Chapter 7 - 341

13th Mar 2008

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Reply Enkida, 12th Mar 2008

So what have the humans been doing all this time? Well, we're about to find out. I have to admit this next passage is one of my favourite parts of the story. Those who do know what's coming, don't spoil it for the others, please. ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 14th Mar 2008

FF12 one-shot Balthier's Belt can be found here. Warning: cracked comedy one-shot. If you like Balthier (or Basch, or even Vaan), you might not want to read this. If you like my terrible, terrible, vaguely pornographic humour you might enjoy this.

Reply Enkida, 15th Mar 2008

Everyone. Please read my commentary on page 340. Barring that, remember the 4 rules of this comic:
1) you can critique the comic
2) you can critique my art
3) you can critique me personally
4) you are not to insult your fellow readers even if you disagree with them

I don't want to see any more insults between readers on this comic come Monday. If you feel a burning need to have a personal "discussion" with each other trade emails or private messages.

User's Comments:

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 13th Mar 2008

Bad kitties! No scare Yuffie! Don't make me get the water bottle!

Reply andygoth, 13th Mar 2008

Layout I like the horizontal boxes. You did the same basic layout on page 237 (which I found by doing a Growth search for "blood"). Very nice!

I also like the Nervous Yuffie in the first panel.

Reply Neph (Guest), 13th Mar 2008

Obviously, she doesn't. The faces on this page are gold. I love Yuffie's I'm-scared-and-badly-trying-to-hide-it face in the first panel, and Vincent leaping into action with his little round eyes and claw! They're both so cute like that!

Oh, now I'm hanging on a thread waiting for the next part. Thanks, Enkida. :P

Reply Guest, 13th Mar 2008

Yay! Vincent's back, even thought he might not be for long. *stares at the chibies*

Reply Devi (Guest), 13th Mar 2008

Yuffie's so cute when she's nervous!

Reply Monica (Guest), 13th Mar 2008

Ooh, i like how she bites her lip in the first panel!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 14th Mar 2008

Man, Vincent's face in the third panel is the one of the handsomest I've ever seen. Very nice! And I like that the firecats can indeed smell the fear, it seems appropriate.

And what's going to happen next? What? What?

Reply Speedpiss (Guest), 14th Mar 2008

woot Vincent is sitting like i always do in the second panel

Reply Kela (Guest), 14th Mar 2008

I love Yuffie's scared expression. It reminds me of Rikku in the Thunder Plains :D

Reply Vincent (Guest), 14th Mar 2008

Yuffie... ...Looks so inocent and cute in the Third panel.(ps.i think Yuffie is Going To Hug Vincent Beacuse she gets scared,That would be so cute)

Reply Kitty Silver, 14th Mar 2008

Ne~ow for two seconds I thought the RWOWR was coming from Vincent teasing her. But naw, as fun as that would be of him doing that its just not least in this webcomic.

D: Now that makes me think of a cat like Vincent purring into Yuffie's neck.

Reply Mitani, 14th Mar 2008

i love the bottom panel ^^

Reply snowman553, 14th Mar 2008

andygoth wtf..... we like the comic,but,the fact that andygoth is being an ass hole you have just lost more than 2 fans thanks to andygoth and possabley more so go home hug your pillow and finger your self to sleep andygoth!!!!!!!!

PS: fag

Reply andygoth, 15th Mar 2008

I apologize for the misunderstanding (I am publicly posting this message to timothy12 for the benefit of others who may have been offended.)

I'm terribly sorry if you thought my 12 Mar 2008 comment on Growth #340 was a criticism of your artwork. I saw your comment that you wish you could draw like Enkida, and I wanted to respond with some encouragement. I wanted to say something a little more constructive than a simple "keep it up;" I wanted to give some references and show how Enkida herself got to where she is now. So I quoted the Growth FAQ. Enkida said a supposedly common question for *her* was that her art sucks, so why is she doing this? Her answer was that she wanted to improve, so she continued to work on her comic even though the art was marginal in the eyes of some. I also quoted or paraphrased a few other things from Enkida in the same vein. See for yourself; I have not edited my original comment.

I haven't read your comic, so I don't know what your artwork is like. Clearly you're sensitive about it, which means you desire to improve. I was just trying to do what I can to help. Unfortunately my poor choice of words had catastrophic (and totally unintended!) consequences--- I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. That's exactly opposite what I meant!

As for my own comics, I don't have any, and I don't believe I ever will. I'm not that kind of artist. I only know how to create abstract stuff or color in other people's artwork. (I have colored several pages of Growth, including the Chapter 1 cover.) But yes, you're right; my drawings (when I dare to draw original stuff) are not good. However, saying that they aren't good "either" implies that you don't think your own drawings are worth anything. What gives you that idea? The fact that you have a comic at all really puts you ahead, ahead of me at least. :^) Most importantly, it gives you the perfect mechanism for incrementally improving your skill, which is precisely the point of my original comment.

In conclusion, I'm sorry that I said something that could be taken as insulting, and I promise I only meant to encourage you.

Reply Sunshine (Guest), 15th Mar 2008


I'm going to step on Enkida's toes for a moment here and remind you to read the rules she's posted next to the comic today. Please remember that this comic is read not only by adults and teenagers but also by children, and moderate your language accordingly.

Reply snowman553, 15th Mar 2008

andygoth ...hmm...well this is ackward...well i guess i am sorry for the miscommuncation and well I am sorr...y

Reply andygoth, 15th Mar 2008

All is forgiven, no worries! :^) But I do have a suggestion which will help both of you avoid this problem in the future. When someone says something you don't fully understand, and multiple possible interpretations exist, select the one that's most charitable.

timothy12, you knew I was either trying to encourage you or to insult you. Without any evidence to help you discern my true intention, simply assume the best. If you said "thanks Andy for the kind words" and I really was trying to be a jerk, it would only reflect poorly on me. But so it turned out, you created a problem where there was none. That's behind us now, though, and in my opinion nothing more needs to be said about it.

Also, let me be the first to welcome both of you back to Growth!

Reply Shadow_13, 15th Mar 2008

Andygoth Though it has been simply ages since i posted or visited the comic site for anything but the new pages... I noticed for some reason Enkidas comments and was inclined to see what all the chatter was about.... And dear, anyone who knows you - and I'll wager anyone who reads the comments or even Enkidas comments for this comic WOULD know you since you are one of the most avid posters.... would know you only meant well. Those devoted enough to the site I am sure also (like me) would have known what you were quoting from, and that you indeed were quoting from Enkida herself. You, as ever luv, handled it with charm and grace. I wish everyone could think before they speak... or type... with such elegance. Jusst wanted you to know I was impressed enough to come out of the shadows (no pun intended) to tell you that.

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

In regards to the reminder of allowing small critisism, I would like to point out a small problem I THINK I've seen... at the beginning of the chapter, both Yuffie and Vincent's faces had a blue pallor, and Yuffie's seems to have disappeared. However, Vincent is still rahter blue on this page.. ^^;; Ignore me if I've pointed out incorrectly. I love the comic so far! I've been following it since chapter three <3

Reply Vincent (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

Vincent is Blue Beacuse he is an undead,or something like that,and therefor he has no Blod..Probably.

Reply andygoth, 16th Mar 2008

Well hello Shadow! Thanks for dropping in and saying hi. Also thanks for the positive content of your comment. When it comes to interpersonal matters, people too often keep silent except when they have something negative to say.

Vincent (guest), Enkida wrote earlier that the blue tinge is because of the funky lighting in this part of the Crater. She also said that she changes the lighting from area to area, so a change in skin tone isn't an inconsistency. (How convenient!) Vincent (the character) is normally pretty pale. Go see the Chapter 1 cover for my interpretation.

I'm not sure it's right to classify Vincent as undead, since he's the product of a science experiment rather than a necromancer's meddling. (But in the FF universe, that's a very fine hair to split.) Also I'm sure he'd bleed if you cut him. (I'm sure you'd bleed more if you tried to cut him, so let's not test this theory!)

Reply Enkida, 16th Mar 2008

Haha! The lighting does change (which IS very convenient for me *snerk*) but the truth is I just didn't press down hard enough with my shade tone in that picture. The colour I use for Vincent's skin, however, picks up blues like crazy. I guess that's sorta accurate, in that Vincent being as pale as he is picks up ambient colour more easily than anyone else in the comic, but it wasn't planned and I will try to be more careful in the future. Thanks for pointing it out!

Also: in this comic Vincent isn't undead, but he can't age. If you could manage to shoot him in the head before he Limit Break'd to Chaos (or anyone else), though, he'd die. Of course he does have those Mako Reflexes going for him, so you'd be hard pressed to be able to shoot him in the first place... ;)

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 16th Mar 2008

I don't think Vincent is "undead" at all, comic, video games, movie, etc... is he? From what I know, he's just a freaky mako man x)

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