Chapter 7 - 337

24th Feb 2008

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Reply Enkida, 24th Feb 2008

Leadership Thanks for your patience! My foot is doing very well, I appreciate all the get-well wishes.

There's a new incentive this week, and will continue to be new incentives every week until at least April. So go vote!

Also, the comic search engine has been updated once again - you can now add it to your browsers if you really like it. You can check it out here for now. Thanks Andy!

"HNtDB" has been updated with Chapter 17 right here; for you Valkyrie Profile 2 fans, there's a one-shot right here, and Chapter 20 of "MV" is still being proofread, but I'll let you guys know when it's posted. :)

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Reply andygoth, 24th Feb 2008

I like the coloring, but the perspective is suffering a bit in this page. I suggest blaming your foot. :^)

Reply Naleh (Guest), 25th Feb 2008

Yay you updated! I was starting to worry that there was complications with your foot thing. O_O0
Anywho...aww don't be an emo kitty Nanaki, and think of the kittens!

Reply Devi (Guest), 25th Feb 2008

Talk about a burden being placed on Nanaki...

Needless to say that I can't wait to see how this'll play out.

Reply Kitty Silver, 25th Feb 2008

Glad to see you are doign better I say blame the foot! Then again the foot is good since it brings new fanfiction. Mmmm Valkerie Profile! really should try finishing that game.

D: I think I got broken by the ZellSeifer pairing comic. It caught more than a little unexpected. o.o;

Reply Enkida, 25th Feb 2008

"Outtakes" comic I really must apologize for that. You guys are getting a really tame comic here, you know. The reality is that I swear more than Cid ever does and my sense of humour is almost always in some kind of bad taste. "HNtDB" is a crazy fiction that lets me get all those really bad four-letter words and sexual innuendos out in a (hopefully) funny way. But yeah, you shouldn't read it if you're under 17, and you really shouldn't read it if you're under 15 because it will stunt your brain growth and make your parents hate and/or blame me for teenaged pregnancies and STDs. XD

Speaking of GOOD THINGS, the next chapter of "MV" is posted for those who are interested in good, clean, rated "T" for "Teenagers" fun. XD

Reply Kitty Silver, 25th Feb 2008

She went there! XD This is tame compared to the crack comic. You hadn't given any clue of your evilness. I

If anything stuff like that would be more of an incentive. Well maybe not that exact comic but something somewhat similar.

Reply Lucca (Guest), 26th Feb 2008

Ummm... Call me stupid.. but I have no idea what you are talking about. Crack comic?

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 27th Feb 2008

Hmm Here's to your good health

Wish upon a star
And soon you will meet
A kind hearted doctor
To cure your feet

An original poem written by Ibby

Reply BJ Blazkowicz, 28th Feb 2008

Decisions How about an appearance of the Hellmasker in the future?
The last panel looks like Red will say something like 'I... really don't give a damn'

Reply andygoth, 2nd Mar 2008

Incentive Nice, very nice. I like the look of surprise on Yuffie's face. And Vincent seems to be thinking, "Enkida, what are you making me do now? Might as well get on with it."

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