Chapter 7 - 335

10th Feb 2008

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Reply Enkida, 10th Feb 2008

Nanaki's Parents Theoretically if TWC was working, there'd be a new incentive image today.

I'm going to aim for 3 pages this week (again), but if it doesn't work out I might have to drop down to a 2-page/week update schedule.

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Reply Enkida, 11th Feb 2008

New Search Engine The new search engine is up and running. Check it out! Try searching for "Seto" on the front page. Thanks to Andy Goth for hosting and code. :)

Also anyone who'd like to help make comic transcriptions for page 320 and up, please send me a PM or email (contact info on the FAQ page).

User's Comments:

Reply Dan (Guest), 10th Feb 2008

Woah, this page is awesome, I love how you brought Seto out, he looks very very scary @_@

Reply Devi (Guest), 10th Feb 2008

I agree, that's a gorgeous depiction of Seto!

Reply andygoth, 10th Feb 2008

The colors are so vivid. I love it!

Reply andygoth, 10th Feb 2008

... so incredibly vivid ...

Reply Naleh (Guest), 11th Feb 2008

OOooh So Orange The page is fantastic! Like baked cookies fantastic! ...I want some cookies now. >>

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 11th Feb 2008

What? Stood alone? What about all the other guys helping him out?

Reply andygoth, 11th Feb 2008

Winged Knight Apparently, humans and stuffed animals don't count. :^)

Reply Rachey (Guest), 11th Feb 2008

spiffy parents! It's nice to see Nanaki's parents!!! They look good (even if they are flashback only T__T)

Oh as for standing alone - I'll just have to assume that it went for standing alone as in the only of his kind. As she just said, Seto and his mother aligned themselves with the humans and all. ^__^ That's my assumption at least.

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 12th Feb 2008

Meet the Parents...

Reply andygoth, 12th Feb 2008

Tomorrow morning, back to Canada I go! (brr!)

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