

Kudos to your husband! He did a good job, and we thank him!

Reply Devi (Guest), 8th Feb 2008

Ohhh, colour! Your husband did a good job, and so did you.

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 10th Feb 2008

Wait a minute... Where is the wedding ring on Laguna?

and speaking of married men. It must be helpful that your husband is an artist too to help you out.

Reply Mitani, 12th Feb 2008

ah it makes more sense to me coloured ^^ i thought borah was nanaki im soooo blonde

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